The Photo Album – The Good News

Soaked in the rain, Julie has a series of memories pouring on her mind. She struggles to keep up with them, when she got hold of that memory, the last one of them together, which hurt her beyond life. Read on to find out more...


Good Night – A Stranger from the Past

A story of a man staying as a paying guest with one family and the series of unfortunate events that turn out to be direful. Mehaar gives in to his friend's persistent requests and moves to his mansion for the time he gets his business going. But the past doesn't let go of him that easily. Read on to find out more.

The Red-light

At the traffic signal, a man used to count the time in his mind along with the displayed countdown, waiting eagerly for it to turn Green again. Read on to find out why he used to count the time along with the timer and why once he wanted the time to stop there.