The Bird – Finding a nest

A series of stories of a bird who leaves his parents’ nest and moves on to live his life in his own way.

While finding a dwelling place, he missed his home and remembered how it was on the day he left that place, forever.

… …

The wind was gushing past his dark brown feathers while he had his strong, young wings fully spread in the sky. He was flying since several suns now. And he hadn’t been able to find a place to crash so far. He flew from forests to abandoned buildings to rural campsites to urban localities. But all the places were either occupied or weren’t free from human breech. At all the places, he was either shooed off by other birds or by mankind.

He was in constant upheaval since the time he moved out of his parents nest. He clearly remembered that day when his mother had told him that now he had grown into an adult bird and had to go on his own path, while Dad had looked at him from his usual watch-spot, doing his duty of precautionary lookout.

Dad had taught him all the survival and combat measures. And mother had taught him to fly, to stay full and everything else. He had looked into their faces for the one last time, a long moment before leaving that old house-top, forever.

He had flown up into the sky with his newly trained, strong, young wings. He had pictured mother and father watching him fly away from the ground below, but had not turned his head to look back. It was difficult to move on. It would be impossible to go if he looked back. A tear had escaped his eyes and had flown in the gushing wind past his feathers in the sky, then had started to descend down towards the ground.

On the old house-top, mother had been strong so far. She was watching his son fly high in the sky, not looking back, his strong boy. But then she felt it. She felt a pain in her heart, she knew her son was sad somehow. She flew in a blink, the father was too slow to stop her. He was in his own dilemma. Dad watched his son fly, tearing the wind. He wanted to say something to him before he left. He wanted to bite him over his head and cuddle him before he left for his long journey. He wanted to fly a few miles with him, making sure he remembers his lessons. But he couldn’t. He was Dad after-all. He has to maintain his strong composure. May be next time he sees him, he will say things, he will let himself break emotionally.

The mother flew, but not towards her son. She flew on the ground in the same direction as he did. He shouldn’t know how she felt. That would only make it more difficult for him. But she wanted to see the most of him before his son was gone out of her reach. She flew right below him, giving quick glances towards him in the sky, while dodging all the obstacles on the ground. She took a sudden bent in her path to duck a street light and did a barrel roll. While she was half-way through the barrel roll, with her wings open towards the sky, a drop of water had fallen on her chest. And she had stopped right there after completing the barrel roll. Her heart could make out what the drop of water was – the same make as the one that rushed out of her eyes at the moment.

They would be proud, but scared as well till the time he proves himself worthy by living out in the open world without their protection, he thought. And so he moved swiftly, but without watching the path. His mind wasn’t in the flying, his wings were doing it for him. He will move from one place to another, till the time he found a safe shelter. May be some day, he will have a place where he could invite them to stay with him, if he sees them again.

Saving for the Birth

A taradiddle about a Pigeon’s desparate attempts to save its egg and give birth to its baby.
… …

In the last days of winters, the man woke up to hear a rumbling sound in the balcony. It was the pigeon flapping its wings for some reason. It flew away into darkness as soon as the man opened the door to the balcony. Tumbling, toppling, it managed to find its way to the nearby balcony, but never let go its gaze off the man’s balcony.

Then he ignored it and went away to sleep. As soon as the man went back to sleep, the pigeon came back to the balcony and made sounds. This time the man let it be like that, probably he felt that the pigeon too should get a good night sleep.

After a few days, the man returned to his balcony. The pigeon sitting there flew away instantly, and sat on the opposite balcony. The man loved to see the sunset, and so he saw… The sun was about to sink into the ground, but the clouds of impurity released from the chimney of a thermal station had already started corroding sunlight. The sun slowly gave up its fight against that smoke and sank into the path from which smoke came out. The chimney finally ate out the sun…

The man watched the sunset thinking thousands of things in his life, when he came to know that the pigeon was still watching him constantly without moving anywhere. He found it weird that the pigeon had so much interest. After watching around the balcony, he came to know that the pigeon had laid an egg in one corner of the balcony, and was worriedly watching over for that egg.

The man closed the door of the balcony, giving the pigeon privacy to care for its egg.

For few days, the man never opened the balcony door, thinking that it would scare away the pigeon and would have to leave its egg vulnerable.

But one day, the constant crowing of a crow woke up the man. He went outside to see what was wrong with that crow. The crow was sitting on the opposite balcony, with his eyes on the man’s balcony. And the pigeon couple was constantly flying in his balcony and going away. The man understood that the crow meant to harm the egg and the pigeon couple was trying to save their kid.

The man helped the pigeon to shoo away that crow after a few tries of throwing different twigs and stones at the crow. But the man feared that the crow would return again. So, he brought an old pot from his house and kept it in the balcony. He wanted to put the egg inside it, but worried that the pigeons might think otherwise.

So, again for few days, he didn’t open the door of the balcony for the pigeons to figure out the arrangement themselves.

The pigeons, naturally, feared the man that he might capture them or harm their egg. But they also knew that the man had once ignored the egg and so probably, the crow was their bigger enemy. Turn by turn, they started guarding for the egg, thereby, one pigeon would always stay for the protection of the egg. But, as the crow was more powerful that the pigeons, they had to find some other alternative.

They saw the pot everyday, but never went inside it, thinking that it might just be another trap built by the humans.

But after a few days, mother pigeon took courageous step by jumping into the pot. She managed to jump in after several failed attempts, and as soon as she jumped, the whole pot wobbled due to the round bottom of the pot. The pigeon grabbed on to the floor till the pot was stable. Then it tried coming out of the pot. With several attempts again, it managed to make that perfect jump to directly come out of the pot.

This way, it knew that the pot was a perfect place to build a nest, where its egg and even the future baby pigeon will be safe from that crow, as the crow will not be able to fit through the pot mouth.

The movement of the pot and the sound of wobbling woke up the man at night. He knew that the pigeons have finally understood his intention and was happy for that. Next morning, he opened the balcony door to see what the pigeons did for all those days. The pot had moved its place from one edge to the other in the balcony, probably due to constant moving and wobbling with its round bottom surface. When the man saw inside the pot, it was filled one-forth with twigs and sticks, the worst designed bird nest he had seen so far.

He put the egg on the top the nest and went away.
After a few days, the man saw inside the pot and found that the pigeon was comfortably sitting on the egg inside the pot.

Suddenly, the pigeon inside the pot came to know about the man watching and it made a jump to come out of the pot, hastily. Its hurried attempts were more prone to failure than its earlier attempts. So, it failed to come out of the pot and stayed in there, scared, afraid of the man. The man smiled at his attempts and quietly went back inside the house, closing the door softly.

Soon, the pigeon got out of the pot and flew away, the man heard from the other side of the door.

This continued for a few days. Soon, the pigeon understood that the man meant no harm and so it didn’t attempt running away as soon as the man opened the balcony door. However, it constantly would see through the pot mouth towards the man and his movements. Fear of humans for animals is not so easily curable, after all the things that we do to them.

The egg soon started to show signs of nearby hatch-time. And the pigeon too, started being more and more concerned for the egg when the man came out into the balcony. It would now cover the egg completely and look at the man until the door is closed fully, even during nights.

After a few days, the man heard quiver movements of the pot and heard a shriek like sound of an animal. He came out of in the balcony to see the pot and saw that there was a tiny little head of a baby pigeon coming out of the egg. The mother or father pigeons were not around. The man watched the baby push its legs out of the egg and falling on the nest ground. It didn’t look anything like a pigeon. It was dark, brown-black in color and was so tiny that it didn’t even look like a bird. It made a cry like sound that the man had never heard a pigeon make. Was that egg of some other bird, the man thought.

But the sight of baby pigeon being born and come out of its egg was the best thing he had ever seen.

The mother pigeon and father pigeon came flying to the balcony. Mother pigeon went directly inside the pot, even with the man standing out in the balcony. And the father pigeon waited outside, standing on the railings, watching the man’s movements.

The man felt that he should probably leave the family alone and hence, he closed the door and went back to sleep.

After a few days, again the baby pigeon was alone in the pot. It crying sounds that made the man very uncomfortable. What was with that kid, he thought. He went outside and saw that baby pigeon. It made no movements as he saw the man looking at it. The man observed it for sometime and then went back. The pigeon started crying again. The man came back with some broken pieces of food, crushed it and put it into the pot. But the bird took no notice of that. It kept looking at the man, fear in its eyes.

The man left the kid alone and after a few days, when he again saw inside the pot. The mother pigeon was sitting with the baby pigeon, and those bits and pieces of food that he had put inside were as they were. Not even one piece was eaten by them. Don’t trust anything human, pigeon eyes said.

One fine morning, the man came out to see the pot again. The baby pigeon was sitting inside quietly and the mother and father pigeon were not there. Probably to bring him some food, he thought. He went back inside. After a few hours, he heard rumbling of the pot, as if the pigeon was moving in and out of it hurriedly.

He went out to see that the baby pigeon was out of the pot. He got scared and tried persuading the baby bird to go back inside the pot. It wasn’t safe for him to go out on its own, he couldn’t even fly properly.

The man tried going towards picking him up, but that made the bird fear and jump away from him. The bird jumped to. E edge of the balcony and this scared the man. If the baby fell off the balcony he wouldn’t even be able to fly.

Seeing that, the man quickly went inside the house and peeked through the small space. The baby pigeon climbed on the top of the pot, but wasn’t quite sure as to how to jump into the pot. He had not tried it once and there was no one to teach him. The man wished that the parent pigeons come back soon as the kid would only listen to them.

The baby pigeon was not able to jump inside, probably afraid of getting hurt. It went and sat in a corner of the balcony and started making small squeaking sounds.

The man closed the door and waited for the parent pigeons to come. His heart still wanted to help the kid, but his brain knew that the baby bird will get afraid of him and won’t accept his help. He felt sad that the image of humans was so scary for these animals.

After some time, the baby pigeon stopped squeaking, and there was a rumbling sound of the pot. Finally the parents pigeon were back and they would help the baby bird back into the pot, thought the man. After a while. when all sounds stopped, he went out to look inside the pot.

There was nothing in the pot, just the empty nest. The baby bird was not in the balcony. Only two-three small feathers of baby bird were lying in one corner. The man saw around in the precincts for some sign, but there was no one there. No baby pigeon and no parent pigeons. Could the baby bird have flown away? But how could he have! He was so little!

A crow came flying on the opposite balcony. He landed on his legs over the railing and the man saw some feathers fly out of his legs, which were not his own black feathers. They were brownish blue feathers.

The man understood what had happened.

Mother pigeon came flying and sat on the railing of the man’s balcony. It made some sounds, then looking at the man, it jumped on the top of the pot and saw inside. Waited for some time, then saw at the man again. And then flew away.

The crow looked back at the man and flew away, probably with bird smirk on its face. The pigeons never came back.

A tear came gushing out of the man’s eyes… If only, the bird wasn’t so afraid of the man, he could’ve helped it, he thought.

A Visit to the Human Shop

How the world would have been if we were not at the top of the food chain…

A animal kid narrates down his day’s experience at the human shop.

… …

I was very excited that day. I had never been to a Human Shop before. My friends told me that it’s a paradise for shopping for human products. You can find all the articles ans artifacts made from or relating to humans.

At the entrance, there was a huge statue of human. He looked so cute, and even more delicious! I wondered how others can be vegetarian! I felt the hunger as soon as I saw this little fellow…

I entered the main hall and whoa! I was left open-jawed! So many shops… So many shops!! (Repeated for emphasis)

The place was filled with animals of all kinds. From carnivores to herbivores, from four legged to two legged, from land animals to birds… It was a carnival at that place.

I understood that the crowd was due to the announcement last week about a special sale on human products this whole week. No one in their right mind would let such an opportunity pass.

My eyes instantly went to the apparels store. I couldn’t stop myself from rolling my paws over the smooth human skinned jacket. The smell of the skin was so overwhelming.

I grabbed the jacket and went to the trial room. And as soon as I put it on, it felt a part of my body. I couldn’t let it go away from myself.

Wow and they had brought new collection! So many patterns of beautifully made human skin apparels! I just wanted them all…

I looked for the stuff I wanted. But it was hard to overlook other collection as well. The shopaholic in me was coming out of the cocoon.

Main shopping being done at the apparels store, next I went too the food section, my personal favourite…

Ah the smell of hot human fries and human spicy delight..! I couldn’t resist myself from dancing and hopping towards the smell.

I ordered Eyeball salad for starters along with some wine, and started scanning the menu for next dish to order.

While choosing from so many options, I even got carried away by the snapshots of human dishes printed on the menu. I hoped this restaurant made these dishes as tasty as they looked good in these pictures.

I finally ordered my favourite saucy finger-rolls and crunchy meat balls.

While the cook inside was testing my patience, I looked around to see what was happening. All sorts of animals were having a fun time. I saw kids playing with their human hand toy, beating each other. While two adults were discussing business in a corner. And next to me a young dog couple was tasting each other’s parts.

The doors of the kitchen opened and I headed the cries of those humans while the cook was trying to get the hold of it to chop his head off. Poor thing I felt, but tasty my stomach said… After all, what good use are they otherwise!

My order finally arrived and I ate each piece of human with utmost delight. That taste of its roasted skin, that crunch of its deep fried pieces and those delicious finger-rolls… With chili sauce! Yummm!

Now that my stomach was satisfied, I switched back to shopping.

My friends had also shared with me about a human pet shop. I went to that section and saw to my surprise, there were so many human pets available there.

There were cute ones, new-born ones, athlete ones and simple homely types. I observed each one of them. It is said that you can’t just choose your pet, your pet should choose you too.

It happened with me. A new born one looked at me and I looked at it. It was so cute and so innocent. I instructed the shopkeeper to open the cage and let me try my luck with this little human.

When I took it in my hand, it cuddled me so innocently. I felt like it was telling me to take him away from this cage. I purchased my first pet…

I also bought a nice iron strap to tie its upper body. It would be risky to trust a human without precautions.

As I was going out, I saw a huge and scary human. It was uttering something in anger. I asked the shopkeeper why was it so weird. The shopkeeper replied that it was a blood-hound type. It was used as a security helper. Usually by police, they were very good at protective instincts.

I felt good that humans are useful in several distinctive ways. Good we animals discovered so many ways of using these humans!!

Next I went to the furniture shop. My dad had asked me to buy some good human heads to hang on the walls of our office. It brings good luck they said.

But it wasn’t easy to buy human heads. They had to be cleaned and washed with chemicals so that they don’t smell or get spoiled due to defabrication.
I bought a few other items like fresh human hair, some household items from the Bones store. The bones store here was famous for having freshly extracted bones which were thrice chemically washed and polished to keep them shiny and dust-free.

My time was running out. I went to the last section for the day – the Human Zoo.

Here, at The Human Shop, the Zoo was way different than the normal Zoo outside. It was a museum cum exhibition cum sanctuary of different kinds of humans. All races, all types of humans were collected from different parts of the world and showcased here.

There was a history section were we could see the artificially made sculptures of extinct human races. I read few of the exhibits and found them to be so informative.

There were few live human cages where we could see humans live and survive. The way humans communicated with each other was so weird. I couldn’t understand anything. But there are animals who study in this subject and they have researched that humans have highly developed communication techniques amongst other animals. Interesting, ain’t it?!

I moved on to the circus section of the Zoo where humans were trained and maintained to do entertaining and dangerous tricks.

The lion sir made a human stand on one leg with a whiplash. Then the human balanced with one leg on a ball! So cool!

Then Giraffe sir and Elephant sir threw the human over the ropes where it clinged on to the ropes and did some amazing stunts.

I wondered what humans would have done in this world if they were given complex brain structure like us animals…

Science sections had practical demonstrations of human body and their natural system.

In one show they showed human body and its parts by operating a live one infront of us. I couldn’t watch that sight so I moved on.

In another, they showed human reproducting system. Two humans were made to get intimate and the speaker explained how their natural breeding practice was similar to ours.

Everything there was so interesting and informative. But as we all know, time is never enough…

My day was over and now I had to go home. I took all my purchases and my pet with me to the cab pickup point.

I called a human cart. I instructed the handler to ride me to my destination. He whip-splashed the human hard enough that it jumped and started running at one instant. I personally hated the way these human were treated and beaten up for carting. But we didn’t have any other faster transportation.

Sometimes, we animals treat these humans in ways so in-animal. But what can be done..! After all, they were supposed to help us animals…

On my way home, I thought about how humans were exploited by us animals. I thought of so many ways in which the conditions could be made better. But this is what we all do, isn’t it? We just speak about it and do nothing…

I paid the cart handler and stroke the human on its back. It had tears in his eyes… Probably some day, things will turn out better for these human beings.

A Weird Dream Video

A dream where I was both the first person viewing the dream on my phone as a video, as well as the third person inside the dream video.

… …

I was feeling bored and lonely and depressed. My solitude was killing me. So I took the best anti-depressant medication – Sleep.

I wasn’t sleepy at that time, but I slept as soon as I started trying to sleep. And then a daydream started – as a video I was watching on my phone. The weird things was that I was in the video too.

When I woke up, I didn’t remember much out of it. There were many situations and cut-scenes, which were all hilarious, lovely and entertaining at the same time.

Although, I did remember bits and pieces from the dream. One scene was that there was something about me living with roommates and they giving me surprise over my something. And then someone saying something stupid and we all were laughing on it, while I spoke my usual sarcasm.

Then there was something about me gifting something to my mom. This was emotional which made me cry in the dream and even the me in the video was also crying. I was meeting my mom after a long time.

Then there was something about me watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S series as being a part of it. I mean the characters were from my own life, my own actual friends – having fun like they have in the series.

Then in another scene in continuation as the above one, I was upset about something and my best friend was trying to cheer me up. While other characters of my version of Friends were just – you know. Then Phoebe entered the scene, said something really funny and everyone left the room laughing. She told my best friend that she would help her cheer me up. Then she kissed her for more than a minute and then Phoebe said ‘Wait! Weren’t we cheering him up?’ And my friend said ‘We accidentally did.’

All these while, I tried to rewind the playback from the starting of those scenes. See, I was watching myself, and I was watching myself on my phone with an video playing app.

So I would touch the screen to move the playback slider to the beginning, but whenever I would touch the slider, it would show 00:00:00 – that is the slider would be at the starting point. And I wouldn’t be able rewind back to the point that I want to watch again. (You might very well know the point from where I wanted to watch again in all the above cases :P)

I desperately tried to move the slider back, I even pressed the ‘Previous’ button. But the video would just start from the then point and not the earlier point from where I want it to start.

And that my dear readers, that taught me a very serious lesson – to live in the present. We cannot change the past, not even in my dreams. We cannot relive those moments, no matter how much we love or hate them. They are gone. And all we have is today, now.

… …

When I woke up, I couldn’t get up for a while. Yes, the lesson was quite hard to take in, but I was more affected due to the fact that how did my brain make up such a nice plot, such a nice dream-movie with such a nice message along with the right amount of other things to spice it up a little! 😝

Lens vs Eyes


Months of boredom and years of frustration is making me all cranky and sad. I have to go out somewhere. I have to take a break from my daily life. I have to do something…

The ring of my phone dragged me out of my frustrated thoughts. My friend asked me to check out a trip cum trek plan to Kasol. Instantly I got up, planned it with my friend, decided about going, informed office and family about it and booked the tickets within a span of half-a-day.

A vacation finally, after a very very long time…

Waiting for the Time

We reached early at Delhi and had a few hours before our trip started from there. So, we took rest in the garden near the India Gate eating bhutta (corn), waiting for the opportune moment to leave the surreal place towards our pick-up point.

At the Gate, we took some pics and sat down to rest.

Our trip captain had created a group on WhatsApp of all the people being part of the trip. People were sharing their experience in the new town, pictures of places they were visiting and the usual useless stuff.

My friend was busy in trying to create his first impression in the group by following the herd. It was boring to sit there silently, but as we were tired of the past 4-5 hours of walking with all the luggage, it was nice.

When we reached the Gate, there was a flood of selfies and group pictures. I saw a man, in his late 60s guess, looking at all of them. He was a good physique, slow steady walk, sharp eyed man with his hands folded behind him. He looked like an ex-army person.

He looked displeased with those kids. Probably because those kids were happily taking pics with the Gate instead of feeling gratitude for those souls, that the Gate represents.

Then there was a woman in her late 40s. She was selling baked corn. We weren’t starving, but we took one each and sat there in the garden. I had to pay but as I didn’t have proper denominations, I told her to pay her in a minute by borrowing from my friend.

Her girl came after a few minutes to ask for payment (probably the woman thought we’d forgotten the debt). I told her to bring one more for us both. That was I could use the bigger denomination. She went back happily.

After that she went to (probably) her brother to play with him. But her brother scolded her and said that the game wasn’t suitable for her. She sat there watching them play.

They were playing lagori (satodiyo) (seven stones). One of them was very good at taking the aim, but his partner was slow at supporting him. The other team was not so good either in seeking or in hitting. But they won most of the matches as they played well as a team.

Besides, the one who was good at hitting missed several aims in boasting about his ability and telling his mate how to play the game. But none of these mattered to them.  They enjoyed anyway.

As the bulky-tummy-boy missed hitting the hitters, his team mate hit the ball on his big-bang-bum, calling him a slow ass. I and the other team members laughed

Mixed Introduction

Our trip started with gathering at the pickup point. Having this bad habit of being on time, we reached at the spot a little late and still got early than 90% of others. 😛 We started introducing ourselves. There were people from different parts of the country.

People started sharing their personal details, family history, job details etc. and we started judging people based on the details shared by them, while trying desperately to remember their names. It was a good deal of effort to talk with a few and there were some who never stopped talking, even when we looked away.

While people were interacting and trying to break the ice, I was busy at studying their behavior. How differently people behaved on the same situation and how different were their views on the same topic – was exciting to me.

With each conversation and with each of their expression, I knew more about their nature and their attitude towards different things. Who was more interested in whom, who was scared and who was really excited, who was humble and who was a show off, all came out with more time spent talking to them.

It was supposed to be one group going on a trip, but from the start itself, the group started splitting into various mini-groups based on the law of mutual attraction, which states that “Just by one glance at the person, instinct tells us whether we would be comfortable with them or not, and most of the times, that instinct is true.” The instinct is not based on judging others, but on knowing ourselves very well that it might require us to go out of our comfort zone.

There were three types of people on the trip – one who cared for no one and enjoyed in their own style, one who were attention seekers trying to please “the cream in the crowd”, and the attention givers. And there was me too, the forth category. 😛

And they were doing similar activities – enjoying themselves & getting involved in the group or learning from attention seekers to seek attention; seeking attention or desperately trying to; and giving attention or bearing the pain of smiling at those stupid gimmicks by attention seekers.

Start of the Journey

The journey started with people occupying the seats in the bus. Old childhood habit of climbing the school bus last didn’t let go of us this time too. We saw a few seats available in the front while many at the back. We instantly went to the backside, another old habit. We settled and starting talking with each other about how excited we were about the journey. It was going to be awesome – claimed different exclamations.

Soon the party started and more “cool” people started to show off their “cool” traits of drinking, joking and sharing their previous experience (more of exaggerated escapade).

Based on the mini-groups formed while waiting for others, the sitting arrangement wasn’t hard to guess. It was obvious that the back seats were full of extroverts and front seats were full of semi-introverts, who took a little more time trusting others. However, I was at the back, even though being wholly introvert.

While the ice had been broken well in advance, it took me more time to get along with the whole jolly attitude. It was a difficult switch to make.

But I just ignored trying to do that and continued with my observations. There were people worse than me. They were not interested in getting along at all. They were more like – “let me sleep in peace till the end of this trip.” 😛

Night, Morning & Dancing Bus

Night was the time to take rest and recharge for the next full day of adventure. While some had started the excitement right then and there 😉

We were watching a movie on our phone, but that didn’t last long and I fall asleep.

As people started to wake up, the morning got more and more interesting. We stopped at a ‘dhaba’ (roadside eatery). Our cravings had crossed limits and it was a fight to get our breakfast in all that crowd and confusion.

While the route was long, fellow travelers wanted to wait no more for having fun. The music system started playing some beats and those of the extrovert types, who could dance, started grooving to the tunes. Soon people started stepping in the narrow dance floor.

While those who could dance raised their ratings in the bus, while those who couldn’t but were enthusiastic enough to dance raise the drollery in the bus to high levels.

As one after the other people started to switch off their eyes, my mind filled with several thoughts about how the next few days would be. It was just a trip you would think. But it was way more than that for me.

It was my first encounter with strangers. It was a chance for me to become an extrovert from an introvert person. And apart from all these, it was an item from the list of places I wanted to travel in the world.

So, all in all, it was a big deal for me. And imagining the carousel of images flashing by my mind along with a mixture of scenes visible through the window, I slowly drifted into dream world.

The morning was difficult as my friend had started drifting away into pleasing the cream. I started conversing and slowly felt that it wasn’t that difficult as I thought. But then again my introvert mind made likes and dislikes about people and took me away from them.

When the dancing acts started, I didn’t get up and show some moves in the bus. First I was more interested in watching the natural beauty outside the window and second, I just couldn’t. 😛

There were some humorous & some sizzling dance moves, some quaint and amusing jest, while some irritating and odd comments that raised sparse rivalry amongst people, while bonded a few others. It even showed that some of our fellow travelers were totally pesky and some were awesomely cool.


In this age where it was more important to tell others that we were enjoying rather than enjoying itself, photography is the first thing we do at every place we travel.

Here also, there were selfies and abundant natural pictures of whatever came in the way. In just a span of an hour, there were a thousand clicks and several hundred “woo” moments for the crowd.

While people either took pictures of self, where background didn’t really matter at all or tool pictures of natural landscapes and scenery like a pro. But very few, actually none, were interested in capturing the odd.

The people there, their culture and their style of living, the natural habitat and the shrewd juggad in various day to day activities.

Apart from that the usual mountains, trees and river, I was more interested in the microscopic beauty of nature. Some I was able to capture, while some are only recorded in my memory.

While a fake sunrise pic through accidental flash of my camera amazed others believing it to be real sunrise (even in their social site updates), my camera captured old architectures, dew formation on leaves and wires, naturally grown green gardens, the fight of sun against the clouds…

While things only in my mind were – a dirt hill made by ants which had weird formations all around the top, a bird teaching her babies the first flight, a dog reacting to the sudden human invasion to their territory by shaking his head, and a bird hunting a fish from the gushing river flow in a flash… These and several such serene sides of nature were captured in my memory.

Dangerous Turns & Tunnel

While climbing up the hill, there were some parlous turns on the road. They created a sense of roller coaster ride for those on-board. We were awestruck by the way the tire turned just inches from the end of the road. Just a slight error and we would have fallen down the cliff in to the river. The driver, of course, was very skilled that we didn’t.

When bus entered in the tunnel, people started shouting, coming out of the window. They waved to the other commuters on the road and yelled hip hip hurray when we came out in the light.

The turns were terrific. Sometimes the tires even went outside the edge of the road, hanging in the moment and then came back on the surface. It was a sight to be seen, if you only see the tire and the cliff below, you’d feel that the bus is falling down the cliff and still you’re happy. An amazing illusion of emotions…

When we stepped in the tunnel, there were tiny orange lights on the ceiling. Right above one of such light, I saw a nest of a bird. In the dim light, it was not a clear view. But I wondered how our paths always intersected with the habitat of other animals.

At the end of the tunnel I saw the light. The echo of different sounds created a unique effect in the Tunnel. And when we came out of the tunnel, just then echo suddenly disappeared and there was a crisp change in the sounds that we heard before. As if the horn was suddenly kept inside the water and blown….

The Rain – Spoiler and Maker

As soon as we reached the destination of our trip, it started raining and continued with a few breaks. The rain spoiled our plan for the big trek, however, we continued with a smaller trek and had fun with it.

Crazy excitement, going through those mud ponds, conquering those rocks and walking with our mates was so much fun. In between that came photography time, selfie time and several hours of chit-chatting.

The rain created a mesmerizing environment there and the view of the dark cloudy sky with a mixture of snow covered mountain peaks and the sound of the nearby river created a perfect representation of nature and tranquility. The placid serenity of the silent mountains created a perfect studio for the photographer in us.


At night, it was time for the bonfire. After getting fresh and eating our food, we assembled for some fire and dance, both real and metaphorically. We danced and enjoyed till late in night. This was the time when almost everyone enjoyed dancing and chilling.

While I was so excited to dance at the bonfire, it didn’t quite go well. Apart from some dancing and grooving, people were more interested in smoking and weeding around. The smoke filled the air and created a mixture of pollution & irritation in the otherwise dulcet night.

Bonfire was at its place, but the dancing was not organized. With so many people around, less number of dancers and very few interested in dancing, it was very difficult for me to dance my heart out in that smoke and rout mob. Still I tried, but finally gave up as smoke filled my lungs. I was so roiled that I didn’t even attend the next day bonfire night.

Night and the Emotions

Dance let the emotions flow. The starry night and the pleasant cold breeze created a romantic atmosphere and helped create more bonded friendship amongst a few. While others were fuddled in weed and alcohol.

All the smoke and alcohol made me totally irritated and disinterested in the group and I was more interested in sleeping than to befriend anyone. I went straight to my room and let the night end for me.

The Next Day

While it continued raining and spoiled all our plans to visit nearby places, we were going to nearby Gurudwara and the natural hot-water spring. It was inexpressible how soothing was the experience to take a dip in the hot-water pond.

People shopped and wandered around while coming back from the Gurudwara. At night, was another bonfire, but I didn’t attend that.

While the soothing hot-water touch was great, but I was more interested in going further towards the mountain peak, where it was snowing. We tried searching for a mode of transportation but couldn’t. We even tried talking to the coordinator regarding taking the whole group further up the mountain, but due to time constraint, he couldn’t.

While coming back from the Gurudwara, I was filled with varied emotions of not being able to explore everything, yet happy to have seen these beautiful places. I let my emotions take form of art and drew a half-face on the dew-filled window of our bus.

Someone point it out to everyone in the bus and it came to my attention that I was not alone there. 😛

Curfew Cries

It was time for us to leave. The sunny clear sky mocked us when we were leaving the place. While traveling back, a riot occurred at the city and we were halted on-route. We had to spend the whole night on the highway. People went out for some tea, food and yet another round of smoking.

The roads cleared in the morning and we departed for our way back home. On our way back, we saw the devastation the root has caused and clicked a few pics for memory.

It was time to turn back and go back to where it started. But some kibosh stopped us right in the middle of the road. While in the midst of riot and people killing each other, the adventurous gut of people inside the bus was still high. But as soon as my mood for fun started, these people started to smoke. And all my adrenaline to do something crazy would flush down the sewer.

The night was long and the silence was irksome. So people who had bonded well during the journey started conversioning, while waiting for sleep to fill their eyes. I listened to their conversations silently. They were interesting sometimes. 😛 At least they were better than the folks outside smoking their lungs out.

On our way back, I saw how easy it is to last our minds and go crazy for us humans for some selfish cause. We can do anything to disrupt normal life, but we can’t do even slightest of hard work to make it better.

Run Away Baby

As soon as we reached Delhi again, the rush to run away from the city towards our home started. The departing goodbyes were a little dramatic. People were hugging and bidding farewell to each other. It was a little heavy.

We took a train back to our home and our fairy tale came to an end.

While I had not bonded with anyone to feel emotions for anyone of them, yet leaving them was a little emotional. I couldn’t express any of that, but still felt happy that I had made lots of friends on this journey and the moments would be cherished for days to come.

While for most of us, the trip was over. But for us it was still a day more. Two of our mates joined us on our travel back to home and we took whatever train we could find on the platform going towards our cities. It was a Run Away rush as the riot was not stopping and we had to save our asses.

But in all that upsurge, me and one of my friend stayed real calm. We cared nothing about all that and had a few common ways of having fun. The train journey was a story to tell, some other time may be. 😉

The Aftermath

The aftermath of the trip was bewitching. It took several days to recover from the emotional flood of excitement and fun from the trip and to get back to our boring usual working lives. And several instances of that aftermath was poured out in form of social media group chat. Group chat was filled with emotional messages and ‘miss you’s and other such stuff.

Slowly the shine of that trip fade away and we were back to our busy selves. But it was amazing how few of us were bonded for life…

It’s Raining Fire

The clouds are ready in the dark sky,
Thundering their anger, flash in a blink of the eye,
It’s gonna get bad tonight, believe me,
It’s gonna get bad tonight, come with me,
There comes the first drop of rain,
Save yourself, cover to stop the pain,
Like a fake smile on your face,
Spread an umbrella on your head,
It’s raining fire tonight…

With each drop of fire, it burns inside me,
Even after letting you go, it burns inside me,
In my head, it’s screaming out loud,
This rain is going to take me down,
But I won’t runaway, I won’t hide,
I’ll light up my darkness with fire, bright,
So like a fake smile on your face,
Spread an umbrella on your head,
It’s raining fire tonight…

The fire has flooded the driveway,
Flowing like a stream of burning lava in my heart,
This time the thunders won’t make a sound,
This time the lightning won’t be seen,
A silent storm would rush through the wild,
Like a fake smile on your face,
Spread an umbrella on your head,
It’s raining fire tonight…

The morning next, has come up with sun,
The sky is filled with ashes, with dust,
It reminds me of you, of our time way back,
How we fought with all our love and all our might,
The rainbow after the rain can be seen up there,
But is colored this time only with the shades of red,
Like a fake smile on your face,
Hope you’d an umbrella on your head,
It had rained fire last night…

Where’s my travel luck?


(Now, watching too much Bollywood love stories would corrupt your mind that it would make this kinda post. So let me warn you beforehand :P)

Travelling is the best way to explore new places, get to know more people, make new friends and eat new food. And a few travellors like to do this alone. (While some have to do it alone…)

So what exactly am I talking about here with Travel luck? I’m not talking about your luck in getting the ticket or your luck in booking the rooms in advance. No… I’m talking about the series of events that happen with you when you’re travelling; the people you interact with and the aftereffects of those interaction. How good your travel luck is can be identified by observing the people you come across on travelling alone and the situations you find yourself in to.

On a travel expedition, first step is boarding a mode of travel. On boarding the mode of travel, there are bound to be people having seats around you, who don’t know you and whom you don’t know either. It is both exciting and adventurous to be with unknown people several hours long journey.

Now here is your first chance to meet your Travel Luck. The person(s) who get(s) ticket besides(around) you can be of different gender, age, nature and personality. If your luck is good, they will match with you in these criteria or they will at least be of proper age and personality to have fun with. You will not get bored while travelling, as you would be constantly interacting with them.

But this is not with the people who have bad Travel Luck. I still wait at the door of the train, thinking that someone would be late for the train and would come running, in need of my hand to climb the moving train…

Okay, that was too filmy. But I can at least expect that my Travel Luck would favour me with people of similar age and similar interest, and interested in talking to me, be it any gender or any personality! But no… I will always be accompanied by some snoring uncle, some aunty who’s always talking over the phone or a totally not interested male who keeps on chatting with someone over messenger apps, and there is never-ever-ever any interesting girl having a seat besides me. (Thanks to such idiotic rules in my area which lead to more crimes/fights than averting them)

So all I am left is with my phone, 1000-songs-heard-so-many-times-now-bored-of-all playlist in it and battery which would die in just about an hour if I keep phone network on. I like reading, but hate it over the phone, so reading a novel or a short story is not an option.

I try having conversation with anyone around me, but they always turn out to be awkward or totally boring, thanks to the above mentioned people.

You can even window-gaze, but till what time. No travelling route can be that beautiful that you can continue that for more than an hour. So all you can do in such a situation is sleep, which, in itself, is a boring thing to do while travelling.

Another situation where Travel Luck comes to play is when you reach your destination, if your destination is a place you’ve never been before. You might meet people interesting enough to hangout with. You might find that your roommate or hallmate at the hotel is totally mad like you and could be the best partner in this city-expedition of yours.

Many a times I think that I might bump into someone who would be totally like me, and we would then roam around the city, explore all its corners and have fun together. Such a person that when the travel is about to over, we can’t part and decide to stay together instead… forever.

Again, that was too filmy. But can’t even I imagine that the people I meet up at this new city would be ‘like’ me and would like to go out just like me? Can’t even I dream of a travel partner who would make my vacation worth remembering, in a good way…!? With a Travel Luck like mine, the answer is No.

I meet all sorts of weirdos and all sorts of cheats while exploring the new city. The cab driver, the tour guide, the restaurant owner and the road-side shopkeeper, all would be totally professional and would make my day, in a negative way…

And now when you’ve finally accepted the fact that there is no one to accompany you, your Travel Luck just might play its last cards…

If it is good, it might give you just what you wanted. But in my case, while travelling in the train dreaming about some company that you might have had, I’d find a group of friends having fun at a distance, who are totally into themselves. No chance of me able to get into their group. Or if I’m wandering the city alone, looking for places of wonders, I’d see the sign board saying the place is closed on Mondays (or whatever the day is at that time). Great, isn’t it?!

Simply put, Travel Luck can make your travel the best few days of your life that you’d cherish forever; it might find a friend you’ll be with forever, and in future, might meet up on a drink and laugh about those memories.

And Travel Luck can also screw your whole plans in realism and even in dreams. Your filmy self would be distroyed bit by bit to pieces and would be totally incapable of building up again. And your practical self would be so bored and tired of the monotonous experience that you had, that it would just prefer to stay home and wait for nothing, instead of trying one more time and getting screwed by Mr. Fate, here in form of Travel Luck.

So, what’s your Travel Luck like? Do you always find amusing and interesting company while travelling alone, or are you a sufferer while travelling? Or are you a combination of both, or none?