History repeats itself on her birthday!

Birthday… A day on which we try to make it memorable for our loved ones by doing various crazy and unexpected things 😛 And when that crazy or unexpected idea turns out to be a blooper, ah! How bad it feels!! The same day, last year, my idea to wish her had remained only an idea as I had slept at the last moment before 12 midnight. And this year, I slept (Yes! Again!!) due to which I fall short of time to execute the plan I had planned for her…
This is how it happened…
A few days before her birthday:
She reminded me of her birthday by posting sending some crazy message about her birthday month… (She’s loves her birthday so much, I tell ya! :D) So I had checked my memory calendar and came to know that yes, her birthday was near… I thought of various ideas, but just as all the beautiful girls are always taken, all the brilliant ideas were so boring now… I wanted to do something out of the line, something she will never expect, something I will never expect either! 😛
For getting such an idea from my mind, the only way I had was to put it on ‘auto-pilot’ mode 😛 (It means that if I think about it and try to make some idea, my mind just won’t help me with anything. And if I just let go and let my mind work for itself, at the last moment, but at the right time, it will pop with some brilliant plan along with the procedural instructions :D)
Hence, I put the thought of getting such an idea aside…
One day before her birthday:
I was working at office. It was 2 hours past the normal office ending time, quite the usual in this era of Office-slavery… All of a sudden my stomach reminded me to leave the office and go for search of food. So, I got up and left the office. While eating, I saw the time. It was 9:32 pm. My mind worked its magic… The plan was to go to her house, call her up on her terrace and surprise her with me wishing her birthday in the moonlight and cool breeze… I thanked my mind and was amazed at such a brilliant idea, cuz, this would certainly be both unexpected and gleesome for her!
I bought some chocolates for her and went home. Planned my voyage, for it was a quite a distance from my place to hers, took all the necessary things and put it ready (my usual habit before traveling anywhere)… I checked my watch it was 9:48. I had some time before I would leave for the 30 minutes journey to her place. Plus I had to complete my plan before 12 midnight as other people would start wishing her from that time, so I didn’t want any hindrance in my plan. I calculated the time for departure by reverse calculation and got that I should leave at 11:00 to reach their just on time…
I had an hour… So I sat on my couch and closed my eyes to think about the possible scenarios that would happen in one hour now… I opened my eyes that I should probably put an alarm or something, so that I do not get late, but then thought that I am awake so no need of alarm, I thought I would leave early to give me some dry run time there.
I would be reaching there at 11:30 probably. I would sneak up to her terrace. There I would arrange the chocolates and one candle that I had with me. I would keep the match stick ready in my hand, probably more than one. ‘Cuz I anticipated the weather to be windy that day. I would arrange it in such a way that I would hold the chocolates in ‘card-holding’ pattern in my hand and the candle would stay on top of it. Then at 12, I would call her and tell her that I have arranged by someone to place a parcel at your terrace, so go and check it out!
She would be so excited and she would run to terrace to check it out. But just before the last steps of terrace, she would get scared of the dark and that would be the time for me to light up the candle. I would stand right besides the entrance, hidden in the dark. As she would enter the terrace from the door, she would find me standing with my chocolates and candle and she would probably freak out in happiness! I will pull her towards me, and in her ears I’d sing – “Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you…” And then very softly whisper at the end of the song – “Happy birthday P!!”. I didn’t imagine her reactions to this, as I wanted it to be a surprise to me… But I knew, she would totally love it!!
My roommate woke me up… “Weren’t you gonna go for some birthday party or what!?”
I checked my watch and it was 11:41…
I assume my expressions were epic at that time, ‘cuz my roommate continued laughing like a maniac till the time I left my house… probably in a minute or two.
I drove like I had a million dollar bounty on my head… I continued cursing me all the way to her home for sleeping and making my mind’s brilliant plan a total fiasco!! I even said “I am totally disappointed of you…” to myself and made several weird and disgusting faces at me!!
I reached at her place and checked time – it was 12:04… I thanked the government for building good highway and went on.
I climbed up to terrace and made my arrangements. I called her… RING… DISCONNECTED. I called again… RING… DISCONNECTED! Again… RING… DISCONNECTED! (Now my patience was broken!) RING… DISCONNECTED!!! (Ah! I wanted to throw my phone to the ground as hard as I could, but I always put that intentions away as then I would have to earn to but a new one… (Office-stress scares and helps)
I called to someone else whom I knew would be there with her… She picked up. “WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NOT PICKING UP YOUR PHONE!!!” words started rushing out of my mind as I continued my desperate attempts to turn the fiasco in to success, even though I knew inside that I had failed…
After convincing her to come up to the terrace, I eagerly waited for her. I knew she would get scared at the last moment and that would be the time for me to light the candle… Everything was ready… My plan can still work, after all, I was just a few minutes late than my expected time…
Her footsteps were audible… I started lighting the candle. The wind was a little more than I anticipated. I tried several times and finally got it to work. I thought by this time she would be standing in front of me, but she was no where to be found. I went below to check and she had gone back to her house as she was too scared!! *BRB*
I didn’t know what I felt at that time… That was anger ‘cuz she didn’t come up or frustration ‘cuz my flunked attempts were not working or sadness ‘cuz my plan to make this day special for her was now a fiasco…
I went downstairs to her house, and then I behaved as I behaved on that pilot-mode… ‘Cuz those mixed feelings were hard to handle. I really felt bad…
Then the stereo-typed celebration was done with a cake and wishes and I returned back home… She was more than happy that I tried my best to make her day special, by inside somewhere, I was disappointed as I could have done amazingly better than this and she would have loved that moonlight wish…
I closed my eyes (while driving) and imagined all her expressions that earlier I had skipped… They were awesome… She had shouted on seeing me with joy and amazement! When I had pulled her and sang that song in her ears, she had given her best smile and had hold my arms in excitement! Then when I finally wished her birthday, she cried a little in happiness… That smile and tears combo was so amazing that I wanted to capture that scene into my camera, but still we don’t have that technology to capture dream pictures 😛
I reached home and thought about the episode… (Mr. Fate, I’m gonna kill you if ever I find you !!)

Happier New Year!


New year… 2015! A time for celebration! A time to forget the past and welcome the future! But hey! Don’t they come every year…?! 😛

Yes they do! It’s a happy new year every year… (no matter what you have got the year coming). It’s the same wishes every year, the same sweets, the same chocolates, the same wine, the same vodka ;P

In my case, there was nothing from above, except wishes, boring wishes… I used to try so much to go out, club or something, or atleast hangout, but in the end, it was me against the world! This year, I asked even those unknown people – neighbours, colleagues, etc. – with whom I’ve never even had a chat! So desperate was I!

At last I was at home, my room that I call home for its sake. I wanted to go out, but couldn’t, so I diverted my attention to movies…

It was my best friend who changed everything this year. She had prepared a big surprise for me on my birthday, due in few days… My birthdays being boring for me everyday, she wanted me to crave for it this year. So she kept on pushing the topic of my birthday and the surprise… (and it worked) 😛

At exactly 12:01 am, the first second of year 2015, she texted me the link to her surprise… I checked it out. It was so good! 🙂 She had worked pretty hard and I loved it… 🙂

But she had not planned it that way… She had kept a few things which would have made it more funny! And because of my slow Internet connection, that didn’t work 😀 the look on her face would have been epic! 😛

But then at last, it worked… Another birthday reminder 😀 This time I really want my birthday to come soon! Thanks to her… 😛

Then our usual chats got my new year start with smiles and laughter. And how can we not fight on the first day of this year, we did 😀 on some petty topic 😛 but it always ends well 🙂

So this year, I wouldn’t call it ‘Happy New Year’ but a ‘Happier New Year’ with my best friend… 🙂

P.s.: What cat speaks? Meow… 😀

Surprise Vurprise


Tick-tock… Tick-tock… Tick-tock…

The clock was moving at a speed slower than a snail. I was watching it like a bird watches it’s egg about to break. Just then two eyes appeared on the clock. I thought I went mad watching the clock constantly! But no! Those eyes were blinking even. They were beautiful eyes. But who was she? And there was something written below those eyes too – “It has been 20 minutes. It’s time to see 20 feet away.”

It was my computer’s clock I was looking at and the eyes that emerged out of nowhere was a program for benefit of my eyes which reminded me to see 20 feet away every 20 minutes.
So I agreed to it. I went outside to my favourite place in office – the balcony! I stood there besides my animal friends, pigeons, sparrows and butterflies. I was watching them and they were watching me. I was asking for friendship and they were scared that I would be a backstabber like other humans…

While standing there alone, I heard a ringtone on my phone, that hadn’t rung since ages. It was a ringtone for unknown number. The mobile directory application helped me find out who it was and the name was familiar. But why is she calling me? And how did she get this number! B’cuz this number is with only a few selected individuals in this world. I picked it up.

“Hey can you come down. I am standing here outside your office building.” She said.
It was time for lunch and maybe she was asking me to join the group for lunch, a project members lunch together. So thinking that I replied “Umm… Yeah coming…”

While on my way downstairs, I was thinking – I’ve never had any such friendly encounter with her or her friends or any of my project members that they would call me for having lunch with them. So that option is ruled out. So for what is she calling me?

I saw my phone again to see the name that the mobile application had suggested. It had just the name of the person. And it is generally a practice that we save our colleagues name along with the company name so that we can easily identify the person from the bulky contact list. So it was clear that she was not the same person I had thought her to be. Then who was she?

I stopped at the gate. I wanted to go back. But then I was curious. Be it a prank planned by my friends, but I should not just walk into it, just like that! So I used my senses to see the outside of the building without being detected by the people standing outside that I was watching. I saw someone, whom I had not seen here. So she was the perfect candidate for the prank being planned on me. But she wasn’t alone…

Oh my my…! It was my best friend with her… 😛 And now how the prank turned out on her, wait and watch… 😀

I went up again and waited for them to call again. Being girls and being hot sun outside, they were bound to call back me as it was much time after that call. And it happened. I didn’t pick it up…

Another call… I let it ring to the last moment and then picked it up. That voice was perfectly her’s…! How can I miss that unusual rollercoaster ride in her tone! 😀

The conversation ended up with me laughing and she, don’t know in what expression, but not what she had thought she would be in… 😀

God knows what happened, but next 20 minutes were so awesome that I had forgotten all my office anxiety and was refreshed top-to-bottom. It is so great that our dear ones can change our mood in no time. No matter in what severe the circumstances be, they would make us smile. No matter how heart-broken we are, they would do such senseless acts to cheer us up. We know they will never get us wrong, no matter how worse the words come out of our mouths and how bad we behave. That feeling that we can rely on that person, that feeling that they will always understand, that feeling that they will always be there…

Having friends in life is the one of those beautiful prizes for living… And having a best girl-friend (note the dash in between 😛 ) is more than that… 🙂

Rick Savage Private Eye – Book Report

I hadn’t had a case in months. But here in Rivercity, I didn’t go looking out for trouble. Trouble had a way of finding ‘me’…!” Rick was thinking.

Rick Savage is reading newspaper, sitting on his chair with folded foots over the table. The table is cluttered with newspaper articles and the room is so dark that it is hard to look at even one’s own hand.

Just then, the door thudded.

Rick looked irritated. He folded his newspaper back and put it down on the table, saying “It’s open…”

A blonde girl with beautifully crafted face came inside. She was wearing a knee-length overcoat.

“Are you Savage?” the girl enquired.

“Only until I have my morning coffee… What’s your moniker?” Rick replied.

“My moniker is Monica. But my friends call me ‘trouble’…”

Rick exclaimed to himself “I was right! I had trouble right here at Rivercity!

Rick asked Monica “What seems to be the trouble, Trouble?”

Monica walked in her own charming way all to the table Rick was sitting at and said “It’s my husband, Felton. I think he’s trying to… kill me!”

Rick got up to his feet in shock and moved all around the table towards Monica.

“What makes you think so, doll-face?” Rick asked.

“This…” Monica pulled out a letter from her coat and gave it to Rick.

Rick opened the letter-

Dear Monica,
I’m gonna kill you.

Rick walked to and fro in the room for about a minute. And then he turned to Monica and said “This could be a death threat, alright! What you want me to do about it, gorgeous?”

“I want to hire you…” Monica replied.

“That would be 200 bucks…” Rick said.

“… to keep me alive!” Monica added.

“… in advance!” Rick added.

Rick thought “I’m good but I’m not stupid!


It was a typical rusty club. Round tables with red cloth on them. Four chairs arranged at each table in perfect order that it seemed that no one’s ever touched them. A piano in the far left corner with an old trembled musician trying to play. The receptionist at the door looked bored of all the guests around and was sleeping standing at the reception. The bar counter was as usual, unattended.

Rick entered the club. Monica had asked him to meet her at that torch-light club, where she was the torch-singer. She figured her husband wanted to bump her off.

“Hey Savage!” A man in his forties, wearing black coat and holding a cigar in his hands came to Rick.

“Well… it’s ain’t good all inspector, Franklin!” Rick commented.

“You’re right. It’s new tenant farmer! What you doin’ here, famous!” Franklin replied.

“I’m on a case, flat-foot!” Rick replied.

Franklin threatened “Watch it, Gumshoe! Or I’ll pull your license, pass you a ticket and clean your cloak!”

Rick was again suspicious and murmured to himself “I got the feeling that he didn’t like me…

Rick walked to a table and sat down. A waitress in exposed gown came to Rick and said “Hey there, Savage!”

“Well… it ain’t my favourite waitress! How you’re doing, Francie!” Rick talked in his usual suspicious tone.

“What can get you, Savage?”

“The usual…”

“Ok…” And the waitress lowered herself on Rick and kissed him.

Rick murmured “The food here stinks, but the service is incredible…!

Rick pushed her off and said “Not now, Francie! I’m on a case…”

Francie said briskly “That guy over there… He’s creep! I think he’s up to no good!”

Rick saw that man Francie was referring to. He was a dull face, no vigor man in his thirties. He was sitting alone on the last table with his hands on the table. He looked like he was waiting for someone.

“What makes you think so, gorgeous?” Rick enquired.

Francie replied “He’s been here since an hour, and all he’s ordered is a butcher knife!”

“Don’t worry babe! I’ll check it out…” Rick said in an casual tone.

Rick went to that man and said “Hey buddy! You mind telling me who you are?”

“The name’s Mitch. Felton Mitch…” The man replied.

Rick suspiciously asked “You don’t happen to be married to a songbird named Monica?”

“Yes… Till death, the worst part!” Felton replied with a smeared face and rage in his eyes.

Rick walked back to his table and thought “I’d better keep one eye on Monica and one eye on Felton.”

The music started to play. Monica came from darkness. She was looking like a princess of the heavens! She was dressed all white with white fur around her neck. She walked slowly and looked directly at Rick. She was singing a song and her eyes said something, as if she was trying to say something through that song, or may be something important than the song…

Rick saw her with his mouth open. He was dumbstruck at the flawless beauty of Monica… He murmured “To heck with Felton! I’d keep my both eyes on Monica!!”

Monica sung her song melodiously like a bird. She sat on the bar table and tilted against the side poles. All of a sudden, the lights went off. There was a sound of gun-shot! Someone screamed and the lights came back…

Monica lay on the floor, still looking beautiful, but dead…

Everyone ran towards her body. Franklin knelt over her body and checked for her pulse. He instructed two guys to move her body out. Then he turned to the crowd and roared “Alright now! Nobody move… Everyone here is a suspect.”

“Everyone, but me… Rick Savage, Private eye!” Rick said.

Rick continued “Monica gave me a death threat letter she got. And it was signed ‘F’.” He said it with a special stress on F and looking towards Franklin.

“So?” Franklin said.

“That means you’re a suspect too!” Rick explained.

“That’s ridiculous! I’m a cop!” Franklin said in protest.

“Well then… It must be her husband.” Rick moved to the table Felton was sitting and said “Why did you do it, Felton?”

Felton got up from his seat in protest and said “I didn’t kill Monica! I loved her…! I even carved out her initials on the table with this knife! Look!!” and he showed Rick his carvings on the table.

“Well well… Then may be it was Francie!” Rick said moving towards the place where Francie was standing.

“Don’t throw it, Savage! I was in the kitchen when she was shot!” Francie replied in her defense.

The door of the club opened again and a girl came in.

“Hey look! Monica’s alive!” Franklin exclaimed on looking at Monica coming in from the door. She was dressed in a black woolen top and a round hat.

“Well! I’m Monica’s twin sis! Monica called me here to meet her tonight!”

Rick said “Well I’m afraid you’re a little late. Monica just cashed her cheque…”

“Oh no!!” Exclaimed the girl and started crying.

“Lay there gorgeous! You got a name?” Rick said.

“I’m Veronica…” said the girl.

“Well that starts with a ‘V’. So you’re not a suspect.” Rick said.

“… but my friends call me ‘Fun’…” Veronica continued.

Rick was thinking. He looked at the innocent faces of people standing there. His suspects – Franklin, Felton, Francie and Fun! And voila! He suddenly got that who was his killer… Savage has solved another case!
Self-pleased Rick smirked his smile and noted down his pointers in notebook…


Well this piece was taken from one episode from “The Small Wonder” titled “Big J Private Eye”… In the episode following was the conversation after pictorial representation of above story-

Reggie: “Hey! What kinda ending is that!!”

Joan: “Jamie! You can’t let the story hanging like that!”

Jamie: “You all really wanna know who’s the murderer?”

The class unanimously said “Yeah!”

Jamie: “You gonna have to read the book…”