Small Bites with Family: Balloon Volley

A series of funny and interesting incidents that happen with me and my family.

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It was my birthday the other day. And a balloon or two were spared from the audacity of the ferocious balloon-poppers. And I thanked God for that. You see, I don’t enjoy the usual enjoyments enjoyed by the jolly people of this world. I have my peculiar set of delectation, and they usually do not involve a lot of people.

I was looking at the balloon, and was thinking about how I would bask from this amazing little sport. I threw the balloon up towards the ceiling. The ceiling fan threw it back at me, taking help of Gravitational force, somehow trying to overpower me. I managed to catch it back and threw it again with greater force. This time it reached the ceiling. But this wasn’t fun.

So I sat there, balloon in my hand, quandary in my eyes. Just then my mother comes to my rescue. I don’t know what crossed my mind, but I just threw the balloon at her, to which she countered with an amazing smash. I managed to lift the balloon up with my long legs, and got the game going.

We continued playing balloon volley for almost half-an-hour. And there were moments of ecstasy, moments of walking on the air, while playing with Mom. We laughed, cried out in excitement of our great shot or shock of opponent’s great answer, we enjoyed that silly little game.

What could have been a millisecond worth of thrill by popping the balloon turned out to be a long, happy memory for me.

We got tired and eventually pulled the plug of the game in the middle. There were no scores kept, but only joy. The smile on her face was satisfying.

When life seems dull and dark, try to spread the light by burning the candles of hope… And remember to recycle them ๐Ÿ˜‰

P.s.: In the evening, the kid next door came and marked his mark on the balloon. And I couldn’t do anything, but to watch him take away my treasure. Okay, I did annoy him by holding the balloon above his height, but that’s a different story. ๐Ÿ˜›


Little Business Ad’venture’

When and how did I carry out my first, small business venture…?

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Everyone loves money. And I was no different even at that age when I thought money was useful only to fill up my piggy bank. And filling it up fully was the only life goal under monetary category that one would have.

I had a small red colored miniature Post box shaped piggy bank. I used to hide it behind my old clothes on the top shelf of my cupboard. As a child, I thought that if I found it difficult to reach that spot then it was hard enough for anyone to find it. ๐Ÿ˜€

I usually never asked for things or stuff from my parents or anyone else, except for daily food needs. Toys, games, clothes, chocolates and ice-creams… I used to get them without any tantrum, or even demand. The reason was that I used to take great care of all my stuff. Even after all these years, I have got some of my stuff from childhood without any scratch. And due to this, my parents used to buy me things without my soliciting for it.

But I had strong preferences in things I accepted. They had to be best or of high value. I didn’t accept things that were cheaply made or were commonly found with every other child. Say for example, I didn’t accept toffees and cheap chocolates. I needed a 5-star instead. But still if someone would give me something that I didn’t quite like, I’ll put it to some good use, at least. Or I’ll give it to other kids when they come to my place to play with my toys, so that my other toys were not harmed. ๐Ÿ˜›

A fair (carnival) was set-up in our town. My dad and his friends were setting up a food stall in the carnival. And mother was probably gonna help them with that. I was bored at their stalls where we had to serve people the food instead of eating it ourselves. So, I used to sit at the nearby Toy stall. The person was a friend of my dad, so he let me sit there.

The carnival was gonna stay for five days. First day I just sat there looking at all the people who came to buy different toys. I understood one thing from that. For selling toys, we had to influence the kids and not the grownups. They would just do whatever the kids would obstinate for or do tantrum for.

I too wanted to sell stuff. I asked my parents to let me sell stuff in that toy stall. Our neighbors gave me a box full of whistles which were shaped like a-biscuit-thin-harmonica. All the reeds played the same tone, same whistle. I had a real harmonica back then, so I had no problem in selling them, as for me they were not of high standard. My neighbors didn’t accept any money from me for these. They wanted me to fulfill my desire of selling things in the carnival.

Next day, I came to the Toy stall with that box full of whistles. The store owner gave me a corner place just outside the store. I sat on a small chair in front of a small table on which I neatly stacked the whistles under rows of different colors. As I had no cost in acquiring the whistles, I thought 2 rupees would be an appropriate price for one whistle.

Families and kids used to pass from the toy store often. And kids would force their parents to visit the toy store to buy them some or other toy. Whenever some kid came in front of the store, I would play that whistle casually, without saying a word. The kid would instantly get lured of the whistle in my hand. I somehow managed to know how other kids were different from me and how they were easily tempted for things that they didn’t have and someone else had.

When the grownups would offer him things from the store, the kid would also point towards the tiny whistle thing that I was playing. And as it was way cheaper than the other things available in the toy store, the grownups wouldn’t hesitate incurring an additional expense.

Earlier I used to sell whistle to each customer of the toy store. Then slowly, kids came to the store only to buy my whistle. I slowly started to take over the business of the toy store owner. Kids were more interested in buying my whistle instead of his expensive toys, and parents too were not hesitant in buying their kids a cheap toy instead of shelling out more money on expensive toys.

I gave my last whistle to the toy store owner as a gift. In just three days, I sold all the whistles in stock and enjoyed the satisfaction of having my piggy bank full. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was so happy that I showed it to all. I opened the lid of the miniature post box and showed them that it was full till the brim. The toy owner too said to my dad “This kid took away whole of my business with his tiny whistles!”

Later I found out that the whole box of whistle had cost my neighbors only Rs. 20. And there were some 40-50 whistles in the box, which I sold each at a price of Rs. 2. And I didn’t even had to incur the initial cost of Rs. 20, so my clear profit was full Rs. 80-100!

That was my first ever business venture at an age of around 9. And I was so happy…

P.s.: And now I feel ridiculous at work.

Small Bites with Family: Funny Moments

A series of funny and interesting incidents that happen with me and my family.

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It’s festive time. After a long time, I got to visit my parent’s place.

It was lunch time. In the main hall, my father and I were watching the match. My mother entered the scene and asked us – “You guys ready for lunch?”

Instantly, me and my father, without seeing each other or planning or discussing, came down from the sofa on the floor and sat in the Indian position of sitting on the floor, being ready to eat.

And my mother gave an astonishing smile watching both of us do the same thing at the same time! ๐Ÿ˜€

If you could imagine that scene, and could see the expression on her face, that was a priceless moment.

In this post, I am sharing such little moments with my parents, which are sweet and funny at times.


I fell asleep while studying. My mother came in and saw me sleeping on my reading table, my mouth open and a pen in my hand.

She came to me and started waking me up. Dad came in and said “Let him sleep. He would have been tired of all the studying.”

I was already awake. ๐Ÿ˜‰ However I stayed put, listening to their conversation…

Dad lifted me and put me to bed. Mom put the blanket on me. And then they saw me for a while and left the room.

That way I got to know how I used to wake up on my bed, while have slept at different places in my childhood, practically. ๐Ÿ˜›


I was not able to sleep. God knows what was wrong, but every time I got a little dizzy, some weird nightmare would spoil it.

So I went to their room. They were asleep. I slept in the little space available between them. Instantly my dad put his warm hand on my head and mom put her comforting arm over me.

Needless to say, I slept like a baby (6 ft long baby that is) ๐Ÿ˜€


It was the day I was returning home after a long time. And I didn’t tell them that I was coming home.

I knocked at the door in the way the milkman does in the morning. I imagined them telling each other to answer the door, while in sleepy mood in the morning. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then mother came at the door with a utensil in her hand. ๐Ÿ˜€


Dad was busy with his smartphone. Mum was busy with her smartphone. I was bored. So I planned a prank…

I clicked mum’s weird expression holding her phone, and sent it to dad. And clicked same for dad and sent it to mum.

Then they both saw it and laughed at the same time. I laughed too. So they looked at each other and then at me. They understood what just happened and I knew I was in trouble… ๐Ÿ˜€


Mum was in the kitchen, cutting the salad.

I went in the kitchen and while talking to her, picked up a few pieces of carrot and ate them.

Then my dad went inside and did the same thing. And we both repeated this one after other when my mum shouted – “Both of you, stay out of kitchen or cut the salad yourself.”

We three laughed on that ‘cuz then she too ate a few pieces. ๐Ÿ˜›


It was Diwali time. My dad had brought sweets for us.

After about two days, he went to check on those sweets, but found an empty box. ๐Ÿ˜›

He exclaimed – “Empty in just two days!! I couldn’t even taste one!”

Me and mum looked at each other and smiled evil… Now whenever he brings something new, he first tastes it and then puts it in the storage. ๐Ÿ˜€


On Diwali, we prepare Rangoli at our place. But my mum and I both hate preparing the initial design. So we wait for dad to do it. Dad gets bored of it too, as he had to do it everytime. So he too shifts the work upon us.

Then in the end, it gets too late and we are left with little time. So, all three of us start doing the work together. And during that, me and mum ‘help’ dad some way, and dad, poor guy, has to fix everything that we have helped spoiling. ๐Ÿ˜€


In summer, noon time on weekends is movie time at home. But dad always gets hold of the remote of the TV. So we have to watch what he wants to watch.

So, mum goes and sleeps on one of his hand. Then I do the same on his other arm. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now both his hands are occupied, and the remote is free of his hands. Mission accomplished! The TV is in our control now… ๐Ÿ˜€


After washing our hands, it’s time to dry them. But what if we can’t find the napkin?

That’s when I go to my mother and hug her. While hugging, her dupatta comes to my rescue. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And dad does the same thing. He goes to her, talks to her about something, and while talking uses the dupatta and walks away silently. ๐Ÿ˜€

Mother knows, but she only smiles at both of us… Silly.


In my childhood, me, mum and dad used to travel in one single bike. I used to sit between them.

At times, when we travelled at night or during winter, I used to stick close to dad, as he is all weather warm. My mum used to hug me and dad together.

But dad has no one to do that. So to have some jealousy-fun, he used to stand up while riding the bike. So, all the cold wind used to come directly on my face.

Then I would do the same. I would stand up on the bike holding daddy. Now, all the wind would flow directly to mum. And now would be her turn. ๐Ÿ˜›

Riding together was so much fun…

—– —–

It is fortunate to have a family… Love yours, no matter how weird they are.

Dancing with (Un)known


It was last evening of Year 2015. I was sitting in my office and was waiting for the call from my friend about the confirmation for the night’s plan. My friend had invited me to join his group for the new year party.

He called and confirmed about the time, place and people invited. I knew no one except my friend. I agreed anyway…

It felt like ages since I had been happy or had lived my life fully after completing my studies and have joined the race of earning money. So, even if I had to join a group of complete strangers, I would not have resisted that night.

When we reached the spot, they recognized me; probably my friend would have told them about me. We introduced each other. I tried to get their names, but the music was too loud… ๐Ÿ˜› I couldn’t think about anything else but to go inside and start jumping (my form of dancing :D)

I was about to dance on DJ music – something that I hadn’t done publicly since junior school. Incidents from past life had made me so that I couldn’t be myself in front of anyone…

With little hesitation in the beginning, I started dancing to the beats. It was easy to dance (which I am very bad at) in front of these people as I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t care what they will think about me. I didn’t care ifย theyย laughย at my bad steps. I didn’t care about anything but just letting myself go crazy. The beats created rhythmic waves inside me and I couldn’t stop enjoying myself. Oh yes I missed this…!

Soon the strangers turned out to be great friends and it never felt like we were meeting for the first time that night.

While I was dancing, a person from my behind nagged me. I turned around and she said “Can you dance away from me? You’re hitting me constantly!” in a language crude than this.

I apologized and switched places with one of our group member on the opposite side of our circle. After some time, I felt that hits again from my behind. When I looked back, it was the same girl with that same group. They moved all the way from one end to the other of our 12 people circle…! And not only that accused me for touching her, twice!!!

I switched place again. And inside I felt totally vulnerable. There was no one who would trust me that I didn’t do anything to her! Only my friends trusted me as they saw what happened. But what about others? Everyone around me would have thought that I was the bad person. Being a male, it was so easy to get accused of something (as everyone would have assumed that), and so difficult to accuse someone in the opposite gender (as no one would believe that such a thing can happen)! I wondered about women empowerment for a while and then continued dancing…

The night continued till early dawn. It had brought me thrill, laughter, silent smiles, understanding nods, shouts and shocks, chilly winter winds and satisfaction of the night. But above all, it brought me freedom from the fake self that I had build around me. It helped me come out of that closed box and live my life fully, without considering anything about people around me… It helped me overcome the fear of “What will others think?”.

As the countdown began, I rejoiced the change in me…

Truly, a ‘New’ Year for me… This year of mine is dedicated to breaking the rules that I made in my life, to breaking the boundaries created around me.

Happy New Year folks. ๐Ÿ™‚

(Almost…) Nightingale

It was the last day of our batch. We were soon going to part ways and probably never meet again. So we decided to go out somewhere where we can have fun in our own silly ways…

We went to an old ‘museum cum art gallery cum restaurant’. It was peaceful place and could be said to be beautiful, if said with a little note ๐Ÿ˜›

We were examining the pieces of art with deep critical notice so that we could come up with some weird comment on it which would be added to the list of remembrances for today, the last day…

I wasn’t much interested in those art stuff, as I didn’t see any “art” in it. So, I went away from there and concentrated on the other people… What else to do? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Several groups came and went. ย  Friends’ Hangouts are so much fun, assuming you have decent combination of all the characters in this world inside your group, one for each moment ๐Ÿ˜›

At the end of the (cave-kinda) way, I saw a group of girls sitting around a girl. Each of them was watching the one sitting in the middle. I was instantly curious. So I went there and as I came closer to that group, I went farther away from everyone…

That voice had engulfed me so much. The girl in the middle was singing. She was singing beautifully. She had that mesmerizing voice that anyone would love to listen. And she had that music-sense too! So bingo combination. I stood there with my eyes closed and enjoying her voice and the melody.

She sang songs one after other, some on her own, some from demands from her friends. Her voice spread to others in the cave and everyone was getting attracted to the spot I was standing at. My friends too came to me and they stood there enjoying her show.

Guys in my group were more interested in ‘her’ than her singing. But I just stood there with my eyes closed and singing along (humming actually). My love for music was more than my attraction towards girls. But as soon as I opened my eyes, she had her magic on me. I never knew when my moth was open and my eyes fixed on her. I came to know when my friend closed my mouth, giggling while doing it, with her hand. I smiled at her and she gave me that approving nod, which meant “Happens…!”

The Pensive: Bad Manners…!

Once me and my mum were travelling in a bus. We were going home after a vacation at my uncle’s place. We were sitting behind a girl, probably 3-4 years elder than me (I was probably 5).

At school we had a subject called “Moral Science”, in which we were taught all good things and to not to do bad things using short stories… I loved stories and hence found that subject very interesting.

The girl in front of me started shouting all of a sudden. She wanted something. Her mother bought her what she wanted. It was some packed food item. I was looking at her keenly… she was eating that and throwing the waste so generated on the floor of the bus!

I told my mum “Look mamma! That girl is throwing waste on the floor! BAD MANNERS!”

My mother told me to wait and that we’ll shift our seat.

I continued looking at that girl and kept on thinking about her bad manners…

As we got another seat availability, we switched to that seat. As usual, I slept in my mum’s lap peacefully…

After sometime, the bus stopped and the people started to get down the bus. The girl tried to get up, but her frock belt were tied to the seat (it was a humble attempt to tie a knot). She fall hard back on her seat and started crying again. Her mother shouted at her “”What is wrong with you! Always shouting, always crying! Learn to behave! Learn your manners!”

All this while, I was peaking at the scene from my mum’s lap, which my mother observed. She smiled and asked me “What did you do to her?”

I said “She was doing bad manners. I tried to teach her good manners…” and I slept back in her lap with her patting me on my head..

I had always been a naughty one… ๐Ÿ˜‰

History repeats itself on her birthday!

Birthday… A day on which we try to make it memorable for our loved ones by doing various crazy and unexpected things ๐Ÿ˜› And when that crazy or unexpected idea turns out to be a blooper, ah! How bad it feels!! The same day, last year, my idea to wish her had remained only an idea as I had slept at the last moment before 12 midnight. And this year, I slept (Yes! Again!!) due to which I fall short of time to execute the plan I had planned for her…
This is how it happened…
A few days before her birthday:
She reminded me of her birthday by posting sending some crazy message about her birthday month… (She’s loves her birthday so much, I tell ya! :D) So I had checked my memory calendar and came to know that yes, her birthday was near… I thought of various ideas, but just as all the beautiful girls are always taken, all the brilliant ideas were so boring now… I wanted to do something out of the line, something she will never expect, something I will never expect either! ๐Ÿ˜›
For getting such an idea from my mind, the only way I had was to put it on ‘auto-pilot’ mode ๐Ÿ˜› (It means that if I think about it and try to make some idea, my mind just won’t help me with anything. And if I just let go and let my mind work for itself, at the last moment, but at the right time, it will pop with some brilliant plan along with the procedural instructions :D)
Hence, I put the thought of getting such an idea aside…
One day before her birthday:
I was working at office. It was 2 hours past the normal office ending time, quite the usual in this era of Office-slavery… All of a sudden my stomach reminded me to leave the office and go for search of food. So, I got up and left the office. While eating, I saw the time. It was 9:32 pm. My mind worked its magic… The plan was to go to her house, call her up on her terrace and surprise her with me wishing her birthday in the moonlight and cool breeze… I thanked my mind and was amazed at such a brilliant idea, cuz, this would certainly be both unexpected and gleesome for her!
I bought some chocolates for her and went home. Planned my voyage, for it was a quite a distance from my place to hers, took all the necessary things and put it ready (my usual habit before traveling anywhere)… I checked my watch it was 9:48. I had some time before I would leave for the 30 minutes journey to her place. Plus I had to complete my plan before 12 midnight as other people would start wishing her from that time, so I didn’t want any hindrance in my plan. I calculated the time for departure by reverse calculation and got that I should leave at 11:00 to reach their just on time…
I had an hour… So I sat on my couch and closed my eyes to think about the possible scenarios that would happen in one hour now… I opened my eyes that I should probably put an alarm or something, so that I do not get late, but then thought that I am awake so no need of alarm, I thought I would leave early to give me some dry run time there.
I would be reaching there at 11:30 probably. I would sneak up to her terrace. There I would arrange the chocolates and one candle that I had with me. I would keep the match stick ready in my hand, probably more than one. ‘Cuz I anticipated the weather to be windy that day. I would arrange it in such a way that I would hold the chocolates in ‘card-holding’ pattern in my hand and the candle would stay on top of it. Then at 12, I would call her and tell her that I have arranged by someone to place a parcel at your terrace, so go and check it out!
She would be so excited and she would run to terrace to check it out. But just before the last steps of terrace, she would get scared of the dark and that would be the time for me to light up the candle. I would stand right besides the entrance, hidden in the dark. As she would enter the terrace from the door, she would find me standing with my chocolates and candle and she would probably freak out in happiness! I will pull her towards me, and in her ears I’d sing – “Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you…” And then very softly whisper at the end of the song – “Happy birthday P!!”. I didn’t imagine her reactions to this, as I wanted it to be a surprise to me… But I knew, she would totally love it!!
My roommate woke me up… “Weren’t you gonna go for some birthday party or what!?”
I checked my watch and it was 11:41…
I assume my expressions were epic at that time, ‘cuz my roommate continued laughing like a maniac till the time I left my house… probably in a minute or two.
I drove like I had a million dollar bounty on my head… I continued cursing me all the way to her home for sleeping and making my mind’s brilliant plan a total fiasco!! I even said “I am totally disappointed of you…” to myself and made several weird and disgusting faces at me!!
I reached at her place and checked time – it was 12:04… I thanked the government for building good highway and went on.
I climbed up to terrace and made my arrangements. I called her… RING… DISCONNECTED. I called again… RING… DISCONNECTED! Again… RING… DISCONNECTED! (Now my patience was broken!) RING… DISCONNECTED!!! (Ah! I wanted to throw my phone to the ground as hard as I could, but I always put that intentions away as then I would have to earn to but a new one… (Office-stress scares and helps)
I called to someone else whom I knew would be there with her… She picked up. “WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NOT PICKING UP YOUR PHONE!!!” words started rushing out of my mind as I continued myย desperateย attempts to turn the fiasco in to success, even though I knew inside that I had failed…
After convincing her to come up to the terrace, I eagerly waited for her. I knew she would get scared at the last moment and that would be the time for me to light the candle… Everything was ready… My plan can still work, after all, I was just a few minutes late than my expected time…
Her footsteps were audible… I started lighting the candle. The wind was a little more than I anticipated. I tried several times and finally got it to work. I thought by this time she would be standing in front of me, but she was no where to be found. I went below to check and she had gone back to her house as she was too scared!! *BRB*
I didn’t know what I felt at that time… That was anger ‘cuz she didn’t come up or frustration ‘cuz my flunked attempts were not working or sadness ‘cuz my plan to make this day special for her was now a fiasco…
I went downstairs to her house, and then I behaved as I behaved on that pilot-mode… ‘Cuz those mixed feelings were hard to handle. I really felt bad…
Then theย stereo-typed celebration was done with a cake and wishes and I returned back home… She was more than happy that I tried my best to make her day special, by inside somewhere, I was disappointed as I could have done amazingly better than this and she would have loved that moonlight wish…
I closed my eyes (while driving) and imagined all her expressions that earlier I had skipped… They were awesome… She had shouted on seeing me with joy and amazement! When I had pulled her and sang that song in her ears, she had given her best smile and had hold my arms in excitement! Then when I finally wished her birthday, she cried a little in happiness… That smile and tears combo was so amazing that I wanted to capture that scene into my camera, but still we don’t have that technology to capture dream pictures ๐Ÿ˜›
I reached home and thought about the episode…ย (Mr. Fate, I’m gonna kill you if ever I find you !!)