A Walk On The Road

Dreaming reality, while on a walk to some destination, narrated by an out of control mind…
… …

Just five more minutes of morning sleep… And you have your schedule delayed. As that five more minutes turn into hours of extra sleep. And as you know, the things we have to do in the morning cannot be skipped. Hence, only option we are left with is to get late.

This was one such morning for me. After the fight with all the things in my house, which were trying to make me more late than I already was, I entered the lift to go down to my vehicle. The boring music in the lift didn’t help better my mood at all. But that reminded me that my vehicle at the mechanics’ garage and I had to take some other means of transport. Damn!

I tried my luck with public transportation and private auto, but as the distance was not that much, none of them seemed to agree at an affordable price. So I had to take a long walk in the warm and soothing light of the global-warming-pissed-off-sun…

It was just a 5 minute ride from my home to the place I had to reach. But when walking in that heat, it would take more than 15-20 minutes. I had totally dropped the idea of getting a lift from someone, as people usually do not help strangers walking on the road, no matter how well they are dressed or look, as recent news stories are rather scary…

To make my “long short walk” less loathed, I started playing by myself while walking. I measured the maximum distance I could cover with my legs stretched fully. I made my each leg compete each other as to which could break the maximum distance covered in one step. People work more rigorously while they are competing someone, they say. And that was working… I was walking faster than I would usually. I was walking in my own mood, swinging my arms and waving my head, like a seven year kid would do.

(But while doing this, I didn’t notice that it would have looked totally ridiculous walk to others. But I couldn’t care less… :P)

A gear-less bike slowed besides me, the girl riding that looked me walking ridiculously and then laughed and stopped the bike ahead of me.

I immediately corrected my walk, rather tried walking in a more “cool” way. But I think it didn’t work out, as she started laughing as soon as she saw me again. 😛

“Yeah I know that was funny. But that helped me walk several hundred meters in this pi- angry sun.” I justified myself, while carefully choosing my words to not swear. 😀

“Yeah! The heat is totally f**king us today!” she agreed and I felt relaxed to know that she was of “cool” nature.

“Hop on if you need a lift. But you have to promise me one thing…” she offered.

“What?” I wanted to say ‘Anything, ma’am’, but controlled my urges.

“You have to promise that you won’t behave like those needy weird jerks that I meet all the time.” she said.

“Well… Would me doing things like I was doing just when you came count in those weird stuff those jerks do?” I played with my words.

She laughed again, and said “Definitely not. That’s… well let’s just say… tolerable.” She laughed again.

I hopped on her bike and she drove off.

“So where to?” she asked.

I said my destination and came to know that we both had to go to the same destination. It was a relief to me and to her also. We don’t trust strangers these days, be the lift-asker or the lift-giver.

She applied a sudden brake and, if you know how those gear-less bikes are designed you would understand, I slid directly onto her and had to hold on to her waist tightly to not fall off from the bike.

“Sorry.” She said in her childish tone.

“It’s okay.” I said. After a while, I added- “From when girls started doing these tricks on bike? To play with the backseat person?”

She started laughing again. “No no…! It was not like that! There was a squirrel on the road. Seriously!” she said justifying her sudden braking. “Although, you gave me a great idea for next time.” she added, and then giggled, while looking back at me through the bike mirror.

I smiled plainly. (Although inside I was not just smiling… I was jumping! Leaping! Crazily waving my head and hands and shouting my heart out!)

“Don’t get your hopes high…” she said “…yet.” Again she played with me and I enjoyed being played that way. 😀

We reached our destination rather quickly than I thought. She was driving fast. Another thing that made me like her more.

“Thanks. You saved my day from ruining.” I said while getting off her bike.

“Yeah? How’s that?” she asked.

“Well, if I had walked all the way here, in this heat, I would have had a very bad mood. And then when that boss would shout at me for his own mistakes, I would have shot back at him and said things which I shouldn’t have. I would have then let out my anger on my friends, just because they let me to. And while going back home, due to the events of the whole day, I would have skipped my dinner and taken my miserable self directly to bed, where I wouldn’t be able to sleep due to hunger and anger together.”

“Wow! That… That was… Well. Thank you.” She said.

We parted at the entry gates, I was walking towards the way to stairs, and she was walking towards the elevator.

“Sure you don’t wanna take the lift?” she said, teasing me to take the elevator with her, winking “Lifts are good, aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are great. But there are some walks which are better than that.” I replied teasing her back. “Not all walks are bad.”

“Sure. Would you walk me back home tonight, after we have had our dinner together?” she said and smiled. I need not say anything, we both knew my answer. I walked up the stairs and she went on with the elevator.


Well, I walked up the stairs, but not in the similar fashion. The paragraph above which I said would have ruined my day had happened in real. There was no lift, no girl, no talking and no nothing.

In real, I walked all the way to my destination, without any lift or any help from anyone. I was filled with sweat, exhaustion and irritation when I reached the place.

But an out of control mind made up this story to divert my attention from the reality…

Dreaming Reality – When I had to pee


I was travelling in a nonstop air conditioned bus with upper and lower sleeper compartments. I was sitting in my lower compartment, holding tight to the window railing for balance and another hand squeezed between my thighs.

Maintaining the balance of my body was very important. I had my lunch just before the start of the travel. And never had the time to press the flush.

I had to go to pee. But thanks to my efforts of booking a nonstop transport, I was stuck there until the bus would pit in for some break.

I had tried all the methods I could remember to put the nature’s call on silent. I tried listening to music, watching an intense movie, playing with the curtains, taking deep breaths, concentrating hard on the broken mini TV in front of me, and what not!

Now the time for trying to forget that thing was gone and the mission to not let the fugitive escape had started. I was sitting with immense concentration, afraid that a bump on the road might let the dam explode…

I tried one more thing that had always helped me with boredom, although not directly related to my problem then but still, was worth a shot.

But there was a slight problem. All the seats had the translucent doors closed. I could only see a blurry image of people inside.

The bus took a sharp turn, which shoot my determination to its peak level.

I settled back to my position and saw outside my compartments. I could see the reflection of the seat above me on the door of the seat in besides me. Someone was sat up, a rather abruptly. It seemed the person inside was uneasy with the way the bus took turns. Well, I was uneasy too…

I tried reading a novel, but couldn’t concentrate on the words well. Just then I heard the door of some compartment slide.

I peaked outside my compartment again and saw that the door to the compartment above me had opened. It was a girl of my age, who looked as if in great tension. She looked around, just like I had a few minutes before. Then she went back inside, but didn’t close the doors.

I wondered what could be worrying her. But my own tension was far more important than her that time.

For a few minutes, my mind was more occupied in stopping something else, but then my curiosity got over it.

One more time, I let my head outside my compartment and looked above my seat. Coincidentally, she did the same, peaking down at me. She had the same expression of tension on her face as I thought I had at that time.

I hesitated a little, but then decided to talk to her. I showed her my little finger and made a question-asking-expression on my face. She made an uncomfortable face, but nodded eventually.

Funny, we both were in the same situation, and on huge pressure…

I showed my little finger to her again, and then with the other hand stretched the imaginary line of my little finger to the Max stretch that my finger and thumb could achieve.

My face must have shown her my agony, that first she looked at me with pity in her eyes, and then started laughing wildly.

I laughed along too, but another bump on the road stopped our laughter and instantly replaced it with a grim.

After a few glances, she came down from her upper compartment and sat in front of me in my compartment. We carried on with intros and casual talk, while we both had looked tension and pity on our face for our condition.

I gave her a comforting look while holding on to one of her hands. She didn’t let go, to my surprise.

The bus took another sharp turn and we both held tightened our grip on other’s hands.

I didn’t know her name, she didn’t know me either. But holding hands tightly did help very well… Whenever the poor condition of roads questioned our strength to hold on and whenever the sharp turns tested the leakproof-ness of our packets, we fought the situation with vigor.

We didn’t leave each other’s hands till next half an hour. During that time we kept the conversation on, which helped us get distracted from the most common problem of humans, the pee-pee condition.

When the bus slowed down and took a halt, we got up slowly, still holding hands, careful not to let haste waste our efforts so far.

While all this time, I had been successful to get my mind distracted from the pressure but I thought, even holding hands with a beautiful girl in a tightly build bus compartment couldn’t help me win over it. That was the time I understood one saying – when you got to go, you got to go! 😉

We reached the loo and finally parted our ways to be at peace… Phewwwwwww!


In real, there was no girl above my compartment and there was no holding hands. Otherwise, everything was true. I was in a tensed situation and was waiting, longingly, for the bus to stop.

An out of control mind made up this story to divert my attention from the reality… and I instantly started writing it, to help me get diverted.

When it rained kittens and puppies


A tiny molecule got its form of water upon repeatedly reacting with the humidity in the atmosphere and the oxygen in the air. It left his home, cloud, for its journey towards the Earth. But that’s a different story, narrated here.


This piece is about that boy who was standing in his balcony watching the rain. This piece is about the boy, for whom, the Drop changed his course of journey, for whole the Drop took a different choice…

He was all alone. He stood there, watching the rain drops fall on the ground. He saw the animals run towards trees for shelter. He saw the birds standing still, letting the rain wash their feathers, welcoming the rain. He was watching everything around him so keenly, the Drop waiting on the cloud for his turn to fall, thought – has he never seen the rain? Is it his first time too? Or is he thinking something, which had stopped his bodily movements, making him stand still? What is it that is bothering him? – the drop wondered…

As the Drop watched the boy, a drop emerged from the boy’s eyes. The Drop was amazed too see that! The boy could make it rain from his eyes!!

Upon closer look, the Drop found that the the drops emerging from the boy’s eyes weren’t alive. They had no sign of life in them. This made him sad. His fellow drops wouldn’t like this scene. But why was the boy making it rain from his eyes when he knew that the drops were dead? He knows this, doesn’t he? Does he?

The boy was watching the swirls forming in the lake due to rain drops. He watched the patterns form and was probably remembering something from his past life. The Drop saw that the boy’s eyes were unfocused. The Drop wished he could know what the boy was thinking…

The Drop wanted to ask the boy the reason for his sadness, if at all he is sad. But how would he? He didn’t know the way of communicating with the boy. Nature gave birth to all the things in this world, but then let them develop their own languages to communicate. So the Drop just stayed there, on the top of the cloud, above that boy, watching him…

A sudden drift of wind approached the area. The trees bowed the wind and let it pass through its leaves. The birds let the wind drift through its feathers. The rain drops took the chance and tangled themselves with the wind, letting them to fly great distances. Wind was the King of nature. It flowed and blessed all the natural beings.

But the boy was still standing mirthless. His hair were messed up by the wind, but he never bothered to put them right. He was still watching the rain drench the soil.

A bird flew from the window opposite to him towards the tree at the far end. The boy’s eyes followed the bird’s trail. His face glowed up with light. The Drop could sense that the boy loved birds. The boy’s face showed hope and his eyes showed his wish that he wants to fly like these birds someday. Probably he wants to be free, he wants to be himself, other than the self he was right now.

He looked at the sky, there was no sun. The clouds had covered it fully. His eyes scanned the sky and then stopped at the place the Drop stood. Their eyes met. The boy’s eyes were filled with water, but his face was showing peace. He was feeling alone and was probably wanting company. The Drop felt bad for him. He wanted to give him company, he wanted to be his friend…

The boy stretched his hands in front of him. He opened his palm to the sky. He wasn’t asking for anything. He was inviting…

The Drop could sense that his heart was pure. That he was calling for a friend.

The drop took the fall from the cloud. The boy was still stretching his hands wide open. The drop took his last breath, and fall in the hands of the boy, feeling satisfied, feeling allayed.

The boy looked at the drop and the drop took his last time to look at the boy. A smile emerged on the boy’s face. A smile of happiness, a smile of delight…

Looking at this beautiful smile, the drop finally let go of his life. He was happy that he could make the boy smile, he could live up to the hope the boy had in his eyes…

With that the drop freed himself, blended in the water in the boy’s hands…

This was the story of a Drop and a Smile, when it was raining kittens and puppies from the sky 😉

She saved me!


I was on my way back home after a fun-filled evening with my friends. On the way to their PG room, they were driving and I was in the back seat. But now, it was my turn. And I wasn’t aware of the route. My phone was dead, but that didn’t do any bad, ‘Maps’ never works when needed anyway. 😛 And it was 2 am, so hardly anyone would be available on the road to guide me. So I relied on my instincts and continued driving…

There was mildly cold breeze and sky was clean black. No noise on the road, no traffic, no sign of humans… Alas! It was peaceful.

I saw there was a T-split ahead on the road. So I had either to take left or a right, and my directional instinct told me I had to go left.

The road was narrow and covered with trees on both sides. I had never been to this area before, and there were no sign-boards or shops from which I could make out where I was headed to. I got a little concerned about my choice of route. But then, I saw a right turn ahead, which was in sync to my directional-instinct. So I continued moving ahead.

But suddenly, the air turned bitterly cold! I lowered my speed and looked around me while driving. There was nothing around me except dense trees. And then I looked in front of me and wait……… there was someone at the far turning on the road. I couldn’t make out what was it so I continued driving.

The turning was about 300-400 meters ahead. The figure was visible now and it was of a girl…

The turning was not clearly visible due to the trees and the stiff shape of the turn. I blew horn to inform the girl that a vehicle was on its way to hit her if she didn’t move (I was too scared to slow down!)

As soon as I blew the horn, she turned towards me and started screaming. Her scream was so sharp (even from such a distance) that I could hear every word she said. She said “Stop… Don’t… Come… Here… Stop… Don’t…”

I stopped the bike right on the spot. I couldn’t see her face clearly, but just blurry white colored figure of a girl. And her black long open hair, which didn’t move even in that fine breeze. Her screaming stopped as soon as I stopped my bike. I was too afraid to do anything further, and she didn’t seem to go away.

The cold was weird in that monsoon season. And that figure was weirder as she seemed to be floating some inches above the ground. She kept on looking towards me and I felt a tight chill in my guts that this might be something beyond explanation.

Goosebumps had taken the toll over me. I was completely scared and was about to pee, just when I heard another horn behind me. I turned back and saw another bike coming towards me.

I felt good now. It was a lone rider like me. He rode past me and went ahead, and…….. the girl was no where! Where did she go! I stood there on my bike dumbstruck. The bike which went past me took the turn and disappeared in to darkness. And now the road was as empty as my mind that time.

The breeze had got normal and the chill had disappeared. The trees around me were normal and nothing was odd. I was nervous and afraid of moving further, but as the figure was no where to be seen and that bike had gone on the same way, I took a deep breath and decided to go ahead.

I probably was sleepy and may be all of that was just my imagination. With that thought I started my bike again and moved forward. But I couldn’t increase the speed, I felt that chill in the air again and was afraid that the figure might just reappear on that turn.

I took the turn, while kept looking around me. Nothing… So it was proved that I was imagining things! “Idiot fellow!” I told myself and continued forward.

Just a few meters from the turn and I was back to that familiar city roads and shops around me. As I moved forward, I saw a crowd ahead of me. I went to the crowd and stopped my bike. People were gathered in a circle and were discussing something in low tones. I went to the crowd and found that there was an accident between a bike and a truck. The truck drove away without stopping and people had called the police for action. I went for a closer look on the accident…

It was the same bike that had drove past me in before… The rider was not present, probably the ambulance would’ve got him.

That night I thought – it could’ve been me…! But that figure, that supernatural substance, that girl saved my life. She told me to stop. And I did. And I was saved. She saved me…

I thanked God and asked for blessings for that unknown figure who saved me. If there was such a figure at all…

P.s.: I never travelled that same road again, not even in day time, and I don’t even remember which route did I pick that day that I got on that road. I only remember that white outline floating on the road and that loud scream…


It was a long but crazy day with friends. I was walking on the road alone, lost in my thoughts. It was a calm weather with moist wind. While I staggered on the road as if I was drunk, I even kept an eye on police and dogs. (Not that I was drunk but I loved to stagger like a drunk ;D)

I saw a waste bottle on the road. Instead of cursing the person who tried to spoil the cleanliness around, I played football – just that there was no ball 😛 I missed those old days when we played football with real ball. Now we get only weekends to miss those old days…

Just when I kicked the final shot into a dustbin, a drop of water dropped on my face. I touched it and felt the cold sensation. It was first drop of First Rain… The awesome gift of nature to us. The clouds come together and shower all the drops of water on the Earth, who is eagerly waiting for them to quench her thirst. Each drop of water travels about a few thousands of metres to meet the Earth. Their journey begins from the very beginning…

While in the womb of her mothers, it is in the form of a water reservoir in form of the Oceans, the Rivers and various other water bodies. From all these water bodies, all the drops are individually and collectively hand picked by nature and are formed into a collection of water particles called Cloud. Now the journey of this rain starts. It has to travel thousands of miles before it can actually pour its blessings on the Earth. It cannot just rain anywhere, they have to follow the rules of nature, the treaties that have been signed amongst various natural forces, who ultimately decide the course of the Cloud.

On the way, the Cloud meets several other clouds. It makes friends and foes too. Its fun with friends and fights with foes are visible to a naked human eye as a thunder or lightning (No technicalities here, please). In this fun and fight, sometimes a part of cloud, usually a collection of drops, are interchanged between the clouds. They join their friends or they leave their foes. The process continues till finally they reach their destined location. Now they have to wait for the right time. When all the drops and particles are united and are ready for the big jump, the cloud releases the gates and one after the other, the drops jump into the airspace. While this is happening, the cloud continues to move, so that there may be equal distribution of rain over the area they have been allocated to.

This is the time when the drops are most unhappy yet too overwhelming! They are sad because they have to leave their convoy till now, the cloud. They even are departed from their friends, whom they won’t be able to meet again in the same form. Who knows where the drop will fall and what form it will take and which convoy will it take to further continue its journey to a new reservoir, to a new family…

The time arrives and there they make the big jump. The free-fall from the sky is a great deal for them. Now they are totally independent and there is no one to stop them. While falling free from the sky, several drops gets distracted. They fall on flying birds, or extended buildings or different things. But they were not supposed to fall there. There destiny was to fall on earth. Other drops, who were fortunate ones, fall freely on their destination…

Their joy is so overwhelming that they spread happiness wherever they fall. Humans or animals, kids or grown-ups, naughty or serious types – all of those who really feel the splash of the drop of falling on their skin, the coolness of that water tickling them, feels that amazing feeling…

My movement was slow and I felt like I had gained some weight all of a sudden! It was hard to move my legs. They were so heavy. But why? Then I came to my senses, it was not my legs, but the jeans that I was wearing had got heavier! I was all wet from tip of my hairs to my toes…

My senses may have come back late, but I felt joy… First rain of the season!! 🙂

First Rain

Love vs. xyz

Every year, we celebrate this day as the Valentine’s Day. The day for love, of love and with love. People propose on this day, marry on this day, and do all sorts of crazy things that lovers do on this day, to make this day memorable to them! Even those who don’t have a “partner”, celebrate this day with those whom they love, be it friends or family or others even. So basically, it is ‘love’ we are talking about…

But nowadays, I find this word ‘love’ being talked as if a “bad” thing. People tend to relate this word with physical attraction and sex. (Don’t ‘eeuuu’ like that when I say this word!)

People fall in love so easily nowadays! They see someone good looking and fell in love! Instantly! And then they see someone else and the process is repeated! Is that love?

Love, the same feeling, will be different to all, to a heartbroken, to a lover, to a person void of love experience and to a person who couldn’t get his love!

Let’s not stretch it… All I want you to know is that Love is a primary feeling out of which all other feelings emerge. I want to clear the dirt on the meaning of ‘Love’. As you read along, you’ll find a conversation from meeting of all feelings, agenda being “Electing a Chair-feeling”

Ego: Let’s not waste too much time on election. I accept the position of Chair-feeling.


Other feelings What?! No!! Huh!! Go to hell!


Love: Let’s start with discussing ‘Good’s and ‘Bad’s of all us feelings… So who shall start?


Ego: I’m the only feeling that rules all the other feelings. I’m the best. No one else can overpower me! So I’m the best candidate for Chair-feeling…


Love: Ego you’re not the best, but the worst of all feelings! You are the only reason that other feelings have never come together holding hands. You have kept us apart!


Lust: Then I’m the one! I only coordinate all feelings towards attainment of one goal! I’m the driving power…


Fear: No Lust! You can’t be the leader! You always make us move in wrong direction. What if the thing that you are attracting us to isn’t good for us! There’s so much uncertainty in your actions! Instead we should choose me! I am the driving force that can make others do wonders!


Hope: Not without me! If you are alone, you would probably make the person weak! Hope is always needed to overcome fear! All you do is scare!


Envy: Huh! What Hope does is just waste of precious time! Instead we can select someone better than him!


Shame: Envy you keep quiet! Because of you, I get developed into person’s mind and he starts loathing himself!


Cruelty: (Smirking) That’s good! It is good watch to see someone loath someone, especially himself!


Disgust: Cruelty! You’re so disgusting! And so are your thoughts!


Boredom: Guys! Plz do something interesting! I’m so bored here! Let’s do something else, we’ll elect chair-feeling some other day.


Hope: No! Let’s not lose our hopes just yet! We can if we cling to it!


Pride: Hope and Confidence are the only two feelings I’m proud of! Otherwise each and every feeling is just so diverting!


Friendliness: I think we should keep ourselves to discussing topic and not just beating around the bush!


Love: True! Speak about yourselves and not others!


Enthusiasm: Let me start first! I’m the feeling which inspires the person to start! To concentrate and to avoid boredom and irritation.


Both boredom and irritation twitched.


Hurt: I think we should select a bad feeling as a leader, eg Me. As a broken heart always works cautiously.


Envy: No broken heart may just break everyone’s hearts! A big no to Hurt!


Sympathy: No! I support Hurt! He is right! Broken hearts become good and sympathetic people! They help and work towards attainment of goal! They don’t get attracted to Lust or Cruelty!


Ego: Wrong! Broken hearts are the most likely to go for Lust or Cruelty!


Vengeance: I think I am the most powerful here!


Respect: And the most dangerous even!


Stress: I’m so stressed of all these things!


Anxiety: It is so sad that still after hours of discussion, we have reached no conclusion!


Envy: You are just so negative thinker! Stress should have no place in our lives!


Hope: No! They too play equal part in the film!


Doubt: I think that Love’s idea of pros and cons is itself not satisfying!


Nervousness: I’m not sure who among us will be the best candidate! We should probably skip this issue or keep it pending for next meeting.


Confidence: No! We are avoiding this since ages! Not now! We can do it this time guys!


Hope: I agree with Confidence…


Hate: I think I should be the one! When I come to picture, all other feelings are void!


Love: Hate you come only after I’ve entered!


Anger: I think I should be selected. I can overpower any feeling!


Love: True! You can! But Friendship and me can always calm you down!


Cruelty: Not if I and Anger combines, there’s no one to stop us!


Joy: If you too combine, I’ll get convert to Anxiety!


Pride: And I’ll go away!


Disgust: And people will have me as their feeling for you…


Anticipation: I think I should be the one! People have me always in their lives!


Hurt: And what do they get from you anti? They always get hurt from you!


Hope: Not if anticipation gets fulfilled…


Anxiety: But that’s like one in million times!


Friendliness: And because of that I get damaged! Anticipation should be avoided, just like Stress!


Ego: I already told that!


Envy: Yes! Remove even Disgust. He too is of no use!


Irritation: Yes! Envy is right! And also remove Envy and me! We both are even useless for people!


Envy: You shut up, Irritation!


Love: (Sad) Plz guys! Don’t fight like this!


Hope: Don’t worry Love! We can do it!


Fear: Blind hope is waste, Hope! You must act even!


Joy: I think I should be the one! I bring peace and happiness into person’s life! Select me people!


Hurt: But you don’t stay much till the end! I have to come eventually!


Love: Yes, true Hurt! But that doesn’t mean that he has no role to play! Life is a cycle of happiness and sadness!


Envy: I think Love here is the only person ruling here! Make him the Chair-feeling! Ultimately he’s only dictating here!


Friendliness: Shut up Envy! Love is right! At least he is giving sensible statements!


Ego: So what! Even I was! So I should be the king here!


Pride: It is nor about King or Queen! We only want a Leader!


Envy: Oh yeah! What’s the difference?!


Friendliness: There is! I think I should be selected as leader as I bring all the feelings to life!


Love: And that is only possible if I’m there!

Everyone started fighting over the issue!


Love: Wait! Plz! Guys! Please listen to me!

No one was listening.



And there was silence almost instantly!


Love: Thanks Anger! There’s someone who has not shared his views since the inception of our meeting. Trust? Want to say something?


Trust: No.. I believe in you guys! I know that you will choose no one but the best! I trust you feelings!


Tear crept down from Love’s eyes. Pride looked up to Trust with all the pride. Anger and its team were looking relaxed for the first time. Cruelty and envy were discussing among themselves secretly. Ego just looked away from all others. And other feelings were looking up to Trust and Love for final decision. Trust looked at Love.


Love: Being the senior most member of this committee and being the universal feeling of all feelings, I propose Trust as the Chair-feeling. Votes please…


Everyone except Ego, Cruelty, Envy and Trust voted for. Love and Shock were looking towards Trust. Why was he not voting for


Trust: Why are you proposing my name? It is your position, take it! Everyone will agree that Love is the best and supreme feelings of all. You are universally present in every feeling on the Earth. You’re the one!


Love: (Smiling) Love is not to take! Love is to give…


Trust got emotional and started crying. And so did Love. They both hugged each other.


Love: Trust you know something? I may be the universal feeling, but I’m nothing without you! If you’re not there, I’ll soon be dead! You are the best feeling of all! Not me!


Trust: Love! Only me will make the person vulnerable! There has to be you! Love, you are present in all feelings! Friendship has love, respect has love, brotherhood has love, parent’s love, sibling’s love, teacher’s love, stranger’s love, animal’s love, love for materials, love for nature, love for hobbies, love for work, love for oneself, love for the person who helped you when no one else did, love for the person who never stood by you but you can’t stop loving her, love for the uncertain, love for the desires, love is everywhere in everything between everyone! Even hate has love hidden in it.. So I think Love would be the best choice for Chair-feeling…


Everyone voted for except Cruelty and Envy. (Ego got subsided by Love!)


After a while of discussion and debate, it was a moment of triumph! It was for the first time in history, two feelings, Love and Trust were elected as the Chair-feelings of all the feelings in the world…

What I saw while on a walk…

The sky was dark, wind was silent. People were either asleep or were pretending to not exist in this world. Animals and birds were not visible anywhere your eyes would fall. At that time, the pre-dawn period, I woke up, did my usual morning lying up and then went for a walk.
This is my walk to and fro…

There was no-one outside on the road. All were sleeping peacefully inside their houses. I thought how beautiful the world would be if such peace and ambience remained even during the daytime!

I went on, time passed, And the dawn arrived. But there was no sun yet. May be the Japanese would have developed a technology to keep the sun to themselves for a longer time! Anyways, jokes apart. On the way, I heard sparrows chirping, pigeons making their weird hooo-hooos and kud-du-dus, peacocks peon-ing… I just  loved it! Everything was so calm and soothing, and the sounds were so musical that I didn’t need my music! The air had some bliss in it… it made me feel lively..! The breeze tingling my hairs, the sounds making me feel calm! I thought that how simpler and peaceful our lives could be if we remove all the unnecessary portions from our lives!

I went on further… The sun finally came out of the place it was hiding for all this time. I felt the first ray fall on my skin – its warmth was so amazing! I half thought myself to be in Japan! Then I remembered that I was not the first to check out the sun this morning. Many people were coming out of their usual hideout – their home! (How much better it would be if there were no such hideouts – all living together!) About thousands of workers were already at work, maybe! ‘Cuz the milk-venders, newspaper-venders, fruits & vegetables venders and the very important tea stalls and their allies were already ready to start their work! Life starts very early, I thought!

As I went further, I saw people coming out of their houses (now the common persons) – for morning walk, morning exercises, purchasing milk, etc. Dogs had started running behind their masters, and somewhere, masters had started running behind their dogs! Some were cycling, some were just riding the cycle. But all in all, there was a different city I was unaware of! I thought everything is so well established and so at its place! How can there very any problem in such a world! People are jolly, active and helpful. I thanked God to send me to this planet! (Not that I am from some other planet, lol)

Then I saw some old man feeding the birds (remember DDLJ?). Some men were gathered around tea stalls. Talking and gossiping (Yes even men – but topics were a bit more sensible).
Now the sun was visible. I felt the ozone in the air! Its such a nice ‘thing’ – saves the whole humanity from sun’s UV-rays! And it’s funny that people don’t care about it! I guess they have found some way to survive without ozone protection, maybe I’d have to work harder!

As I continued my walk, I heard kids running and shouting in nearby houses – “No mama..! I don’t wanna go to school! There teacher scolds me all the time! Even if I don’t do anything!” I laughed and frowned at the same time. Laughed remembering my childhood and frowned remembering my past. How we enjoyed going to school each day, shouting laughing playing fighting dancing singing eating loving together! How we did exactly the same thing even while coming back from school! What frowned me was actually the time in between. There were even some persons there in school whom I have hard time to believe to be ‘teachers’! Anyways, that was school life – we all miss those days!

After some time, I saw kids coming out of there houses finally, all dressed up in uniform – looking so cute in that tie! They were accompanied by their parent(s) carrying something (commonly known as bag – which I would call baggage) which even they were struggling to carry..! I thought why nobody is doing something to reduce the burden on such small kids! Then putting the same question on my face and not able to answer, I went on… although disappointed!

At the bus stand, I saw kids playing,  waiting for their school bus. Their mothers gossiping – about how their hubby snores at night, how difficult it is to keep this everyday schedule on time, complaining about their kids not drinking milk, discussing with intent devotion that how someone from some serial was reborn for fifth time and got married for tenth time even at the age of 50! Plz God.!

Kids were talking about yesterday’s cartoon episodes, cricket match (one said “Sachin played well” – although the match was between Australia and England, I laughed), girls about dolls and serials (not again); older boys about girls and older girls about boys…

The sun was fully out. The men and women were finally commencing their daily routine of work. The public transport was filled as if there was only one vehicle in India. Then I remembered my school classes where some teacher told us that India’s population was about a billion – that justified the rush! But still I asked one question – that after all these years, all the planning commission’s efforts and awareness programs and people shifting towards a modern society, why was population still one of the biggest and root problem of India? Something somewhere or someone somewhere is not working!

Tired by the long walk I decided to take some rest. So I went under a tree and sat on the berth. I was so happy that the world I lived in was so nice, filled with nature’s beauty and fun-loving and kind people. Thinking about all that I saw on my walk, I fall asleep…

When I woke up, it was almost evening. I had slept there for the whole day! OMG!

I hurried back to my home thinking about the people I cared for. On my way back, I thought to take a look around the world I saw and admired in the morning…

On the road, I saw people were behaving like lunatics! There was rush on the road! Everyone was in so much hurry! Even the red light at traffic signals couldn’t turn off the engines of the cars! (The reason, for sure, I couldn’t understand!) How can people behave so carelessly, rather irresponsibly! I was worried that tomorrow morning I may not be able to come out of my house to admire the Ozone-bliss early morning!

I saw that people had changed totally from those I saw in the morning! They were arrogant, unkind and unhelpful! Even if it was their fault, They were shouting on the other guys around. I saw accidents, where the cars behind didn’t stop to help the person who got hurt. Instead started blowing horns so loud – as if that hurt person was the only bad thing fallen on earth! How shameful!

I went on… but I soon found out that I had lost my way. I saw a few bunch of small kids nearby, so I went there to ask my way. They were fighting over their games. Shouting bad words and slang like their nursery rhymes! Instead of the brotherhood nature of small kids, I saw anger and jealousy in their eyes. I was so worried that what had happened to these kids – the same kids I saw in the morning!

I saw another bunch of adults (but kids) so I went there to ask my way. I saw them lying to their best friends! Playing bad games so full of hate and deceitful intentions! I over-heard things and came to know about break-ups and instances of misunderstanding turning into life-long rivalry! I wondered what happened to those guys who could do anything to maintain their life-long friendship!

I went on and on and saw so many people all doing devilish acts. I watched over the evening news at a shop and was shocked to see that there was terrorism, theft, murders and rapes everywhere instead of news about new findings, discoveries and achievements! There was poverty, unemployment, mala fide acts of people… there was de-growth, wasting of resources and irresponsible attitude in everyone. Water, the most precious matter on earth, was being wasted like hell on road and in houses. There was a total disregard in the manner people behaved with each other. There were fake smiles, hatred and dishonesty in each human being. All had become money-minded and selfish in the course of their living. From humans we had become devils!

I saw the same old man I saw in the morning (the one feeding the birds and animals). So I went to him and asked my way back! I observed his face – From hope, satisfaction and peace on his face, I saw fear, pain and anguish in his eyes! The same birds which were being fed by him pooped on his shirt. The dogs he gave bits to eat were barking at his stances! Even the animals had changed!

Finally I arrived at my house and while climbing the stares to my house, I wondered – was the world the same that I saw in morning? Were these the same people?

I was feeling so melancholy by the contrast between the walk to and fro! How has the world changed! It was a walk not to remember but to start introspecting ourselves, I guess…