That Hide & Seek Game

Remembering that hide n seek game and those series of emotions that flowed in the hidden light of the night’s darkness.

… …

We were running frantically towards the end of the street. We had 30 more counts before he would open his eyes and would see us running, holding hands…

My heart was pounding, not just because we were running out of our breaths, but because we were running together. Without any prior planning, we both had simply looked at each other and at that second had decided that we were gonna hide together in this game.

She was holding my hand so tightly, almost pulling me along with her. Probably her excitement was more than mine, or probably her fear. She didn’t look back, towards her brother, who was counting with his eyes closed up against the tree. She was a rebel, and that day she showed it.

The count was almost complete. All of our other friends had already chosen their hiding place and were almost invisible unless, ofcourse you knew already their usual hiding place. We knew where everyone used to hide, quite easy to mark an area where each one of them used to hide. We were running towards a new area altogether.

He announced his hunt beginning with a roar, declaring that soon he’s gonna catch all of us.

I smiled. “Not us, not today.”

We took a sharp left at the end of the street and then a right and disappeared in the maze of turns, till when we reached a deserted neighborhood leading to a dead-end.

We looked for a place where we could hide, from everyone. There was an old van, rusting at the end of the street. It was dark, and probably this part of the neighborhood had no residents. Not even stray animals could be seen. Was it luck or something fishy; Mr. Fate’s prior warning before he hits hard, I thought.

We went behind the van. It was parked right ahead of a street parkbench, such that the bench was not visible in any way unless you move around the car all the way to its back.

We went and hid behind the bench. We felt like tiny people as we could easily be hidden behind the bench from head to toe.

She finally let go of my hands. Holding hands… So pure, simple, emotional, and sweaty… Uncomfortable.

I sat there rubbing my hands on my jeans, slowly wiping off the sweat of it. Just then, she grabbed my shirt and pulled it so hard that I was pulled along with it. She asked in an anxious tone “They won’t be able find us here, will they?”

I was about to shrug when she herself said “No they won’t. This is the perfect place.”

I continued staring at her. She was beautiful beyond my ability to describe her beauty. So I won’t. But yes, she was way beyond my league.

We sat there talking about various possibilities, fantasies about what could happen if they catch us here. She was not willing to become the seeker, no matter what. Almost all of her plans had me showing myself up and then taking the seeker with me, keeping her safe. So much for the game, I thought. But in the end, she will again say “Nah! I won’t let you go…”

Time passed, rather quickly than I thought (read ‘than I wanted’). She occasionally touched my hands, and I rather skillfully took my hands away. Hey! Don’t judge me! It was summer and I hated sweat. I’d rather prefer something equally emotional and direct, not involving sweat.

I think she sensed it too, as her lips had tightened and she was looking at me without blinking, from my eyes to my neck, and back. Her neck was tilted and I could almost hear her heart beats, which were risen way up above normal excitement level.

There was mumbling sound nearby and then a ruckus, and our whole gang, one after other, appeared out of nowhere in the street that we were hiding in. They were laughing at the seeker, who had been trying to find them since last half hour, but had no luck in doing that. (It was half an hour already?!!)

I saw them coming towards us, scanning and analyzing the street for some good hiding place, and then I saw her pale and disappointed face. She was looking at me, her expressions were hard to describe. But they said “Damn!”

I gave her the ‘its fine’ expression and she nodded.

We had not disclosed anything to each other yet about our desires or intentions or imaginations, but I think they would have been same for both of us. We couldn’t do what we wanted to do that day, but being 10 year old toddlers, we hardly cared. We soon blended with out friends and forgot the whole episode.

Now I don’t even remember what was it that we wanted to do that time, but it doesn’t matter. After all, what could possibly be in an innocent 10 year olds mind!?


Little Business Ad’venture’

When and how did I carry out my first, small business venture…?

… …

Everyone loves money. And I was no different even at that age when I thought money was useful only to fill up my piggy bank. And filling it up fully was the only life goal under monetary category that one would have.

I had a small red colored miniature Post box shaped piggy bank. I used to hide it behind my old clothes on the top shelf of my cupboard. As a child, I thought that if I found it difficult to reach that spot then it was hard enough for anyone to find it. πŸ˜€

I usually never asked for things or stuff from my parents or anyone else, except for daily food needs. Toys, games, clothes, chocolates and ice-creams… I used to get them without any tantrum, or even demand. The reason was that I used to take great care of all my stuff. Even after all these years, I have got some of my stuff from childhood without any scratch. And due to this, my parents used to buy me things without my soliciting for it.

But I had strong preferences in things I accepted. They had to be best or of high value. I didn’t accept things that were cheaply made or were commonly found with every other child. Say for example, I didn’t accept toffees and cheap chocolates. I needed a 5-star instead. But still if someone would give me something that I didn’t quite like, I’ll put it to some good use, at least. Or I’ll give it to other kids when they come to my place to play with my toys, so that my other toys were not harmed. πŸ˜›

A fair (carnival) was set-up in our town. My dad and his friends were setting up a food stall in the carnival. And mother was probably gonna help them with that. I was bored at their stalls where we had to serve people the food instead of eating it ourselves. So, I used to sit at the nearby Toy stall. The person was a friend of my dad, so he let me sit there.

The carnival was gonna stay for five days. First day I just sat there looking at all the people who came to buy different toys. I understood one thing from that. For selling toys, we had to influence the kids and not the grownups. They would just do whatever the kids would obstinate for or do tantrum for.

I too wanted to sell stuff. I asked my parents to let me sell stuff in that toy stall. Our neighbors gave me a box full of whistles which were shaped like a-biscuit-thin-harmonica. All the reeds played the same tone, same whistle. I had a real harmonica back then, so I had no problem in selling them, as for me they were not of high standard. My neighbors didn’t accept any money from me for these. They wanted me to fulfill my desire of selling things in the carnival.

Next day, I came to the Toy stall with that box full of whistles. The store owner gave me a corner place just outside the store. I sat on a small chair in front of a small table on which I neatly stacked the whistles under rows of different colors. As I had no cost in acquiring the whistles, I thought 2 rupees would be an appropriate price for one whistle.

Families and kids used to pass from the toy store often. And kids would force their parents to visit the toy store to buy them some or other toy. Whenever some kid came in front of the store, I would play that whistle casually, without saying a word. The kid would instantly get lured of the whistle in my hand. I somehow managed to know how other kids were different from me and how they were easily tempted for things that they didn’t have and someone else had.

When the grownups would offer him things from the store, the kid would also point towards the tiny whistle thing that I was playing. And as it was way cheaper than the other things available in the toy store, the grownups wouldn’t hesitate incurring an additional expense.

Earlier I used to sell whistle to each customer of the toy store. Then slowly, kids came to the store only to buy my whistle. I slowly started to take over the business of the toy store owner. Kids were more interested in buying my whistle instead of his expensive toys, and parents too were not hesitant in buying their kids a cheap toy instead of shelling out more money on expensive toys.

I gave my last whistle to the toy store owner as a gift. In just three days, I sold all the whistles in stock and enjoyed the satisfaction of having my piggy bank full. πŸ™‚ I was so happy that I showed it to all. I opened the lid of the miniature post box and showed them that it was full till the brim. The toy owner too said to my dad “This kid took away whole of my business with his tiny whistles!”

Later I found out that the whole box of whistle had cost my neighbors only Rs. 20. And there were some 40-50 whistles in the box, which I sold each at a price of Rs. 2. And I didn’t even had to incur the initial cost of Rs. 20, so my clear profit was full Rs. 80-100!

That was my first ever business venture at an age of around 9. And I was so happy…

P.s.: And now I feel ridiculous at work.

Love the New!

Remember the feeling, when as a little kid, you were all excited and eager to show your new school bag to other school kids, teachers, the bus driver and even the stranger sitting around that street corner?

You tried to show it to everyone you came across. As a kid, you were not that shy, so you showed it upfront to everyone. You took that everywhere. Even after school, you never did let go of the bag. You took it with you even to the bed!

You didn’t let anyone touch it or take it from you. You took great care of it, such that even a tiny little dust particle on it annoyed you.

And then slowly, things would dry out. And your attention would switch over to other things. And then again, there would be something new… And the cycle would repeat!

(If the above references of “you” weren’t meant for you, read them as for “me”… πŸ˜› )

Well, I still get that feeling. Even today, when I buy something new, I want people to notice that. I try to keep it in everyone’s visibility, that they might notice it. Like a child, I feel so happy when someone comments on that thing.

But unlike earlier days, I’ve grown shy. I am not able to tell everyone, show it to everyone that I got something new. I can only wish that they will notice.


Earlier this day, I bought a new water flask. My mother had put it in my backpack that day itself. I was gonna take it to office next day in the morning. But still at night, I had butterflies in my stomach.

I got up several times to check if the bottle was put at the right place. I picked it up and checked its 360Β° view to see if everything was fine. And then imagined how others would probably react to my new flask the next day morning.

Next day, the first thing I did after getting to my desk was to take out that flask. While going towards the water storage, I kept it visible to all eyes. And when I got back, I deliberately made sound while placing it on my desk, just to get everyone’s attention. 😝

While I got comments that I wanted, I wondered what the next new thing would be. And when…! (I brushed clean the flask several times that day.)

Yes, I behaved like a child… πŸ˜„ But isn’t that what I really am? From inside..? πŸ˜‹

Does this happen to you?

The Googoo’s and the Gaagaa’s

Googoo!! Gooooogooooo!! Googaa goo goo goooooo!!

Why are you making such a face?? Didn’t you get it? Oh! See! This is very difficult for me now! Since birth, I was communicating with people in this way only!

So my story began when someone pulled me out of my tiny little world in which I stayed for quite a while…

My world was wet and dark. Sometimes, I used to kick and play with the surroundings but then, most of the time, the peace was what I loved in my world. I had thought that this was that life was supposed to be…

Often, I used to hear a voice from outside my world. That voice always used to cheer me up! I can’t tell the feeling, but I always felt warm on hearing that voice. I never understood what it said, but my day never ended without hearing that voice. I thought it to be God’s voice.

But then my body started growing large. Soon I had difficult time staying in this world. So I started kicking and spreading my legs and arms, assuming that the world would stretch out a little and would give me more space to stay in it.

But one day, that terrible day, I felt severe pain. That pain must have been severe as even the God’s Voice was shouting from outside my world. My world’s wetness started to decrease and I felt the urge to go out of this world to my God as soon as possible. I prayed to my God that plz take me out.

And He pulled me out – upside down.

There was flash of light that filled my eyes and I was unable to see anything. I felt someone holding me from my legs and then several things touched my body. Something warm and wet flowed over my whole body and then something soft started brushing over me.

As I started opening my eyes, I saw several creatures around me, who only had eyes on their whole body, otherwise, everything was pure white with red spots.

I was feeling uncomfortable now. These huge creatures were passing me from one to other as if I was an object! I shouted that I wanted to go back to my world. At least no one bothered me there…

They took me to some other creature, who had eyes, ears and other face parts like I had. I saw her eyes… They were beautiful! Then a voice came – “My baby!!” and I recognized her. She was my God.

Finally I was with my God. My life mission was over now and I can peacefully relax in her arms now. As I lay there staring at those eyes, a tiny drop of water came from her eye and fell on my cheek. She quickly brushed that away, but that drop felt so warm… I instantly felt love for her. As if, I was incomplete without her. It was comfortable in her arms, just like my tiny little world earlier.

But as I came to know afterwards, my life had just started…

Soon I got that I was a body with two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth, and a big head! But everything in me was smaller than that of other people around me.

I used to observe people a lot. They were so weird. Their behavior, the noises they made, their constant movements of their body parts, all was so weird. I kept on trying to understand what exactly were they doing…

When I got hungry, I waited for the food to come. In my world, the food used to come directly and I never had to do anything. But this time, it didn’t come. I waited so long. Finally, my hopes gave up and I started looking at people around me. I was expecting them to understand that I was hungry. Hello!!? No one did anything…

Finally I started shouting and making noises like they were making, or at least tried to. Soon a person came to me and took me to my God. My God gave me food.Β It was then I understood that for getting anything in this outer world, I will have to shout, even if that thing was already mine or me-deserved.

After some time, I felt weird sensation in my body. Then something came out of me from my behind. I felt bad, terribly bad, for it was very uncomfortable sitting on that thing that came out. I shouted and someone came and cleaned it.

It was good. I just had to shout a little and someone from around me would come and do whatever I wanted them to do. But then things started to get complicated…

Sometimes, I would have shouted for cleaning the thing and someone would come and just pull my cheek and go away. Sometimes, I would be so hungry and upon shouting, they lifted my legs and watched my bottom with anticipation of finding a treasure! But then they couldn’t and so they again pulled my cheeks. Ah! It was so annoying…

Every now and then someone unknown would come to me, pull my cheeks and play with my face! They would open and close my mouth again and again. They lifted me around and made weird faces on me. Some even made different sounds and noises while coming horribly close to me! It was a nightmare living with those creatures…

Once I pulled the hairs of one person and he immediately let me to my God again. Then I found a way to stay away from the people I hated. I used to do all sorts of things like pulling their hair, pinching their hands, peeing on them, etc. so that they would just leave me alone.

All in all, this new world was adventurous. But one thing was still unclear. The sounds these people around me made, what was that?

Even my God started making sounds continuously around me. They would constantly make such sounds I won’t understand a bit. But I used to just try to make a similar sound and that used to cheer them up. Weird isn’t it…? πŸ˜€

But then slowly I started understanding the sounds. These sounds were well defined and were used only to refer to specific things, likeΒ bhoobhooΒ to ask for water,Β mummumΒ to ask for food, etc. But it wasn’t that easy. There were several sounds and it was hard for me to keep track of all of them.

So I just started remembering the starting part of the sound and say it loud and clear and slowly… And that made the wonder. These big people were now starting to understand what I was saying. No need of shouting and crying now…

But soon my understanding about their sounds made things worse. Every now and then, someone would come to me and constantly touch me and annoy me asking me to make some sound. Unless I made that sound they would just not leave me. Ah! That was so tiresome…

There was this other guy, who had smaller body parts like me, but still bigger than me. He used to come to me when no one was around. He used to annoy me by taking away things that others gave me. He used to hit me and do mischiefs with me. I used to hate him. People said that he was myΒ bodhrrΒ or something like that.

There was this other one whom I used to love. She used to come and bring me different things. I used to enjoy spending time with her. She used to take me to different places outside my house. She used to play with me. And again, she used to make all funny and weird sounds at me. But she always made my heart beat faster. πŸ˜‰

Then there was someone who was totally different than all of us. He had hairs all over his body. And he always used to walk on all his hands and legs. Weird… But he was my best friend. He always stayed with me. We shared our food, we shared our bed and we even shared our toys. He was good. He didn’t made any weird sounds like others. All he said wasΒ bhaw bhawΒ orΒ ooo ooo.

My body started to grow and my mind too. I now understood several of their words. And now I tried imitating whole of their words instead of just the initial part. As I got comfortable with their sounds, people got more and more happy around me. But it got more and more sadness for me.

Sounds were okay. But then there were body movements, pitch and tone, stress on different portions of words, and several other things. Due to all these, it was getting harder to talk to these big creatures. Only my God, whom they called Momma here, used to understand me. Other people just never got me.

Now I’m old enough to think and write about things. But I miss that part of my life where my Googoo’s and Gaagaa’s communicated my intentions. I missed that time when everyone were happy around me. No-one shouted at me or scolded me. People loved me and took care of me.

But now, people have changed. They get angry at every little thing I do. They keep on instructing me to do this and to do that. To do things this way and not do things that way. People find me as an obligation now.


Well, this is it for now… See you later.

P.S.: That pic above is when I shouted that I want more food and they checked my bottom and went back. These people, seriously!

The Pensive: Bad Manners…!

Once me and my mum were travelling in a bus. We were going home after a vacation at my uncle’s place. We were sitting behind a girl, probably 3-4 years elder than me (I was probably 5).

At school we had a subject called “Moral Science”, in which we were taught all good things and to not to do bad things using short stories… I loved stories and hence found that subject very interesting.

The girl in front of me started shouting all of a sudden. She wanted something. Her mother bought her what she wanted. It was some packed food item. I was looking at her keenly… she was eating that and throwing the waste so generated on the floor of the bus!

I told my mum “Look mamma! That girl is throwing waste on the floor! BAD MANNERS!”

My mother told me to wait and that we’ll shift our seat.

I continued looking at that girl and kept on thinking about her bad manners…

As we got another seat availability, we switched to that seat. As usual, I slept in my mum’s lap peacefully…

After sometime, the bus stopped and the people started to get down the bus. The girl tried to get up, but her frock belt were tied to the seat (it was a humble attempt to tie a knot). She fall hard back on her seat and started crying again. Her mother shouted at her “”What is wrong with you! Always shouting, always crying! Learn to behave! Learn your manners!”

All this while, I was peaking at the scene from my mum’s lap, which my mother observed. She smiled and asked me “What did you do to her?”

I said “She was doing bad manners. I tried to teach her good manners…” and I slept back in her lap with her patting me on my head..

I had always been a naughty one… πŸ˜‰

When You’re Sleeping


Sleeping means giving rest to your mind and body. You’re at peace in your mind when you’re asleep (although nowadays, we hardly sleep peacefully). But when we sleep peacefully, lot of things happen around us.

For example, our Earth rotates half of its rotation! So here’s a list of things happening around you when you’re sleeping…

– Drifting of poo-poo: Probably the oldest and the commonest thing to happen in our sleep, when we were kids. πŸ˜›

– Moved to bed: Remember that time when you were so tired that you slept on anything and anywhere you find a place to lie down, but still when you wake up, you’d find yourself on your bed. Sweet memories, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

– Nightmares: You see done horrible and scary nightmares during your sleep… Sometimes they are so weird that we doubt on our nightmare while we are sleeping itself!

– Fairy dreams: Dreams are not always bad. Sometimes, dream comes with such sweet and pleasant images, that our face puts on a smile even when are asleep πŸ™‚

– Tooth Fairies: Remember the first time your tooth fell down? And then putting it below our pillows for the Tooth Fairies… πŸ˜‰ And in the morning the Tooth turns to money, something we loved…

– Toothpaste fight: This one is kinda funny, but some toothpaste say that they fight against evil germs in our mouth throughout the night. Well, they don’t… πŸ˜›

– Tick-tock (clock) keeps on ticking (time keeps on passing)

– Your brain and heart keep on functioning so that you see the next morning

– Bones grow: They say kids grow maximum during their sleep

– Mosquitoes have their dinner party πŸ˜›

– The kid sneaks in to the kitchen to eat that ice cream kept in the freezer πŸ˜‰

– Tomorrow’s To-do’s starts listing in our brain (hate this one)

– Our loved ones give us cuddles and kisses, and admire our love in their life

– Mother checks on your sleep: This probably you know very well, your mother gets up almost every night to check on you and your sleep, mostly when you’re sick…

– Father checks on your naught: Yes they do it too… But they check on your naught, if you know what I mean ;P

– Click click on picture of our crush, ah, those sleepless nights…

– Tap tap by new love-birds doing late night chats πŸ˜‰

– Someone is working hard to put his dream into reality while some people are still struggling to get on their life

– Friends plan to wake you up on your birthday with cake on your face or even something bigger πŸ˜›

– Roommates make fun of your sleeping postures, make videos and share online or even blackmail you πŸ˜€

– Bed partner gets annoyed of your snores, that sound like atom bombs πŸ˜€

– Night’s dinner reflects deaths of millions through air bombs πŸ˜›

– Our parents finally get the time they so love of getting, their privacy πŸ˜›

– Silent death of the person…

– (For me…) While I’m sleeping, all of a sudden such idea sprouts in my mind. I wake up in amazement, although eyes not so open πŸ˜‰ I start the screen and start keying the idea in to words, at least try to… πŸ˜›

– Santa Clause: Ho Ho Ho! Christmas time! How can we forget our Santa! He comes while we are asleep and puts gifts for us under our Christmas Tree… Amazing πŸ™‚

P.s.: (I don’t know why all I adding this P.s.) Today morning when I woke up, I lifted my pillow to find below a Cadbury. But then I remembered that my mom was not with me here in this city, to become my Secret Santa, to keep a chocolate under my pillow when I’m asleep… when I called her to wish her, she told me she had purchased the chocolate, but there was no pillow to keep it under… 😦

Anyway, Merry Christmas!
(Spend all your time with your loved ones, not at the f*?#ing job)

Missing Holidays

“Tomorrow’s a holiday…!”


Did that bring a smile on your face? Ya..?! Good.. But did that bring excitement in your eyes..? Did you shout loudly when you came back home declaring to your family members that it is free day tomorrow? Did you sleep dreaming about the next day, the day you were eagerly waiting to come..? Did the “!” mark at the end of the statement actually gave any exclamation to us? No.. Right?

Now remember the days in your childhood where all of the above happened! If you had a Facebook account at that time, you’d have actually posted about your holiday! πŸ˜€

But as we grow up and as we burden ourselves with the social and professional environment, we tend to feel lesser and lesser excited about holidays. All it remains is A Day we can have rest or we can complete our pending tasks from our To-do list…

We feel stressed and overburdened on holidays. AsΒ we don’t take holidays as fun but as another task to be completed. Our professional life has turned us into a task-achieving-machine who feels not or dreams not about anything else.

And… For those poor souls… Who are void of work-life balance at their office, would still be there working on their computer at office on holidays! So for them, obviously, Holidays bring no excitement…

We didn’t actually do anything important or productive as we say now, during those holidays. We just let our heart enjoy the moment. We didn’t make a plan for how we would spend the whole day! We used to just do whatever came to our mind!

But what we do now?! We plan for holidays. We plan how we would take leaves so that we end up getting more days off.

And I can bet that you’d agree that unplanned holidays were way more fun that our new planned-organized-booked-holidays.

I’m missing that time when holidays were much more fun…