The Doorbell

A taradiddle where a man is annoyed with someone who constantly rings his doorbell. He desperately tries different ways to find who that was, but he discovers something unexpected.
… …

When the world was celebrating the festive season, I was slumped on my bed with my miserable self trying to get a good night sleep. I put on the head phones, although not noise reducing, but with the volume that I had in place, they were almost noise reducing.

I don’t know when I fell asleep while listening to my evening playlist of loneliness and melancholy filled songs. But I woke upon the sound of doorbell ringing.

I woke up instantly upon hearing that sound, but it took me time to come out of the hangover of my alcohol-less slumber. I got up from my bed, stumbled upon the table next to the bed, then staggered my way back to my feet and started my long walk towards the front door, my hands extended to support my half-closed eyes.

Finally I reached the front door of my home and extended my hands towards the lock. Just then, my brain got jump-started and it flashed before me that the celebration sounds from outside had stopped. Even my 4 hour plus playlist was over. So, the clock would be around 3 am in the night. And who could have come outside my door at this hour, I suspected.

Luckily, I had a peephole on my door. There was no one on the other side of the door.

Probably I took more than the required time to reach to the door from my bed that the person outside must have gone by that time.

So, I went back to my room and tumbled upon my bed like a dead body.

I must have fallen asleep immediately, as the doorbell rang again, and I was in the similar fashion as I was previously it had ranged. This time, I quickly went towards the door and looked through the peephole.

No one stood on the other side of the door. I took out my eye off the peephole and wondered whether all these doorbell sounds were in my head? Could I have been dreaming about all this? I tried one more look through the peephole, but no winner. It was late at night and the hallway outside looked deserted as it was supposed to be. I chose to not open the door to check that out.

I started moving back towards my room, this time in slow motion. Thinking about how difficult it has been for me to keep track of what’s a dream and what’s reality lately.

The doorbell rang again.

I stopped at the spot in daze. Even this time the hallway was empty and there was no one outside the door visible through the peephole.

This time I was sure that it was not a dream and someone had surely used my doorbell. But who was messing with me at this hour!

The thought of looking outside on the hallway crossed my mind, but I let that thought pass by as opening the door was definitely not a good idea for me. Be it a good person or a bad person, the timing of that person was surely not good.

I made no sound all this while, hence, I thought of looking outside just some more time. If that person would come up again to ring the bell and annoy me, I might just catch him red-handed.

I waited for some time while watching through the peephole. But no one came. I withdrew from the watch and cursed that maleficent person. As soon as I turned my back on the door, the bell rang again. In a heartbeat, I looked through the peephole again and cussed several times.

There was no one outside, but I kept looking through the peephole, annoyed till my tolerance limit I was.

“You won’t find me there…”

A voice whispered inside my ears and I could almost feel its breath behind me.
Dreaded, horrified and struck with all other frightful adjectives, I turned to see an empty room and there was no sign of anyone or anything weird.
As I was trying to cope with what just happened and lied to my mind that that voice was my imagination and nothing was wrong with the situation, the doorbell rang again. But I didn’t look through the peephole this time, as I knew – the prank was not played from outside. The prankster was already inside my house.


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