Understanding ‘Try Try Till You Succeed’

How seriously should you follow the saying ‘Try Try till you succeed’?

An age old saying tells us to ‘try try till we get success in whatever we were attempting’. So, we should probably forget every other thing and just keep on trying to do that. We should not let a failure become hindrance in our efforts. We should move on, learning from our failures and doing better than before.

But till what time should we continue trying? The thought, like most economics theories, was made making reasonable assumptions of our lives. But in real life, our resources are limited and so are our options. We can’t just keep on trying without having money to try and without having food to feed to everyone in our house.

Any thought, you say it, isn’t a Rule of Thumb. It should never be blindly followed, no matter what. We should always keep our eyes open to see the world practically.


Recently, results were declared for many educational exams, and while some may have soared into success, other might not have been that lucky.

The next big question that haunts them is- “Shall they try one more time?”. This question troubles almost every one who faces failure in their life. While it may seem obvious, the decision to try one more time is not so simple to take.

Apart from other social “burden” like family, marriage, society and comparison with others would harass us all the time, we need to think clear and ask ourselves- “Will my trying one more time, and the probable success worth the try and time?” “Or can I make something better out of the time and energy that I save from not trying one more time?”

A thorough analysis before answering these questions would definitely help taking better decisions than just following the saying ‘Try try…’ In my understanding, try try… signify that we keep on trying to do something good out of our efforts, and not to keep on trying on the same option that we were working on. Sometimes, our failure is just another opportunity to find some other opportunity. The only problem is we need to realize that and take a step, in another direction may be. You must hit a goal in Football, not necessarily from the same spot you failed to do last time.

So, people who have failed in their last attempt to something, do not just take one more try. Analyse your options, and quantify the cost & benefits of trying one more time. Take try try as a motivation to get up after each fall, but don’t keep on walking the same road if you don’t like it. There are many roads to walk on, even some yet not made, may be by you in future… 😉


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