Love the New!

Remember the feeling, when as a little kid, you were all excited and eager to show your new school bag to other school kids, teachers, the bus driver and even the stranger sitting around that street corner?

You tried to show it to everyone you came across. As a kid, you were not that shy, so you showed it upfront to everyone. You took that everywhere. Even after school, you never did let go of the bag. You took it with you even to the bed!

You didn’t let anyone touch it or take it from you. You took great care of it, such that even a tiny little dust particle on it annoyed you.

And then slowly, things would dry out. And your attention would switch over to other things. And then again, there would be something new… And the cycle would repeat!

(If the above references of “you” weren’t meant for you, read them as for “me”… ๐Ÿ˜› )

Well, I still get that feeling. Even today, when I buy something new, I want people to notice that. I try to keep it in everyone’s visibility, that they might notice it. Like a child, I feel so happy when someone comments on that thing.

But unlike earlier days, I’ve grown shy. I am not able to tell everyone, show it to everyone that I got something new. I can only wish that they will notice.


Earlier this day, I bought a new water flask. My mother had put it in my backpack that day itself. I was gonna take it to office next day in the morning. But still at night, I had butterflies in my stomach.

I got up several times to check if the bottle was put at the right place. I picked it up and checked its 360ยฐ view to see if everything was fine. And then imagined how others would probably react to my new flask the next day morning.

Next day, the first thing I did after getting to my desk was to take out that flask. While going towards the water storage, I kept it visible to all eyes. And when I got back, I deliberately made sound while placing it on my desk, just to get everyone’s attention. ๐Ÿ˜

While I got comments that I wanted, I wondered what the next new thing would be. And when…! (I brushed clean the flask several times that day.)

Yes, I behaved like a child… ๐Ÿ˜„ But isn’t that what I really am? From inside..? ๐Ÿ˜‹

Does this happen to you?


3 thoughts on “Love the New!

  1. This happens with me tooo.. Especially when I wear a new nail paint or a new watch.. I just desperately wait for someone who notice it…


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