I was listening to music while lying on my bed. It was night and I was exhauted by the day’s mechanical boredom. Music helped in soothing my mind and removing the boredom from my mind so that I could sleep well.

While listening to one of my favourite tracks, I heard a buzzing sound. My reflex checked the mobile for vibration, but there was nothing. I turned back to listening that song.

Buzzed again. I stood up and checked my surroundings for a product that was making that buzzing sound. (I thought I should have bought noise cancellation supporting headphones.)

But then I recognized the buzzes. That was a mosquito. I stood up straight in a moment, turned on the lights and then started searching for the bastard.

When I found it, I got ready with my hands to squeeze it with a clap. I even had a napkin ready with me. (I wondered which window did I left open that this tiny little blood sucker got a chance to enter my house!)

The mosquito took a few turns in the sky (in my bedroom) and then sat on a nice cozy place (my leg), ready to do its bite.


When I raised my hand to spat him, he yelled – “Stooooooooooooop!”

My hand stopped in mid-air. Gosh! A talking mosquito now! These animation guys are really pushing their limits!

“Please don’t kill me! Pleeeaaasssseeee!” the mosquito quivered.

“Why shouldn’t I!? You were gonna bite me!” I replied angrily (although I felt weird ‘talking to a mosquito’!)

“That’s what I do!” the mosquito gave a quick reply.

“And that’s the reason I’m gonna kill you!” I replied more angrily.

“But I am not like other mosquitoes!” the mosquito said.

“What do you mean?” I was annoyed.

“I do not cause any disease.” the mosquito said.


“Liar! You must be Anopheles, the malaria parasite.” I guessed.


“So are you that new diseases carrying mosquito they are talking about nowadays? What was it! Umm… Yeah… Zika virus carrying parasite. Right?”

“No… What is that!?” the mosquito exclaimed.

“Leave it. Then you must be carrier for that botfly eggs, causing Myiasis infection.” I said.

“No… I’m not.”

“Then you would be carrying a filariasis worm, causing elephantiasis.”

“No…! I’m cannot produce no elephant!”

“Then you must be that dengue fever causing mosquito, with that bunyamwera virus or dirofilaria emmits!” I went on.

“No… I’m not that either!” the mosquito was irritated.

“Then are you that haemagogus kind, causing yellow fever? Carrying Yellow Fever Virus, are you?” I inquired.

“No! Don’t have that!”

“Oh then you are that sleeping sickness causing mosquito. That West Nile Fever type. Right?”

“No… I’m a local. I haven’t been outside this street in my life!” the mosquito said.

“So do you cause myxomatosis, the one that kills those poor rabbits?” I asked.

“No… What are rabbits anyway?” the mosquito replied.

“Forget that. So are you carrying Bwamba fever virus causing Bwamba Fever or lymphadenopathy? Causing abnormal swelling of lymph nodes?” I continued asking.

“No… I don’t cause that.”

“Encephalitis? That abnormal swelling of brain?”


“Polyarthritis or Arthralgia, causing joint pain?”


“Ah! Then you are carrying that Sindbis Virus, causing Pogosta disease!”

“No mahn!”

“So do you cause that inflammation of membranes protecting the brain? Meningitis?”


“Urticaria? The one where we develop skin rashes and itchy bumps?”


“Oh so do you cause thickening of skin and the tissues underlying it? Filariasis? That roundworm infection?”


“Are you causing ‘river blindness’, known as onchocerciasis? Oh man! Then stay away from me! I don’t wanna be blind!” I jumped up in fright.

“Calm down dude! I don’t blindness!” the mosquito confirmed.

“So you cause Rift valley fever? With headaches and muscle pains?” I went on.

“No, not even that.”

“Not even that? Then what do you cause?” I was exhausted now.

“Nothing man! I cause nothing! I will just bite you and take a little blood of yours. That’s it. No diseases, nothing.” the mosquito blabbered out his frustration.

“But you will sure cause itching and swelling in that area where you bite!” I still pushed it.

“That is just temporary man. Nothing to scare about. You stay calm then I can even avoid that with perfect bite, which will cause nothing to you.” the mosquito suggested.

“Don’t worry, you jumpy little squirrel! I will cause nothing to you. So may I bite you now?” the mosquito went on.

“Hell with it boy! You may not be ‘something’ causing mosquito. You may be able to bite perfectly. But I am going to kill you anyway…” I said, while spreading an evil smile on my face.

With that I splashed my arm over it and squeezed out all the life out of him.

“Why…?” he said his last words.

“As you are a mosquito. You never know, what your bite might cause… You are full of disease.” I justified.


P.s.: Don’t wait for them to bite you. Kill those disease-spreading-parasites anyway. 😛


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