Watching through a child’s toy camera

I was walking on the road,
With my mind not in my control,
Seeing things around me but,
Cared none, nevertheless,
Like a child’s a toy camera,
I saw glimpses of unrelated Era,
Like a child I ran the reel,
Like a child, did I feel,
I wanted to live them again,
I wished I had a time machine,
But then a pup came by,
Wagging his tail, and a spark in his eye,
A smile spread through the desert on my face,
As I ran my hand through his furry little face,
He jumped on his feet, wanted me to play,
I picked a stick and ‘fetch’ I say,
We played for an hour or two,
Then he bid farewell and went on,
I saw him going without looking back,
Didn’t he feel to live the moment back?
He taught me a lesson to keep the memories alive,
But not to waste the present, wanting to go back,
As the present gives birth to all the memories,
If there is no present, you’d have no memories……


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