Let’s make a story

Make a story with these five words – one, two, three, four, five 😛

… …


While I was wandering in reverie, with tenacity to go as far as possible from reality, a hiatus brought me back to the present. They were a series of mobile notifications from different apps – news, social, shopping etc.

None were important and none were useful. All of them had a peculiar unfamiliarity, as if they were not for me; but sent by mistake or as if they were too lazy to remove me from their broadcast group.

I quickly scanned through them, observing the app name (intention being removing those background running services). While annihilating those notifications, my eyes found preciousness amongst insipid mono-tifications (monotonous notifications)… It was from my best friend.

She had a challenge for me. I had to make a story using the words she gave to me. I accepted. While my acceptance was unrequited, my propensity to do everything different than others led me to think that my story should be edifying. Something she might have not expected. Something highlighting some acute social problem yet being entertaining that the reader would read it with palpitation.

But then I received the words from her. I raked through the words – apartheid, relinquish, dovish… Just a glance decimated all my emulations.

Just then the astuteness in my mind came out from its ambush and I was ready with an adroit plan. I was smirking like a magnate would do when he thinks of an ingenious business plan to overcome a fulminant situation.

I sent her this story:


We both were punished for our talkative behaviour during class. Our English teacher was very unhappy with us. So she gave us a task which we had to complete after school but without taking help from anyone except the library. We weren’t supposed to go home till we completed the task.

She gave us following words and told us to make a story out of it.

“Unrequited, hiatus, apartheid, ambush, decimate, reverie, tenacity, propensity, relinquish, annihilate, acute, preciousness, dovish, palpitation, edifying, magnate”

We sincerely obliged to do so. After the school was over and everyone went back home, me and my best friend went to the library. Despite our fear of the ghost of the dead librarian, we entered the library, although with shivering foot steps. It was dark and dusty.

We quickly went to the Languages section and found ourselves a dictionary. After a few awkward glances at the surrounding, we came to know that our seniors were pulling our legs about the ghost of the librarian.

So we went on with the task of our punishment. What started with finding the meaning of these words in the dictionary, soon transformed into making fun of different English words, making them sound as obscene as we could and then mimicking our Hindi teacher try and pronounce them.

And the best part, by the time we left for home, we were ready with an evil plan to strike back on our seniors.

Overall, it was fun… The punishment of course! 😉

(Edited a little… :P)


She gave a duh-some expression and then laughed out crazy… 😀 We both were laughing.

Then she made her story. It was edifying in real, not mine… 😛


Being a magnate that he was, showcasing a dovish nature outside, a few people actually knew how a person he was.

That day, he took a hiatus from his busy schedule, to know where to his life has been moving to. Has it just turned out to be full of ambitions, aiming for one thing just after achieving the previous one and ambushed in the trap of wealth creation or was there any life (as a verb) left into his life?

He was now into his own reverie. Thinking of the times when life had trapped him into an unrequited love and how juggling from all that he was here, now considered as an apartheid. He DIDN’T Realize that in relinquishing her, he had annihilated himself. He could now feel love for her after maybe everything was over.

He had decimated a few like in this case before, but this time it was something different. His tenacity had won over her love. His ambition to achieve more, to make big in his life.

The last time he saw her was at an edifying school event,where he was invited as a chief guest. To win hearts of people he would skillfully wear that mask and enchant the people with his inspiring words. But it was only one woman, the lady mothering his child, who knew he always had this tendency, which even she was trapped into.

But being a bold lady that she was, she never had this thought of going back to the man,who had abandoned them,their 3-month old foetus in her womb and herself, just to climb that ladder of success!”


I read it again after each full stop. 😀 Effortful it was, the reading…

So I tried again. And came up with this…


A little boy was walking down the street with his best friend, his dog. He had to match his stride with his dog’s and so, so was the palpitation. He talked about his day and about stuff he did with his school mates. He shared almost all the acute details with his dog, his best friend after all.

At a crossroad, he stopped and observed the streets for a while. The dog, dovish, stood by his side. The Boy then said to his dog, while pointing at a tree two blocks away:

“Com’on Buddy! Let’s race… Let’s see who reaches first two blocks from here. See that tree with red leaves? There… Ready?”

His dog got up at once. And replied by a bark.

The Boy started running first, but soon was overtaken by the dog. Still, his tenacity was unaffected. He rushed upon with all the propensity.

The dog reached the block first. And obediently stood there waiting for his friend to reach. When the boy reached there, he didn’t stop. He continued running further and shouted “Not this one buddy. I meant that tree.”

Ah! Little boy fouled to win. Dog started running again. In the chase to win, they both entered a garden, where the boy fell on the ground.

The dog and the boy slumbered on the green grass. The Boy said:

“Okay! Okay! You win. I cheated. Sorry… But you can run faster than me with your extra two legs!”

The dog licked his friend’s face. Friendship and innocence was at its best. The preciousness of childhood…

While the two friends were busy playing, the door of the house besides the garden made a loud noise and a tall and dark man, in his late 50s came out to see what the noise was about.

The man was a magnate in the town, but he would hardly meet anyone. He stayed in secret to people’s eyes as he didn’t like being social.

Looking at the hiatus, the dog quickly got into ambush, ready to decimate the threat upon his friend’s command.

The Boy however was imagining things in his reverie. He imagined that the dark man was a dark monster, who invites little kids to his home in the cover of giving them chocolates and then eats them alive…

The old man, although didn’t like people much, but had always loved children. He asked the boy who he was and what was he doing in his garden.

The Boy was silent. He was still in his reverie.

The old man offered the boy to come in to his house and to have chocolates.

The Boy thought his imagination was coming true. So he ran towards the gate with utmost haste.

The old man, a little confused at his unrequited invitation, called out the boy to stop and come back.

The Boy took little steps in palpitation. He thought how many little kids this old devil would have annihilated before him. The old man said “Com’on… Don’t be afraid of me. See, I got chocolates for you.”

The Boy relinquished his fears and took the chocolate he offered. Took one bite of it and gave one bite to his dog.

This was the start of the friendship of the little boy and the old man. The Boy told the old man everything about his reverie. The old man laughed and said “I hate the apartheid done in our country. Even such tender souls are filled with such bias.”

An acute point raised through an edifying yet innocent incident.


P.s.: And I made this too… 😉


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