Avoid filling these blanks


People are in the race to improvement. We go through several pages of documents and articles and compare ourselves with different personalities to find our faults and improvise thereon.

However, there are some basic things that can help us live better.

Avoiding the following blanks can very well help you avoid fights, depression, etc., can help boosting confidence, and can help to shape better your overall personality.

Try it yourself:

Finding Problems:
> The problem is that ______________.
(Try working on the solutions instead. Know the problem but don’t say it. Just work on it.)

Finding Reasons:
> I know that but ______________.
(Stop finding reasons, aka excuses)

Taking Assumptions / Judging People:
He must be ______________.
(Stop assuming something about someone)

Putting a limit on yourself:
I can’t ______________.
(Stop assuming something about yourself)

Justifying your actions:
I did it because ______________.
(No need to justify your actions, unless your evaluation is dependent on it 😛 . Dumb people won’t understand. And smart people will know it looking at the results.)

> You know what (just) happened? ________________.
(If you are telling something good, go on. If it is just gossip, stop right there.)

Faking your thanking:
> Thank you for your _____________.
(Just mean your thank you from your heart, no need of extra words)

Justifying your failure:
> I tried but ______________.
(Say I tried and failed. And I will try again) (filling this blank bluffs your brain into believing that failure was not your fault, which actually always is.)

Blaming Others:
> It didn’t work out because ______________.
(First look at your own faults, if you can’t find any, which won’t happen of course, then blame others…)

Expressing your hate (with anger)
> I just hate ____________.
(It’s okay that you hate it. But is it really necessary to say / announce it? Hate is often accompanied with anger, which corrodes our ability to think or introspect ourselves, and we often say things which shouldn’t have been said)

Expressing your Love:
> I love you because ____________.
(Love requires no reason, if your does, its not love)

Have any such blanks? Add a comment…


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