Where’s my travel luck?


(Now, watching too much Bollywood love stories would corrupt your mind that it would make this kinda post. So let me warn you beforehand :P)

Travelling is the best way to explore new places, get to know more people, make new friends and eat new food. And a few travellors like to do this alone. (While some have to do it alone…)

So what exactly am I talking about here with Travel luck? I’m not talking about your luck in getting the ticket or your luck in booking the rooms in advance. No… I’m talking about the series of events that happen with you when you’re travelling; the people you interact with and the aftereffects of those interaction. How good your travel luck is can be identified by observing the people you come across on travelling alone and the situations you find yourself in to.

On a travel expedition, first step is boarding a mode of travel. On boarding the mode of travel, there are bound to be people having seats around you, who don’t know you and whom you don’t know either. It is both exciting and adventurous to be with unknown people several hours long journey.

Now here is your first chance to meet your Travel Luck. The person(s) who get(s) ticket besides(around) you can be of different gender, age, nature and personality. If your luck is good, they will match with you in these criteria or they will at least be of proper age and personality to have fun with. You will not get bored while travelling, as you would be constantly interacting with them.

But this is not with the people who have bad Travel Luck. I still wait at the door of the train, thinking that someone would be late for the train and would come running, in need of my hand to climb the moving train…

Okay, that was too filmy. But I can at least expect that my Travel Luck would favour me with people of similar age and similar interest, and interested in talking to me, be it any gender or any personality! But no… I will always be accompanied by some snoring uncle, some aunty who’s always talking over the phone or a totally not interested male who keeps on chatting with someone over messenger apps, and there is never-ever-ever any interesting girl having a seat besides me. (Thanks to such idiotic rules in my area which lead to more crimes/fights than averting them)

So all I am left is with my phone, 1000-songs-heard-so-many-times-now-bored-of-all playlist in it and battery which would die in just about an hour if I keep phone network on. I like reading, but hate it over the phone, so reading a novel or a short story is not an option.

I try having conversation with anyone around me, but they always turn out to be awkward or totally boring, thanks to the above mentioned people.

You can even window-gaze, but till what time. No travelling route can be that beautiful that you can continue that for more than an hour. So all you can do in such a situation is sleep, which, in itself, is a boring thing to do while travelling.

Another situation where Travel Luck comes to play is when you reach your destination, if your destination is a place you’ve never been before. You might meet people interesting enough to hangout with. You might find that your roommate or hallmate at the hotel is totally mad like you and could be the best partner in this city-expedition of yours.

Many a times I think that I might bump into someone who would be totally like me, and we would then roam around the city, explore all its corners and have fun together. Such a person that when the travel is about to over, we can’t part and decide to stay together instead… forever.

Again, that was too filmy. But can’t even I imagine that the people I meet up at this new city would be ‘like’ me and would like to go out just like me? Can’t even I dream of a travel partner who would make my vacation worth remembering, in a good way…!? With a Travel Luck like mine, the answer is No.

I meet all sorts of weirdos and all sorts of cheats while exploring the new city. The cab driver, the tour guide, the restaurant owner and the road-side shopkeeper, all would be totally professional and would make my day, in a negative way…

And now when you’ve finally accepted the fact that there is no one to accompany you, your Travel Luck just might play its last cards…

If it is good, it might give you just what you wanted. But in my case, while travelling in the train dreaming about some company that you might have had, I’d find a group of friends having fun at a distance, who are totally into themselves. No chance of me able to get into their group. Or if I’m wandering the city alone, looking for places of wonders, I’d see the sign board saying the place is closed on Mondays (or whatever the day is at that time). Great, isn’t it?!

Simply put, Travel Luck can make your travel the best few days of your life that you’d cherish forever; it might find a friend you’ll be with forever, and in future, might meet up on a drink and laugh about those memories.

And Travel Luck can also screw your whole plans in realism and even in dreams. Your filmy self would be distroyed bit by bit to pieces and would be totally incapable of building up again. And your practical self would be so bored and tired of the monotonous experience that you had, that it would just prefer to stay home and wait for nothing, instead of trying one more time and getting screwed by Mr. Fate, here in form of Travel Luck.

So, what’s your Travel Luck like? Do you always find amusing and interesting company while travelling alone, or are you a sufferer while travelling? Or are you a combination of both, or none?


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