Cooking with(out) mum


Food is the greatest motivator in this world. Nothing can motivate a person or any creature to do things that he had not even imagined.

For a person like me, who had spent his 20 years without even peeling the banana on his own (okay that was exaggerated :P) tried cooking his food all by himself.

The reason, the inspiration? Sudden interest in cooking? No…
Competition? No…
Money? Never…
Some sort of eye-opener, some provoking, mind-changing idea or lesson? You’re kidding, right? πŸ˜›

The only thing that inspired me to do this was food! πŸ˜€ Yeah… You read it right.

I was hungry and I was sick of eating the same tasteless food at those expensive restaurants. So this is a narrative how it happened…


It was early morning, and my eyes opened (kinda strange as I usually wake up late and last night I slept at 3 in the morning and, hey, it was Sunday!) I did the usual stuff and went to my kitchen to see if I can find anything to put into my mouth. (That’s the first thing I do every morning… Food inspires me to live! :D)

There was nothing to put in my mouth directly. I checked the vegies section, and oh boy! Things were so rotten! (I had bought them, thinking that I would be preparing something, but the me inside me was never gonna put some efforts onto things he love – here to eat! πŸ˜›

I was about to throw everything in the garbage. But then I thought – how will I know that the things I am throwing are actually rotten? Except for those food that smell bad or transform into something like decomposed manure, I can not know that the food has actually rotten.

Normally, the search engines over the Internet are my only refuge in circumstances of “not-being-sure-what-to-do”, or even in circumstances of “almost-every-time”. But with cooking, no no no no no no…! (Remember Small Wonder? πŸ˜›)

Help for cooking can only and only be taken from your mother. She’s the encyclopedia of cooking the food you know and like. There would be several database all over the web giving you detailed guidelines for cooking the perfect food, but do you like that? No.

You love the food your mother cooks for you. Yes there are things that your mother don’t cook, but for that we already have international restaurant chains. For the food that you eat everyday, mum’s your only rescue.

So I called her, and described in my lame and child-like way, the condition of vegetable. She understands my way well, hence, she stated what was to be thrown and what could be used. So in the end, I was left with four potatoes, some chili and some other things I don’t know the names of :D. I had bread. And I had all the equipments to cook. The only thing needed was knowledge and motivation.

Now my morning hunger had given me huge motivation to cook, but I always used to back out of it due to my past experience of cooking, which were disastrous for me, probably hilarious for you; and they didn’t consist of vegetable or floor or any such complex material (I mean they were ready-to-cook-packed-food only :P).

So I took a deep breath and started… But wait – from where?

*Calling mum* πŸ˜›

She told me what to do in a five minute conversation, step-by-step, process-by-process. So I started…

First thing was to peel off the potato. Now for those who know cooking, this is not a hard task at all, but please spare me, I had not even held knife in my whole life. (Exaggerating again… :P)

With a few instances of potato slipping away from me, I managed to do this. Then came steaming them. Now the tricky part was to put water in it. But what quantity? Mother said only that much to just sink the potatoes 1/5th in it. I calculated using my vision scale and put in exactly 1/5th potato deep water in the vessel. Put on the lid tight and waited for the whistles to blow.

The first one blew. I had to wait till three. So I went back to the paused movie… But then, one after other, the three whistles came real quick! I remembered my mother cooking and her whistles were little longer and had enough gap between two. I opened the lid to see that potato had not changed a bit. I put them again, and called mother. She told to do that yet another three times, probably I must have put more than required water (Actually the vessel had changed, the 1/5th calculation was for some other vessel πŸ˜› This I came to know afterwards…)

I did the three times whistling four times. Finally the potato were as I wanted them to be. I crushed them and then put it in other container. Now, again the difficult task was to add different spices in it. I knew what all is to be added. I even knew their internal ratio – 2:3:6:10 (Yes, I had it calculated using the measurement converter app :D). But the problem was I couldn’t know the multiple that was required in this ratio for the quantity of food I was cooking.

Still I tried mixing stuff. Took a little bit of it and it tasted like – well it didn’t taste anything at all. Mother…

She told me to put a little more of some of them. I did that, but still it didn’t taste like it tasted for mother’s. I tried several experimental combinations of all the spices and could finally achieve the exact taste of the thing as my mother used to make. Wow! I felt like I had saved the humanity from the oncoming alien attack from three different alien planets together, all by myself…!! πŸ˜€

I quickly did the rest of the procedure of stirring and waiting and again stirring, and finally, voila! My dish was ready.

I felt so happy eating the stuff I had prepared and I was awesomely inspired for cooking more. (Actually I had cooked several times recently, but all those time, my mother was besides me to help me out. She did all the tricky parts, and I did all the cutting and mixing and stirring stuff.)


The good thing about being able to cook is that you can cook at any odd time and eat as many times as you like… πŸ˜›

So I drew a conclusion from this episode of my life… Food is the greatest of all motivators. It can inspire someone to create an amazing product, it can inspire someone to invent a great idea, it can inspire someone to work day-night and can inspire someone to travel miles on his feet.

If food was available in appropriate quantities to each and every living creature in this world, the world would have been a peaceful place. What do you think?

(Or at least I would be the happiest person in the whole universe, with nothing to do except eating! πŸ˜› :D)


One thought on “Cooking with(out) mum

  1. “If food is available in appropriate quantities to each and every living creature in this world, the world would have been a peaceful place. ”
    Thoughtful ending… πŸ™‚


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