When it rained kittens and puppies


A tiny molecule got its form of water upon repeatedly reacting with the humidity in the atmosphere and the oxygen in the air. It left his home, cloud, for its journey towards the Earth. But that’s a different story, narrated here.


This piece is about that boy who was standing in his balcony watching the rain. This piece is about the boy, for whom, the Drop changed his course of journey, for whole the Drop took a different choice…

He was all alone. He stood there, watching the rain drops fall on the ground. He saw the animals run towards trees for shelter. He saw the birds standing still, letting the rain wash their feathers, welcoming the rain. He was watching everything around him so keenly, the Drop waiting on the cloud for his turn to fall, thought – has he never seen the rain? Is it his first time too? Or is he thinking something, which had stopped his bodily movements, making him stand still? What is it that is bothering him? – the drop wondered…

As the Drop watched the boy, a drop emerged from the boy’s eyes. The Drop was amazed too see that! The boy could make it rain from his eyes!!

Upon closer look, the Drop found that the the drops emerging from the boy’s eyes weren’t alive. They had no sign of life in them. This made him sad. His fellow drops wouldn’t like this scene. But why was the boy making it rain from his eyes when he knew that the drops were dead? He knows this, doesn’t he? Does he?

The boy was watching the swirls forming in the lake due to rain drops. He watched the patterns form and was probably remembering something from his past life. The Drop saw that the boy’s eyes were unfocused. The Drop wished he could know what the boy was thinking…

The Drop wanted to ask the boy the reason for his sadness, if at all he is sad. But how would he? He didn’t know the way of communicating with the boy. Nature gave birth to all the things in this world, but then let them develop their own languages to communicate. So the Drop just stayed there, on the top of the cloud, above that boy, watching him…

A sudden drift of wind approached the area. The trees bowed the wind and let it pass through its leaves. The birds let the wind drift through its feathers. The rain drops took the chance and tangled themselves with the wind, letting them to fly great distances. Wind was the King of nature. It flowed and blessed all the natural beings.

But the boy was still standing mirthless. His hair were messed up by the wind, but he never bothered to put them right. He was still watching the rain drench the soil.

A bird flew from the window opposite to him towards the tree at the far end. The boy’s eyes followed the bird’s trail. His face glowed up with light. The Drop could sense that the boy loved birds. The boy’s face showed hope and his eyes showed his wish that he wants to fly like these birds someday. Probably he wants to be free, he wants to be himself, other than the self he was right now.

He looked at the sky, there was no sun. The clouds had covered it fully. His eyes scanned the sky and then stopped at the place the Drop stood. Their eyes met. The boy’s eyes were filled with water, but his face was showing peace. He was feeling alone and was probably wanting company. The Drop felt bad for him. He wanted to give him company, he wanted to be his friend…

The boy stretched his hands in front of him. He opened his palm to the sky. He wasn’t asking for anything. He was inviting…

The Drop could sense that his heart was pure. That he was calling for a friend.

The drop took the fall from the cloud. The boy was still stretching his hands wide open. The drop took his last breath, and fall in the hands of the boy, feeling satisfied, feeling allayed.

The boy looked at the drop and the drop took his last time to look at the boy. A smile emerged on the boy’s face. A smile of happiness, a smile of delight…

Looking at this beautiful smile, the drop finally let go of his life. He was happy that he could make the boy smile, he could live up to the hope the boy had in his eyes…

With that the drop freed himself, blended in the water in the boy’s hands…

This was the story of a Drop and a Smile, when it was raining kittens and puppies from the sky 😉


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