When you see your father


The figure that appeared way after you were born,
The figure who was a bit hesitant while taking you in his arms,
He feared that he might hurt you, ‘cuz tenderness doesn’t come naturally to him,
His tight arms and his warmth, his love, his care, his pride, his life,
All showed up – the moment his eyes met you…


He is your hero, he is your inspiration,
He is your star, he is your dream,
He is the one whom you try to copy,
He is the one whom you try to surpass,
For all the things in your life,
He is your first role model, he is your first competition…



He guides you, he pushes you, he catches you,
He carves you out of nothing,
He teaches you, gives you worldly tips,
His lessons, that have always been helpful,
That you might not have known,
Till you paid for some trainer to teach you the same thing…


He takes all the blow, before the wind can catch you,
He works late night, so that you can stay in peace,
His wishes comes after yours,
His comfort is only for you,
He is your protector, he is your umbrella…


He takes pride in your success,
He takes the blame for your fiasco,
He cares for you, but fails to express,
He loves you more than that,
That you heart can understand…


Father-son never talk a word,
But communicates everything in a hug…


Father-daughter shares everything,
Till the time he finds her a white horse guy…


In the winters you cuddle him at night,
To get his warmth and sleep tight,
In the summers he takes you on his shoulders,
To eat ice creams and ice-dishes,
When it rains, he dances along with you,
In every season, he stands right with you…


He helps you sneak out without telling your mother,
Then he scolds you for doing that infront of her,
And then again laughs with you behind her back,
Without him, your mischief wouldn’t have been managed…


He encouraged you to hop out of the box,
Although keeping your safety in mind,
He helped you fight the struggles,
With your efforts and his support,
He let it go as soon as he felt-
That you could move on your own…

He gets angry sometimes,
Sometimes, he turns bad,
But after all he’s your father,
Go talk to him, and solve the ruffle,
Don’t stretch the thread to that point,
Don’t take it to the brink of the cliffs…

If you don’t value him, it’s a shame for us all,
Cuz a father is a Father… If you know what I mean.
Don’t just wish him today, cuz it’s his day,
Make his every day, like Father’s Day
A word of praise, a stand-up, a gift,
Nothing would hold, but your love and care, and respect…

Happy Father’s Day…



Few lines more, for both of them…

They never asked for anything in return,
For their love, care and devotion,
They never demanded your love,
But still, isn’t it just, to love them, to respect?

Have you been good to them?

‘Would it be good if your child behaved in the same way you do?’
Ask this to yourself, and you’ll know…


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