When we see our mother…


When you see your Mother…

What happens when you see your mother.? The answer is not one-liner…

Most of us saw our mom first on the day we took birth,
We opened our tiny little eyes, and after getting used to all the light in our eyes,
We saw that face which felt different from everyone else.

That face was exhausted yet had that satisfying smile,
That face was was tired yet was so excited to see us,
That face of our mother… looking at which we had smiled our first smile 🙂

When we were in her womb, we couldn’t see her,
All we could feel was her warmth and comfort,
But after stepping in the real world,
That warmth and comfort are felt again by us when we see our mother…

Her smiling face, her efforts to call out the word ‘mumma’ from our mouth,
Her still smiling face when we spoil her clothes with the accidental leakages… 😛
We can never forget what it is like to look at that face!!

When we see our mother, we get an internal strength to do more,
Her simple nod and a kiss to our head was enough,
To our question- I’m prepared mother, ain’t I!?
To get all the positivism and encouragement we needed.

When we started standing up on our feet,
When we first spoke some words, although bleak,
When we first danced pathetically,
Whenever we had ‘the first…’ firsts,
We looked at our mother’s face,
Filled with tears of happiness.

When we see our mother, we get hungry, 😀 I know,
The food she makes, oh, how can I ever forget!
The most important ingredient in it was her Love…

When we see our mother, we feel like sleeping in her lap,
She sings those lullabies and those songs and those melodies,
And moves her hand over our head,
The time stops there, we gotta go nowhere,
But that lap, my world is situated there…

Our first days in school, when she drops us at the gate,
We turn around, with that expression – “Don’t wanna go mumma…!”
And she encouragingly urges us to go, smiling, waving,
Although in her heart, she is more scared than ya’all…

We can tell that, ‘Cuz when we are back,
We are all excited to tell her our day,
She listens to us, feeling relived that her little one was safe…

Talking about being safe, it has never been a night,
She didn’t call us to enquire it, right?
‘Cuz that’s probably what gives her peace,
Her only token to buy a good sleep…

When we fall and get hurt somewhere, we come to our mother,
We show her that wound and make sad faces,
She smiles and blows that magical air from her mouth,
And all the pain disappears like a bubble in the air…

When we see our mother, our memories flood,
Good and bad, joyful and sad,
Memories of love, memories of pride,
Memories that give you a reason for this life…

When we see our mother,, we remember those days,
When we argued with her, we parted on our ways,
Those days we wish to roll back in time,
To make them right, to turn them from foul,
But we can’t, so we must- build new memories,
Whose joy overshadows those bad pieces in time.

Do remember, that she has crossed every line.
Just to make your comfortable, and happy, and shine,
If you don’t value her, it’s a shame for us all,
Cuz a mother is a Mother… If you know what I mean.

When we see our mother, we see no expectations,
All she does is her wish, her love, her satisfaction,
If you in turn, do little things, little help, little care,
Her smile would be amazing, her happiness, Brobdingnagian.

Don’t just wish her today, cuz it’s her day,
Make her every day, like Mother’s Day
A word of praise, a stand-up, a gift,
Nothing would hold, but your love and care, and respect.

Happy Mother’s Day…


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