The Pensive: Bad Manners…!

Once me and my mum were travelling in a bus. We were going home after a vacation at my uncle’s place. We were sitting behind a girl, probably 3-4 years elder than me (I was probably 5).

At school we had a subject called “Moral Science”, in which we were taught all good things and to not to do bad things using short stories… I loved stories and hence found that subject very interesting.

The girl in front of me started shouting all of a sudden. She wanted something. Her mother bought her what she wanted. It was some packed food item. I was looking at her keenly… she was eating that and throwing the waste so generated on the floor of the bus!

I told my mum “Look mamma! That girl is throwing waste on the floor! BAD MANNERS!”

My mother told me to wait and that we’ll shift our seat.

I continued looking at that girl and kept on thinking about her bad manners…

As we got another seat availability, we switched to that seat. As usual, I slept in my mum’s lap peacefully…

After sometime, the bus stopped and the people started to get down the bus. The girl tried to get up, but her frock belt were tied to the seat (it was a humble attempt to tie a knot). She fall hard back on her seat and started crying again. Her mother shouted at her “”What is wrong with you! Always shouting, always crying! Learn to behave! Learn your manners!”

All this while, I was peaking at the scene from my mum’s lap, which my mother observed. She smiled and asked me “What did you do to her?”

I said “She was doing bad manners. I tried to teach her good manners…” and I slept back in her lap with her patting me on my head..

I had always been a naughty one… 😉


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