Happiness is what?

Happiness is what?!


Happiness… A term we are familiar with,
Yet, we strive to know what it means…

Whether it means to be happy ourselves,
Or does it mean, to bring happiness around us,
Or is it to make others happy,
Or may be, is a well-defined myth?

I see people smiling,
I see them blush,
I smile and blush,
When I feel that rush,
Still inside, I feel it strange,
What is happiness?
The answer has huge range…

When I had opened my eyes,
For the first time, I saw,
My mother, smiling and crying at me,
I smiled back, ‘Cuz those eyes of her,
Made me feel happy, I guess…
So is this happiness, I ask,
To answer, is a huge task…

My dad helped me sleep at night,
His warm hand, on my head,
His strong arm, around my chest,
I felt that feeling so strange,
Like I was at peace,
Like I was at rest,
All the fear, all the problems,
Were another day’s quest…
So is this happiness, I thought,
To Answer, a part that I got…

I wondered how would I have spent my childhood,
Without the fun and games of my friends,
Like family they helped, shared, been there,
When I needed, When I was flared,
I never demanded anything out of them,
Yet that feeling, that kept us in the game,
We had our fights, we had our cry,
And then again, we fiddle, with joy…
So is this happiness, I wondered,
To Answer that I pondered…

We see dogs play by pushing each other down,
We see cats play with their tail around,
We see birds making different sounds,
And feel that feeling, that nature so crowned,
We wish that we could fly like them,
Or may be hop, or swim, or go high like them,
Then we think, we are no less,
‘Cuz everyone has some or other bless…
And yet we feel that feeling so bright,
When we see other living things,
Who live like we live, who die like we die…
So is this happiness, I miss,
To answer, I went on like this…

A kiss of love, a hug, a touch,
Splendid ways in which we feel each other,
That chocolate we got,
That trophy we won,
Those claps for us, on the stage, off the stage,
That pat on the back,
That bless on our head,
That moment when we stood holding hands,
That feeling, when we had our eyes locked,
That joy we felt, on saving someone from danger,
That feeling, so blissful, when we see them healing,
The pride we feel, when we see our dad stand for us, clap for us,
That proud we make in our teachers, in life,
Those surprises, those memories,
Those gifts, those presents,
Those mischiefs, those lessons,
Our first bike, our first ride,
Our first victory in the fight of kite,
The applause we see, that ovation. that unison sound,
When we make our country proud,
When we touch the soil, the ground,
We feel that patriotism, we salute, we toast,
To the soldiers, to the workers, who lost their lives,
All these feelings, I thought are happiness,
But yet, the answer, I didn’t get…

I see people, kill for money,
I see people, bleed their rage, feed their anger,
We see disrespect, we see jealousy,
We see betrayal, we see skulduggery,
People who can’t be trusted,
Are those who are entrusted,
Terror and panic are the new sensation,
Treaties are made to not to fight,
Agreements are made to not develop,
Silently we fear, they may strike,
Silently they fear, we may strike,
Robberies, loots, rapes, murders,
All are done, with passion and grudges,
Bad is for the greater good,
Good is nonetheless inferior to bad,
Happiness is also felt by these,
Wicked although, but feeling let be,
So what exactly is happiness after all,
The answer to which I wrote this prose…

So if someone can explain me,
What happiness is,
I would be most grateful,
To know the real feeling,
I urge, people, please let this verse spread,
Let peace and prosperity be spread in the world,
Let humanity be more sensible than animality,
(As today we have animality in humans and humanity in animals)
Let happiness in its true sense, be the first goal,
Let happiness spread happiness, and happiness at all…


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