(Almost…) Bus No. 44/4

I was late. Usually I came office on time and left on time. That way, I could manager my upside life. But as we all have it, bosses never like our equilibrium… My whole day was wasted doing nothing, waiting for my boss’s instructions on one assignment. I don’t know why he enjoys doing this, but he would assign some work only during last half hour of the day’s play.

That day too, he had given me some work at 5:50 pm – just 10 minutes to my freedom. It took me two hours to complete the three hours job and he took 30 minutes for a 5 minutes review…!

Angry with the community of bosses, cursing them and everyone else, I left the office. It was almost half past seven. I knew I had missed the bus. The schedule for busses was distributed unevenly on that route, based on the traffic. And now, the next bus was exactly after one hour. So I was to waste my time on that God forsaken bus stand.

When I found no one to talk to, I called up my mother, my first best friend. I was talking to her about my scumbag boss and his dirty ways of torturing me. And when my complete frustration was out, we talked about random topics.

While talking to my mom, I never realized that I was walking past a girl in a brisk way, which she might find offending. That I came to realise only when I had put the phone back in my pocket and I saw her in my way.

I smiled at her and may be she realized that I did nothing intentionally.

More than one hour had passed now. And I saw that may be it was time to find something else as the bus was probably never gonna come, after all, it’s government service.

So I started looking for alternatives. So was she. But the problem on this route was that very few options are available for commute. A few private pliers enquired about our destination but went cuz he didn’t get enough people for one way ride.

I saw her enquiring to one such vendor and he told her that he would take her only if he found more people to travel. She turned to me and asked me where do I wanna go? We both had same route so I agreed. But the plier man wanted more people.

So I told her to wait for the bus instead. She agreed and we waited. Just about in 5 minutes the bus arrived. As she had the being-a-girl benefit, she board early and I was left to make my way inside the bus through that jam-packed door.

There were dozens of heads between us which made it difficult for us to get along. Somehow, I saw her seeing me constantly as if she wanted to talk to me, but may be was hesitant.

The bus driver helped me move forward in the crowd by applying ridiculously sudden brakes. I incidentally bumped into her. We exchanged smiles and it was the time for me to strike…

There was some soft music somewhere. I thought that may be I was hearing it on my own, but actually it was her ring tone. Call from home…

The call went on for almost 20 minutes. I wondered why would they waste such time when the girl was about to reach home in an hour! There was no emergency after all to compete all of it.

Finally she put her phone back into her bag and I got another opportunity. I kicked off the topic “do you travel by this bus everyday”. She answered in affirmative. She returned back my question and I told why was I late that day.

I was about to ask her name, etc. When the bus driver shouted my stop-name out loud. I had to climb down and we stared each other through the window till the time the bus took turn…

I never expected her to meet me again, cuz I wasn’t supposed to travel by that bus again ever, and probably whenever I did, I could never find her…


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