Movies – One of those amazing inventions of mankind… πŸ˜›

Such an amazing experince we have, when we go out on a movie with our friends! Movies are joyful experiences, unless… you know πŸ˜›

So here’s a list of movie-goers. Some are formidable to go out with and some are fun… Enjoy!

The Commentator
The most annoying and irritating fellow! He keeps on reciting the whole plot (may be he has seen the movie, or he has read the review, or does some random guess, whatever!) But he will not allow you to see the movie on the screen without the commentary from the commentary box, right behind you! :@

The Serious Sucker
He’s a total intent movie watcher… He will not move unless the movie stops! He will not answer the calls. He will not even talk to the person sitting besides him. He will not even blink… For the sake of argument. πŸ˜›

The Sleeping Duck
Zzzzzz… Seriously! πŸ˜€ Not that the movie is kinda boring, but this one can’t ignore the dark light, the comfortable seat and the cool air. No matter what the actors are doing, how interesting the plot turns out to be, how much noise the surroundings have, and no matter who is sitting beside, they will doze off like a baby. But hey! What’s this sound!!! (Snores…) πŸ˜€

Mobile Moozer
Why do they come to the movie, if all they wanna do is keep themselves dumped in to their mobile screens! They keep on checking out their mobiles and the light gives effect of a white-light disco-ball. Good you have that talent dude, but plz, this is not the time! Worst are those cases who keep the mobile infront of their face, so the light comes directly on your face. To make it worse than worst, Mr. Fate will give them seat right infront of you πŸ˜›

Long Legs
God makes man. But sometimes, he even makes blunders. Long Legs will sit right behind you, with his over-extended legs hitting right at the back of your seat. He keeps on shifting in his seat, giving you constant kicks behind your back. You can try to look back and share your annoyance. And if Long Legs is a girl, forget that. As you cannot tell anything to girls without being accused of harassment. :-/

Big Buddy
He’s good. He’s talented. And He’s big… He is sitting right infront of you. And he’s blocking your sight. What can be done? Nothing… Change your seat, if possible. πŸ˜€ (Oh and, he might even have a gas-emitter on him :P)

The Blabbering Blab
Someone please shut this blab down!! God! She speaks so much!! She will constantly keep on talking to someone besides her. If no one is interested, then she will talk on her phone. If the battery is down, then she would probably speak to herself. But she can’t keep her little mouth tightly shut. Why don’t they have a Keep Silence Rule placed inside the theatre, you would think… πŸ˜›

Damsel in Distress
I got this phrase while chatting with my best friend today only πŸ˜› But it fits well here… These are those kinda people with whom you can’t watch any movie, peacefully. They would cry on emotional scenes and they would freak out on horror scenes. Not b’cuz the horror is so horrifying, but ‘cuz they are Damsel in Distress. Instead of enjoying the movie, you would have to enjoy their constant actions, and if she’s a girl, she would constantly annoy you with her screaming and scratching you arms! πŸ˜›

Love Birds
Ooo… Holding hands, unbreakable eye contact, loving smiles, playing legs (without footwears) , hollywood-style smooches… They don’t care what happens to the kidnapped little girl, or the bewitched family or the 100 million robbery… All they want is a silent corner and a little privacy πŸ˜‰ But hey! Theatre is a public place, ain’t it? πŸ˜€

New-made Parents
Yes… There life is changed from Love birds to babysitters. There is no one who would keep the baby safe, and they can’t even resist the urge to go watch a movie and live that life they had when they were in those category of Love Birds! But the baby wants attention. So the baby would start crying all of a sudden, with no relation whatsoever with the scene going on the screen… The couple would have a hard time in settling the baby down! And what you are looking at my buddy, your film is going on… Concentrate πŸ˜›

The LOLs
They take LOL literally and seriously implement it in their lives! Be it a little funny comment that the character pass or be it a really funny moment on screen, they would LOL (Laugh Out Loud), literally, taking all the attention to them, and defecting the impact of the comedy on screen. You would think twice before laughing, if on a funny scene, you feel like laughing and that guy isn’t… πŸ˜›

The Humour-o-us-Tragedy
There’s a serious scene going on and someone passes a sloppy comment. There’s a love scene going and someone passes a foul comment. There’s a comedy going on and someone tries to… (Oh shut the f@#k up!) He’s constantly passing comments and trying to make the people around him laugh with his bad sense of humour. Okay, sometimes he hits the goal, but still, he annoys… Make your own movie if you want, dude! :@

Unknown Speaker
You hear this ‘khus-pus’ (unknown whispers) around you. You try to find who’s that person, but the darkness kills your sight. You can’t figure out who he is, but still, the whispers keeps on buzzing in your ears, like a sound after an explosion… :-/

Late Comers
They are always late. And they would always try to find their seat on their own. They would always make mistakes in searching the seat. And they would… always… annoy you by passing by from your seat. :@

The Foodies
*Packets Ruffling* *Efforts to open the packet* *Order Announcements* *Giggles and Yummmms* *Munch* *Smack* *Crack* *Chomp* *Pieces Falling on the floow* *Thwack* *Pop* *Chewing Noises* *Passing the parcel* *The smell* *Burp*…. Anything else to say? πŸ˜›

Miss Too Much
I recently came across this one. She will spoil your whole experience. First she will comment on the seats, then on the audio quality and then on the people around. She will not let you watch the movie peacefully. First she will bring you to a nonsense movie, just because she wants to see it. Then she’ll annoy you by not keeping quiet at all.

During intervention, she will even want you to go and buy her something, not as soon as the break commences but when it is about to end. So, you’ll miss the movie. Further, she will not say it directly, she will just sit there next to you and you are supposed to assume that she needs something. And no, she will never go and buy it on her own.

The worst of all company to be with at movies, also at other places…

The All Rounder
Oh this is me… πŸ˜€ He’s a total enjoyable company to go on a movie with! He will eat, he will laugh, he will cry (okay not like that), he will pass comments, he will keep silence when necessary, he will not touch the mobile (if does, he will make sure he doesn’t annoy anyone), he will keep his volume down, he would take care of the person he’s with, he will not let you get bored (let the movie be whatever), and he will even hold your hand, if need be, or I should say, if she be…umm…you know πŸ˜‰


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