Colder outside the blanket



Winter is at its best now. The streets are calmer and the sky is empty. People prefer to go home early. Birds stay inside their cozy chambers instead of buzzing around in the sky. Friends hanging out tend to remain inside the walls now. We sleep early and wake late. We love our warm blankets so much that it becomes hard to let go of them in the morning!

And that is where I found myself yesterday morning… I was wide awake already. It had been almost an hour now that I was playing inside my warm and cozy blanket just because it was colder outside…

I was late by more than two hours that day at office. When I pondered on the reasons, I found that it was mainly due to my morning mollycoddled manners! So last night I tried something else. I didn’t use my blanket. And guess what! The morning was fresher than yesterday’s (although the night was not that cozy)…

Why am I sharing this? ‘Coz this is exactly how life goes…

We are fond of being pampered. From childhood, our parents pamper us, our friends do it too… We hardly like to cross that line of coziness and step on to more difficult ways of life. We like things as they are – simple, comfortable and cozy. And when they don’t, we feel like it is our “bad” time.

We slower ourselves by falsifying care and pampering ourselves instead! We use easy techniques and shortcuts. We fear the idea of facing our fear which can help us overcoming our fear… (Wasn’t it confusing? 😛 ) We dread doing something out of the line. We don’t try any new method just because we are comfortable with the old one.

We all do this! We all dread change. We love comfort. Just look around you, you’ll find several people doing this… Pampering our body, pampering our mind and even pampering our thinking – we stop ourselves from getting hurt by not trying anything at all!

So people, get up! Don’t pamper yourself or anyone else… Not even your kids! Let us and let them learn it the hard way, let them find their own way, their our solution and then if necessary guide them with your experience. But don’t coddle them…

We do not do several things in life just because we would have to come out of our comfort zone. Do them now! Come out of your pampered world.

I don’t really tell my readers to do this, I guess this is the first time… Share this idea with anyone you see pampering anyone. Tell him how he is tying himself to a Cannonball before running the race.

Remember, it is always colder outside the blanket.


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