Things that get on my nerves…


Not in so distant past, I read a message which so aptly fits our lives nowadays.

I love everyone…
Some I love to talk to..
Some I love to meet..
Some I love unconditionally..
And some I love to punch in their face..!

So I thought of making a list – ‘what makes me really angry / annoyed of something’… And I think it will never end 😛

But still for fun, here’s an abstract:

– When female gender fights on senseless issues;

– When my roomie forces me to wake up to open / close the door for his awkward movements from the house, spoiling my sleep;

– When I’m trying to relieve myself from nature’s call, and the phone starts vibrating in my pocket;

– When I’m driving peacefully in my speed on the side of the road and someone first overtakes me and then slows down his vehicle to take a turn, which forces me to slow down unnecessarily;

– When I wash my bike and take it for a ride, park it somewhere, and come back to find pigeon shit on it;

– When it is a weekend morning and I wake up to find a message from my boss “Today, we are working…”

– While trying to get the cream out from the pack, after several failed attempts, a huge amount of cream burps out of nowhere;

– At the traffic signal without timer, when it is actually green time for our adjacent side, the person behind me starts blowing horn;

– When somebody takes (steals) away the cleaning mop from my bike;

– When I’m trying to sleep and the door bell or mobile ringtone rings every now and then;

– When my boss asks some stupid question to me and then passes the blame to me to cover up in front of his boss just because I’m his junior;

– When my boss gives me some “urgent” work at the day end;

– When all the important / urgent meetings are scheduled on weekends;

– When Maps app doesn’t work in times when I’m at some unknown place and really need maps direction;

– When people wake up the whole neighborhood in doing their prayers or celebrating their functions / festivals;

– When the mobile battery dries up just when we are about to say something important on a phone call;

– When the downloading process, completed above 90 percent, fails and restarts;

– When the shopkeeper gives me some cheap toffee instead of change;

– When people try to judge me without any concrete base;

– When I’m listening to my favorite track on my mobile and it gets interrupted due to a call;

– When the tree that I always parked my car under gets cut away;

– When websense blocks some useful website; (which is all the time)

– When government officials ask for bribe, even after having enough salary out of our tax money, and even after getting bribe, they never do their job right;

– When the person sleeping next to me burps in sleep;

– When someone driving ahead of me spits from his window and the shit flies on to me;

– When in the swimming pool, someone swimming with me throws his nausea into the water side lines;

– When I’m eating my food and someone calls me unnecessarily;

– When the parking guard asks me to park my car at some other place after I’ve already parked it;

– When I’ve to accompany a person to shopping;

– When different government departments asks for same data again and again for different cards that I don’t want, but have to take compulsorily;

– When it’s the Sunday morning and someone comes and wakes us up;

– When we have just started kissing and there’s a phone call or knock at the door;

– When the female gender never puts the phone down / never ends the conversation;

– When I’m watching a movie (in the theatre) and someone who’s already seen it keeps on giving his commentary (you too my friend);

– When I’m in a line, waiting for one person to complete the sale and the other line besides me completes wholly;

– (Old one) when my Mario died at the last stage of a level due to plug of the gamepad being removed by me, accidently, in excitement; 😀

– When the soap keeps on slipping out of my hands while bathing;

– When friends say that “You never talk / you never remember”… When they themselves never do, and when they are in circumstances to do and I’m not!

P.s. Writing things that make you angry subsidizes your anger. Try out…by adding your things in the comments 😉


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