Buzzing Bee

The day was awesome. So many surprises and so much fun at office that day, a day probably you live only once in your lifetime.. 😛

Ask me what happened that day – I’ll answer that I don’t remember… B’cuz something far more awesome and unexpected happened that day, or that evening to be precise…

But before that, let me take you a few days back, when I first saw her.

As usual, no matter how reluctant I was to go to office, I entered the premise with a hopeful smile that today may be a good day. Usually, it is a general practice to wish people as we first meet them at office (a rather compulsory one). I tried doing that everyday, but their faces, their postures and the office environment held me from wishing them. So instead I’d just give them a approving nod and move on…

But this time, I saw none of my office colleagues on my way to my desk (or I should say section). Cuz my eyes were fixed on someone else. “She’s cute!!” was my first thought. “She looks kinda my type ..!” was the next one. B’cuz I could sense her madness and craziness by just one look in her eyes.

But then my promise to myself came in between that I would never befriend any office colleague (don’t ask, too many hateful memories)… [and I can break any promise made in my life, but not the promise made to myself. But for her, I was glad that I broke such promise…]

So I ignored all my instincts and gave her a smiling “hi”, which she returned approvingly. We had one or two conversations and then got to work.

Now back to that awesome day… I was about to leave when I received a call from my colleague to wait in the parking lot for him. I did. My colleague came with another person. Guess what? It was her… She came to me and said a cheerful “hi”, which anyone was bound to return with utmost zeal. (God!! She was looking cute in that pink kurti, or whatever color, I don’t really remember… :P)

We had a few conversations again. But she made a blunder in the last one. For which later at night, she sent an apologizing sms. That marked the beginning of a perfect combination in friendship…

I’m a good listener and a bad speaker, my friends say, b’cuz everytime I chat with someone, it is me listening and other person speaking. But this was of those very few times that I spoke equal content than the other person. Well, almost equal… 😛

Years have passed from that day, and still our friendship sails smoothly in the ocean of life. We hardly talk, we hardly message each other. We are not ‘tell each other everything’ or ‘always chatting’ buddies. We are just ‘made for each other’ friends…

This piece is for her… Remembering our first meeting and the days after. Remembering our ‘evil’ smileys and our ‘dirty’ talks… Our late night chats with no particular topic… Our laughter shared and every smile made! This piece is for her 🙂

P.S.: Happy Birthday Dobby… 😛


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