Missing Holidays

“Tomorrow’s a holiday…!”


Did that bring a smile on your face? Ya..?! Good.. But did that bring excitement in your eyes..? Did you shout loudly when you came back home declaring to your family members that it is free day tomorrow? Did you sleep dreaming about the next day, the day you were eagerly waiting to come..? Did the “!” mark at the end of the statement actually gave any exclamation to us? No.. Right?

Now remember the days in your childhood where all of the above happened! If you had a Facebook account at that time, you’d have actually posted about your holiday! 😀

But as we grow up and as we burden ourselves with the social and professional environment, we tend to feel lesser and lesser excited about holidays. All it remains is A Day we can have rest or we can complete our pending tasks from our To-do list…

We feel stressed and overburdened on holidays. As we don’t take holidays as fun but as another task to be completed. Our professional life has turned us into a task-achieving-machine who feels not or dreams not about anything else.

And… For those poor souls… Who are void of work-life balance at their office, would still be there working on their computer at office on holidays! So for them, obviously, Holidays bring no excitement…

We didn’t actually do anything important or productive as we say now, during those holidays. We just let our heart enjoy the moment. We didn’t make a plan for how we would spend the whole day! We used to just do whatever came to our mind!

But what we do now?! We plan for holidays. We plan how we would take leaves so that we end up getting more days off.

And I can bet that you’d agree that unplanned holidays were way more fun that our new planned-organized-booked-holidays.

I’m missing that time when holidays were much more fun…


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