It’s a sin to be Sincere!

“Be sincere in your efforts!”
“Be sincere to your work!”
“Be sincere to your parents!”
“Be sincere to your friends!”
“Be sincere to your partner!”
“Be sincere… Be sincere…”


You all would have heard such advices from various people in your life (assuming you’re not already a sincere person…) So how many of you agree with me that after being sincere, all you got was dissatisfaction? And would the other group argue (out of habit) that what I say is not totally baseless?

Just a few days back, I was talking to my friend who was going to complete one year of his first job. I asked him to share his feelings and experience with me; after all, I was going to be in his shoes in a few months from now.

He started with the usual – “It was a new experience… Different people, different background, different age and different mentality… Rules without logic… Learnt how to handle pressure… Learnt how to work in team… Learnt how to get things done from people… Learnt not to be sincere at work…”

There were many others in his list of experiences and learning, but I was stuck at this particular one! “Learnt not to be sincere at work…” I instantly asked him to elaborate that one. He went on…


Every office has a system of hierarchy. People are supposed to follow that hierarchy. The flow of work delegation goes from top to bottom and the flow of reporting goes from bottom to top. If the organization is strict in its values, people won’t be misusing their roles and posts. But this is hardly a reality! People twist and turn the rules and authority as per their wish to get their personal benefits. They use people, whom they call ‘friends’ rather than colleagues, to get them move upwards in the hierarchy or at least to earn more rewards, which they themselves do not deserve!


I was shocked to hear that! Because, all my life, I had heard the same story from about hundreds of people, that if we want to get results, we must put in our efforts sincerely! But here the dish called ‘reality’ that was being served to me was completely opposite!


Late sittings, skipping meals, working on holidays only gained temporary appreciation. When it came to reciprocate by giving extra pay, long leaves and free time, the organization didn’t do its part. And that made him sad.

While he always adhered to the office timings and priorities, keeping his personal priorities to next level, he was shocked at the reply from his manager for one of his request for leave.

He had an emergency at his home, his dad was sick and he had to take his father to the hospital. But his boss gave him an assignment which required him to go out of town. He requested his boss that better send some other eligible person on this project, because he has family issues to deal with. And the boss replied “Your family is your problem! Office should not suffer due to your personal problems.” That was the time he first realized that being sincere gets him nothing but temporary praise.

Not that his boss was a total jerk, but also he had created his impression of a sincere person. And now, if he resists, he sends out a message that he is changing. Instead, if he had balanced his work and personal life from the start itself, his denial for this outstation assignment wouldn’t have raised so many eyebrows.



While he was saying how he went from being sincere to not being so, I wondered, how can an organization benefit from such behavior with its employees! The organizations were themselves reducing the efficiency of its employees. They themselves forced their employees to work with zero motivation and innovation. They killed the employees’ creativity.

“Work after work, and the priority never goes down below ‘high’! It seems like we are stuck in a never ending work cycle, where we are forced to skip all our living rights so that the organization can prosper. Who said that slavery is abolished! Look inside any ‘prosperous’ company…”

I read the above para somewhere on the internet. It so aptly describes the feelings of a ‘tormented employee’!


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