Surprise Vurprise


Tick-tock… Tick-tock… Tick-tock…

The clock was moving at a speed slower than a snail. I was watching it like a bird watches it’s egg about to break. Just then two eyes appeared on the clock. I thought I went mad watching the clock constantly! But no! Those eyes were blinking even. They were beautiful eyes. But who was she? And there was something written below those eyes too – “It has been 20 minutes. It’s time to see 20 feet away.”

It was my computer’s clock I was looking at and the eyes that emerged out of nowhere was a program for benefit of my eyes which reminded me to see 20 feet away every 20 minutes.
So I agreed to it. I went outside to my favourite place in office – the balcony! I stood there besides my animal friends, pigeons, sparrows and butterflies. I was watching them and they were watching me. I was asking for friendship and they were scared that I would be a backstabber like other humans…

While standing there alone, I heard a ringtone on my phone, that hadn’t rung since ages. It was a ringtone for unknown number. The mobile directory application helped me find out who it was and the name was familiar. But why is she calling me? And how did she get this number! B’cuz this number is with only a few selected individuals in this world. I picked it up.

“Hey can you come down. I am standing here outside your office building.” She said.
It was time for lunch and maybe she was asking me to join the group for lunch, a project members lunch together. So thinking that I replied “Umm… Yeah coming…”

While on my way downstairs, I was thinking – I’ve never had any such friendly encounter with her or her friends or any of my project members that they would call me for having lunch with them. So that option is ruled out. So for what is she calling me?

I saw my phone again to see the name that the mobile application had suggested. It had just the name of the person. And it is generally a practice that we save our colleagues name along with the company name so that we can easily identify the person from the bulky contact list. So it was clear that she was not the same person I had thought her to be. Then who was she?

I stopped at the gate. I wanted to go back. But then I was curious. Be it a prank planned by my friends, but I should not just walk into it, just like that! So I used my senses to see the outside of the building without being detected by the people standing outside that I was watching. I saw someone, whom I had not seen here. So she was the perfect candidate for the prank being planned on me. But she wasn’t alone…

Oh my my…! It was my best friend with her… 😛 And now how the prank turned out on her, wait and watch… 😀

I went up again and waited for them to call again. Being girls and being hot sun outside, they were bound to call back me as it was much time after that call. And it happened. I didn’t pick it up…

Another call… I let it ring to the last moment and then picked it up. That voice was perfectly her’s…! How can I miss that unusual rollercoaster ride in her tone! 😀

The conversation ended up with me laughing and she, don’t know in what expression, but not what she had thought she would be in… 😀

God knows what happened, but next 20 minutes were so awesome that I had forgotten all my office anxiety and was refreshed top-to-bottom. It is so great that our dear ones can change our mood in no time. No matter in what severe the circumstances be, they would make us smile. No matter how heart-broken we are, they would do such senseless acts to cheer us up. We know they will never get us wrong, no matter how worse the words come out of our mouths and how bad we behave. That feeling that we can rely on that person, that feeling that they will always understand, that feeling that they will always be there…

Having friends in life is the one of those beautiful prizes for living… And having a best girl-friend (note the dash in between 😛 ) is more than that… 🙂


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