“Meeeeeeet! Don’t do that…”

😀 This would be the first time I’d be starting a post with a smiley face. But the way it is, it is..


I used to get such don’ts every day with an eyebrow raised and finger pointed. I used to look scared at first and then give a teasing smile, seeing which they used to smile back and look away thinking that “Yeh nahi sudhrega!” (Meaning – “he’ll never change!” in positive and loving way)
So this post is for those great people who understood me (or at least tried to), tolerated my teasers and made huge efforts to bring me to the place where I am…

I remember the first time I saw her. She was all serious and strict looking. I got scared on her first look. But still managed to gather all my guts and say good morning to her with a smile no one can resist to smile in return. She did it too. And put her heavy hand on my head. I felt like.. I can’t put it in words but it was good… We did not have much time in common, but when she was leaving the school, I went to her and requested her not to leave us… I could see a tear drop from her eyes and don’t remember anything after it… She was my Principal at my first school.

I was always of a kind that couldn’t accept anything wrong in any way. I would always stand against it or at least try to not be one of them. My mom taught me once that after eating something, I had to wash my hands and mouth, and throw the garbage in the dustbin. At the school, I ate a chocolate during a on-going 1st standard class at primary school (yes you read it right 😛 ). After eating, I had to throw the waste in the dustbin. But I couldn’t find any. So, I asked the teacher to show my where to put the wrapper. She asked me to throw it away from the window or to put it in some corner. She actually searched the dustbin too, but couldn’t find it either. (May be someone took it to empty it). But I resisted all her efforts to make me throw away the wrapper and concentrate on studies. Ultimately, she gave up and told me to put the wrapper in her purse. I followed the instructions… Still after 10 years, when I meet her, she reminds me of that incident… 😀 That was my first Primary Class Teacher.

Moving further in my memory lane, I find that Sir who never taught me anything at school. But still he was my favourite teacher and I his favourite student. Every day, I used to get up late and end up missing the school bus. He used to drive his bike to school and I used to ask for a lift. He would take me with him without any lectures on getting up early. That’s it… That was all we had common in our memory lane… But after all these years, when he looks at me, he feels happy at his decision at that time to not had given me any lecture on punctuality. No not b’cuz I’ve become punctual or something..! Cuz nothing would have got inside my brain… 😛

Then comes two teachers, who actually taught me at school. They still miss that innocent looking, but not at all innocent, talkative like hell but still studious, sincere but not at all obedient student… They used to pardon all my mischiefs in class, as I compensated everything by getting a good score. I remembered that day when they actually scolded me and I thought they were kidding and kept on smiling, which eventually made them smile too! 😉

One of my teachers liked me so much that she started scolding her own child (having same name as me) that why with same name he wasn’t like me!! 😀

But I had nightmares too! Which I don’t think deserve a mention on such day…
Parent’s meeting always has a dreadful day in the memory of a student. But for me it was all fun… My parents used to ask them for anything I did wrong or any mischief or any complaint.. But my teachers always favoured me 😛 It was fun to look at my dad’s face that he didn’t get a chance to scold me… 😀 I and my teacher used to laugh silently at this! My parents were so used to my good image at school that one day one teacher actually made a complain for me that I talk too much in class and my parents took it as a joke.. 😀

We always imitate our teachers… Mimicry is the best part being at school. There would always be some or other uniqueness in everyone, which the student would catch easily and then there would be blast of mimicry sessions and laughs! I still remember all our teacher-style-codes that we used to prepare for each teacher and then give them a rating… We used to try match that score by competing among ourselves by mimicking their style – sometimes even in front of them. (Don’t ask me what happened after that..) 😛

Now it is always a difficult to write thank you speech cuz we have to remember each and everyone in the list. Even if we forget one person, it looks like we are irresponsible or rude. So to include those million teachers that taught me, I’d just thank them all.. Without naming anyone individually..

It was my habit to give roses to my teachers on Teacher’s Day as a token of my gratitude towards them for what they have done for students like me… I still remember their faces when I used to go to them, about half a height as them and call them with all the cuteness I could… And offer them the rose. That smile that they gave in return and the way their eyes looked at me – Oh I miss that!! But as now our lives have moved on and we can’t actually go meet everyone we intend to – I wrote this piece just to give my heart a peaceful time (and to laugh at some of my childhood trivial moments)… 😉

Hats off to you guys… Teachers are truly wonderful souls…

P.S.: This is not for those guys who call themselves a teacher, but engage in partiality, money-logging and avoiding to teach their students the right thing…


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