Missing Someone I Don’t Know


I was starving… My stomach all sorts of sounds that it could possibly make. I understood its signals but couldn’t do anything about it. Firstly, it was raining outside and I had nothing to protect me from it. Secondly, I was all alone…

I was waiting for the rain to stop. But inside, I was waiting for someone I don’t know… Someone who could give me company – for dinner or for anything I do in my life.

It is human nature. They tend to search for someone to give them company and make them feel comfortable. We take our friends and family to shopping, movies, and almost everywhere where we could’ve very well go alone…

At the restaurant, the waiter asked me how many people with me. I said I’m alone (of course with great difficulty)! He arranged me an isolated place in the restaurant so that I can eat my dinner peacefully… And the other people who have come with their companies don’t make me feel uncomfortable.

But you can’t ignore the facts. Eating alone is very difficult when you don’t have such practice. All these years whole family eating on the table together had made me used to it. Now when I had to leave my hometown and stay alone in some different city I had some hard times…

After dinner, I usually take a walk or a long drive on my bike. It makes me feel peaceful and makes me ready to either go to sleep or gives me some idea to ponder upon… Even during these, I feel solitude creeping inside me. The roads, the trees surrounding the roads and everything else around looks at me strangely. They might be wondering that who would go on a walk alone! But I break their assumptions…

I wonder whether it would be the same if I had someone with me! Or it would be just same situation with talking in addition! I don’t know.. But nothing makes me desperate to have someone cuz other people’s experiences have given me negative reviews…

But still, a friend or family would have been a better company than my smartphone… It would have been a delicious dinner and a better time! At least, I wouldn’t have written all these sentences.. 😛

Anyways, my day was over and I was off to bed. I closed my eyes and slowly left my mind at rest.. But it took a long time to actually fall asleep. I was missing someone I don’t know yet.. 😉


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