Rickshaw Party!

hear-the-music-heart-live-the-life-you-love-love-love-the-music-music-Favim.com-70226.jpg (400×265)

Another tiring and boring day ended. I was walking on the road, playing foot-stone (football with stone). I was going home, which was a 6 kms run. Occasionally, I looked back to see whether I could find a mode of transportation to get me to my home. It was late night’s time, so the town was deserted, and I had rather pessimistic thought in my mind that I won’t be able to find any means.

I had walked probably 1 km by now. I kicked the stone hard that it flew away on the other side of the road. I looked around me to find another stone, just when a rickshaw came and stood by me.

Rickshaw was beaming with blue neon lights and a disco ball (small in size) hanging over the driver. I looked at the interiors more keenly and found that it had a 3.1 surround sound system installed at the back. The seats were of bright red colour. Even there was a red carpet on the floor of the back seat. The walls of the back seat had pictures of famous and beautiful actresses. The driver was wearing a grey jacket and white T-shirt over his blue jeans.

I told the driver about my intended destination. He agreed almost instantly. I took the rickshaw and it started. I was little less willing to sit in that rickshaw ‘cuz these kinds usually play music genre I don’t like and that too with loud noise (not volume). So I usually get headache after travelling in such rickshaws. But as it was night time, and I was almost gonna walk 6 kms due to dearth of transportation at this hour, I decided to take a chance.

The amazing ride started. He switched gears in odd numbers. I wondered whether he had broken the record of race cars to reach 100 MPH in 3 seconds..!? 😛

He switched on his music-box. A not so soothing and not so enjoyable number emerged from it. I almost squeezed my ears in pain. That noise was so irritating that I shouted at the driver to stop the rickshaw. He lowered the volume and asked me what happened.

Another passenger stopped the rickshaw. So I managed to avoid the question. The rickshaw began to move. The song changed. It was now a Bollywood hit number. I sighed in relief. The driver raised the volume to that level that nothing else was audible. I felt like I’m at a disco. The loud music soon turned from a headache to a stimulating factor. I started singing and whistling. My fellow passenger also started enjoying the song. We were moving left-right in sync to the music beats. The driver joined us in his way by doing some “ho-ha”…

I thought of something while enjoying the DJ night… How beautiful are these sounds that when mixed in a wrong sequence are called noise and when mixed in a right way, can lead to miracles…

Finally I reached my destination (ignoring the other two passengers who switched my earlier fellow passenger and who gave me and the driver a hard time.). I was unwilling to leave that track halfway. But I had no option. I paid the fare and let the rickshaw go.

I felt fresh and joyful, which was quite in contrast to the normal ‘me’ every night after office. I had worked the same hours and the same load of files and projects. I wasted my eyes in front of a computer screen (instead of nature) for the same amount of time. But I felt not a pinch of miserable!

Why can’t each day end in such a splash that we can get over our hard times faced during the whole day? At least it will give you a peaceful sleep at night and you’ll wake up smiling…

So ‘bhaktjano’.. (AKA readers) 😛 My free advice for this time is do something you love to do everyday. Don’t let the day end in despair. Let music be in the air… 🙂


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