Social Solitude



It has been a long time since last time that she spent a whole day without touching any electronic-social gadget. Ah, how badly she wanted a day off those silly social websites and those “always online” apps..! Irritated she was, with those beeps notifying a new message. And when she read that message, she couldn’t believe she wasted her time in reading that…

So finally, she decided to take a day off. She withdrawn from those apps, temporary,  at least for now. Hide her all other social accounts, that no one can find her. Put her mobile gadget on silent mode and put it sufficiently far from her that she couldn’t reach it at a hand’s stretch.

But one thing she wasn’t sure about – whether this solitude will give her peace? This was not a first time that she took a day off her social life, but it wasn’t the same feeling this time. She was not sure of the outcome that was, well, frequently proved by her experiments in life…

But she was firm to do it. She took the time to do what she does best. And filled her free time with family outings and visit a temple. It was very peaceful and she asked for blessings for her and family. She asked God a question that if he can’t take care of his creations (humans) why not stop the ample production he has so dearly approved? 

Her mind was fighting with her heart. She had double intentions. She was glad that she was in solitude.. But still she was in a rumble with herself. Her inner self was shouting back to stop this solitude. But she firmly kept balancing…

At home she read another book that made her feel her love for words.. The entangling beauty of architecturing words into amazing structures (called books) – her most amazing pass time – reading and writing (sometimes speaking even).

She practiced numbers for her future encounter with commercial world. She watched her favourite show on tv. She used fraction of a second so productively that she was happy at her decision to have left her social life at other side of the bay…

The day ended smoothly. She had done so many things, which earlier she took days to barely complete. Her decision was apt and maybe she will continue this practice for a longer time… 

What possibly can happen if she continues taking such breaks from social distraction..? On the positive side she used all her time in doing productive things. On the negative side, well it doesn’t matter. .

So what have we learned from this full page of blah blah blah.. Nothing.? Urgh..! We have learned that the social solitude maddens someone who wants to talk to you.. If you really want to do something productive, do it, but don’t put yourself at distant from people close to you.. Social media can very well be put away, but that doesn’t mean to put yourself inside a box and sit doing things you like to do! As someone has put it “The best time in our life is the time we have shared with other people!!” ;P


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