First Rain

It was a long but crazy day with friends. I was walking on the road alone, lost in my thoughts. It was a calm weather with moist wind. While I staggered on the road as if I was drunk, I even kept an eye on police and dogs. (Not that I was drunk but I loved to stagger like a drunk ;D)

I saw a waste bottle on the road. Instead of cursing the person who tried to spoil the cleanliness around, I played football – just that there was no ball 😛 I missed those old days when we played football with real ball. Now we get only weekends to miss those old days…

Just when I kicked the final shot into a dustbin, a drop of water dropped on my face. I touched it and felt the cold sensation. It was first drop of First Rain… The awesome gift of nature to us. The clouds come together and shower all the drops of water on the Earth, who is eagerly waiting for them to quench her thirst. Each drop of water travels about a few thousands of metres to meet the Earth. Their journey begins from the very beginning…

While in the womb of her mothers, it is in the form of a water reservoir in form of the Oceans, the Rivers and various other water bodies. From all these water bodies, all the drops are individually and collectively hand picked by nature and are formed into a collection of water particles called Cloud. Now the journey of this rain starts. It has to travel thousands of miles before it can actually pour its blessings on the Earth. It cannot just rain anywhere, they have to follow the rules of nature, the treaties that have been signed amongst various natural forces, who ultimately decide the course of the Cloud.

On the way, the Cloud meets several other clouds. It makes friends and foes too. Its fun with friends and fights with foes are visible to a naked human eye as a thunder or lightning (No technicalities here, please). In this fun and fight, sometimes a part of cloud, usually a collection of drops, are interchanged between the clouds. They join their friends or they leave their foes. The process continues till finally they reach their destined location. Now they have to wait for the right time. When all the drops and particles are united and are ready for the big jump, the cloud releases the gates and one after the other, the drops jump into the airspace. While this is happening, the cloud continues to move, so that there may be equal distribution of rain over the area they have been allocated to.

This is the time when the drops are most unhappy yet too overwhelming! They are sad because they have to leave their convoy till now, the cloud. They even are departed from their friends, whom they won’t be able to meet again in the same form. Who knows where the drop will fall and what form it will take and which convoy will it take to further continue its journey to a new reservoir, to a new family…

The time arrives and there they make the big jump. The free-fall from the sky is a great deal for them. Now they are totally independent and there is no one to stop them. While falling free from the sky, several drops gets distracted. They fall on flying birds, or extended buildings or different things. But they were not supposed to fall there. There destiny was to fall on earth. Other drops, who were fortunate ones, fall freely on their destination…

Their joy is so overwhelming that they spread happiness wherever they fall. Humans or animals, kids or grown-ups, naughty or serious types – all of those who really feel the splash of the drop of falling on their skin, the coolness of that water tickling them, feels that amazing feeling…

My movement was slow and I felt like I had gained some weight all of a sudden! It was hard to move my legs. They were so heavy. But why? Then I came to my senses, it was not my legs, but the jeans that I was wearing had got heavier! I was all wet from tip of my hairs to my toes…

My senses may have come back late, but I felt joy… First rain of the season!! 🙂


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