Lights.. Camera.. and A.. Cut!!

Lights.. Camera.. And a.. Cut

Lights.. Camera.. And a.. Cut


“Lights Camera Action” is what we normally hear. But I’m gonna say “Lights Camera And Cut”…

Just recently, I was watching one my favourite movies in horror genre. After the experience in the theatre, watching it over TV is, well, not quite satisfying. But you have no other choice, unless you happen to own a multiplex, do you?

So, the intro started, there was the prologue, the name of the movie and I was all “yayyyy” ready on my couch with the popcorn bucket and a drink…

I knew what was gonna happen in the movie. In a few minutes, there was going to be the intro of horror element in the movie. I was very eager to see that. But then, the scene just got cut!! 😯

And similar cuts were made every time there was some element of horror displayed in the movie. As I had seen it before, I could make out that in just 30 minutes of the movie, there were around 4 cuts, all censoring the horror element.🙁

I changed the channel instantly. My mood was totally spoiled after that.

I switched over to a family drama. The movie went on normally – two characters meet, talk, go out, entry of a bad guy, bad guy abducting the girl, trying to rape the girl, trying to kill the sister of the hero, trying to take over his property… It showed all of it. But in between that, there was a scene when the hero met the girl and they were going to kiss, when suddenly the scene got cut.😕

And then over a few days, I observed that almost each and every TV channel here, censored the horror scenes from horror movies, love scenes from romantic movies, blood scenes from murder / thriller / action movies, death scenes from final destination movies, and so on…

But none of them removed any cheeky unexplained (item) dance sequence in between the movies or rape scenes or smoking scenes or villiany planning or such bad scenes showing social evils like atrocity over wives, treating women as inferior or showing lies and crimes as a way of life.

If kids are going to get bad influence from love scenes and are going to get afraid of horror scenes, what influence are you making on them by showing above mentioned social evils openly?

Movies do come with parental guidance or rating certificates. But do we take that into account before letting our kids watch that? Do we give him proper education (not schooling) that would teach him the difference between good and bad?

And wouldn’t censoring horror scenes from a horror movie at 11 in the night drops the whole purpose of a horror movie? Deleting death scenes from final destination leaves nothing but a scrap non-understandable disorganized clips, not a movie.

Watching these censorship over TV, my 10 year old neighbor asks me “How does kissing scene influences bad on me and smoking or drinking or rape scene don’t? I’m not a grown-up that I’ll make mistakes even after knowing what is good or bad!” Kid said something very serious…🤔

We ourselves are building a society which is so prejudiced that our precautions in turn stimulates illicit activities.

These scenes or movies do not set a bad example in minds of young generation. But our failure in teaching them what’s good and what’s bad, in explaining them the difference between life and fiction makes them vulnerable.

Those who twitch their faces on hearing the word sex are bad people. Not those who openly give sex education to their kids.

Restricting them from learning these things makes a small kid vulnerable to physical abuse or stimulates a kid to speak lie and watch porn in secrecy.

The channels don’t do this on their own. It is us who give our prejudiced views on its content and force them to do such censorship. It is those Orthodox regulators who make such rules. And those of us, who understand that it is wrong, do not speak a word…

There are many evils in our society. If we are not able to fight them, at least let us not create some more!


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