Prejudge and the Prejudice

First we glance at each other. Then we see each other. Then we try to talk. If successful and interesting enough, we talk frequently. Slowly it becomes our habit. We start sharing from just talking. The sharing turns out to discussion and then to debate. This in turn changes to just talking again (As topics drain out, but not the desire to talk..)

In the journey, on some topic or issue, our talking turns to a quarrel. That quarrel gives birth to a thought. Not necessarily both the parties quarrel. Even just one person can make an angry face.

The thought then can develop in one of the two ways. Either it will just flush out of the memory getting tag of bad memory and will never return to our conscious mind. Or else, it will take form of a statement.

That statement can either be a reference material that we remember to use during future talking. Or it can be a judgement – a judgement on the other person’s nature, character and/or aptitude. This judgement is based on several things – our past experiences with this person, past experiences with other person, someone else’s experiences, our culture and general beliefs.

{Why am I writing all this!? Because I’ve been through such series of events recently and it annoys me most that how one can judge another person in just one or two instances! You don’t know what he means by that particular instance; he may be joking, playing around or even seriously grieved. He may even be sleepy and talking all nonsense in his half-awake senses…}

Our judgement may depend on several things, as I said earlier. But they definitely do not take into consideration the current situation and circumstances that lead to such event. We may even be having communication barriers in language or interpretation. In such half understood conversation, we start judging people by their words and body language.

This even creeps into our professional life, for instance, the interviewer frames a initial character certificate by just gazing the candidate for 5 minutes, or when the parties siting at round table frame their business tactics based on other parties facial expressions.. I mean seriously yaar! This is the dumbest thing one can possibly do! Judging someone by his dressing, his talking, his body language etc is seriously an offence to that person..!

All these can can be used as guiding principles but should surely never be used as deciding factors… Because our mind and body are so inclined that circumstances and environment around us, in past and even in future, affect our behaviour and even our decisions! In such situation, there are highly positive odds that our judgement for the person, framed just on the basis of “our beliefs”, is going to turn into a fiasco…

Com’on man, but no matter how best the advertisement of a pizza may be, you’ll know whether you like it or not only if you taste it… Looking at it, analysing its structure won’t give you any idea! (No, not even its hygienic status.. God knows about the condition of ingredients, storage and cooking environment.)

But still, in one day itself, we judge dozens of people around us and far… We get on to conclusions about the person being good or bad. We frame our reactions, be it annoyance or acceptance, on the basis of our own judgement. We hardly try to decode the other person’s message in the same algorithm as it was encoded. We decode it based on our own petty Prejudices… This creates a cycle of misunderstanding and will ultimately lead to quarrels, breakups and/or envy.

You all must know this that things are not colorful. They appear of that color that the object reflects the most to our eyes.. and it can even be decisive sometimes. One may look evil and devilish on first look and still can be good at heart…


So people stop your AJM [Automatic Judging Machine]. Break the habit… Give them a chance… Let there be identity of mind…

P.S.: Our lives aren’t much complicated. But we ourselves make them complicated..! So live simply, and simply, live…


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