One Day with One Hand

First off, I wanted to apologize for the paucity of posts as of late. April just ended, the month after March year-end for most companies and so my late nights usually went working at office. This has devoured the time I usually have to write posts.

I had planned several things to do when this hectic month was to complete. Me and my family even had decided to go on a vacation this summer to rejoice probably the last summer we may be able to spend together (b’cuz I’m gonna go to different places as my official job is going to start after this summer).

But Mr. Fate always have different plans for me… I fell from the staircase, got my hand fractured and found myself sitting idly on my bed. All the plans, all the wishes now trashed…

Scattered on my bed, trying to sleep, I recalled the whole day that how I managed to get things done using my single other hand. It all started the earlier morning…

I woke up feeling fresh and happy as this was the last day of work and soon I was going back to meet my parents. Finally my wait was over. After having my breakfast, I was going towards the road when all of sudden my leg tricked on some wooden pipe and I fell with my face towards the ground..

I tried to reduce the impact by using hands, which was my worst decision as then I came to know that my left hand’s scaphoid bone got a crack…

Doctor said that this is the worst bone to be broken! As it takes too much time to recover… Mr. Fate always gives me his best and toughest test!

I went home after about a 4 hour treatment (not that the treatment was so long, 90% comprised of waiting time). I wanted to pee. But for that I have to unbutton my pant, one handed. I somehow managed, but it stroke me well enough that my hard time has started.

I had to get in to my night apparel. But that was kept in a suitcase, which was again on a raised platform. My right hand was not fractured but had some bone-mascular injury. I couldn’t even lift my laptop one handedly!

I tried to get the suitcase, but it just slipped from my hands. I couldn’t bare the pain… The suitcase landed on the floor with a bang and spilled the insides all over the surrounding. My plan to take rest was screwed up as now I have to put things back to their place.

Finally I landed on my bed to take rest, but the annoying calls from office, friends and others never allowed me to sleep… I don’t get one thing – what is the point of asking ‘How are you now’ or ‘how are you feeling’ when we know that the person is sick! That’s common sense, I mean…

I got up feeling hungry. I had to go outside for getting some food. For that I had to dress up again. But i remembered the pain I faced while changing the earlier time, so I decided to go out in these night apparel itself. To hell with what people may think…

I had to lock my room. We had that old external lock which needs one hand to hold the lock and other hand to twist the key. I had to use my leg as substitute, don’t ask me how!

That day I had to apply for membership in the professional course I had cleared. I had to first verify the docs with a verifying authority. I went there and told him my purpose. He asked me to show him the docs,  in the most rude tone one can possibly say. My docs were in a folder with a closing flap. I somehow managed to open the flap but now I had to remove docs from there. I was trying so hard to remove the docs but my one handed efforts were not enough.

All this while, that person was looking at me and shouting “Where are the docs? Where are they? Show me!”…

I looked at him desperately for help but he just looked away and did his typing on keyboard…

That time I learned something… being good is bullshit! I should have been a bad boy with other criminal friends… So that we could together beat him to death! But I was a good boy, I was bullshit…

Back at home, it was dinner time. It was self-service and I had to put things I have to eat in my plate. But I had only one hand… After dinner I got my water bottle. But to open the bottle I needed two hands!

After a hard day, I went to sleep. Next day, it was morning mumble-jumble. Brushing my teeth to start at… how do I remove the paste from its tube onto the toothbrush with one hand! Taking bath with one hand was another issue…

My favourite way to use my time is to play some musical instruments or even a table – can be used as a tabla… 😛 but now. . 😦

Scattered on the bed, I recalled my previous day. This is just the beginning, I thought. Let’s see what Mr Fate has planned for me…


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