Bipolar – a disorder or a choice?


“Don’t worry, be happy!” – a dialogue that we hear so often these days…

According to surveys conducted these days, many people around us are suffering from bipolar disorder. It means that person has two extreme psychological state of mind where he is extremely happy and enthusiastic and on the other hand is extremely depressed and shallow… but is it really a mental disorder? Or is it that people are choosing this by themselves..?

Our environment is changing day after day and so is our society, our culture and our beliefs. Earlier people used to spend their life learning something new each day or doing the same thing everyday. Anyway, they were happy. Now people try to learn something new everyday or just waste their time doing things comfortable to them. Anyway, they are unsatisfied! Why?

We get sad when no one likes our status on social network. We get sad when we disagree on tonight’s dinner venue with our partner. We spend double the time in editing a pic than in taking some more beautiful snaps! We feel depressed when we see other’s clever display picture. If someone can play guitar, we feel inferior,  even when we are master in painting! We feel irritated by heat, we don’t like cold, we hate mud during monsoon! We get jealous on someone’s pretty face. One day without talking to our best friend, we feel like dying! ‘No network connection’ message on our phone and we are devastated! Next day we apply for MNP!  We like others with the expectation that they will in turn like us… We ourselves are making our lives complicated!

Instead of trying to fake what we are not, why not be ourselves! Accept that people can be better than us in some area! Accept that we can be disliked by someone. Digest that we may not be perfect personality for few people! But for others, we may be everything they have…

For example, I was travelling from some unknown place on earth where only public transportation is available, at least on paper. The 6:15 bus will come at 7:15, then there is traffic jam because people are not following traffic rules, then the uneven roads, the withered condition of bus and not to forget the huddled sitting conditions inside it.

Instead of cursing the people around me, the people of this country and the government, I thought why not utilise that time and do something..! I could have sat there arguing with the driver, taking out my anger on other passengers and cursing the conditions of this country. But I ‘chose’ to write this post, while listening to my favourite pop and rock collection… Instead of being sad and irritated, I chose to be happy!

There was a constant smile on my face, even in that totally pesky condition. Because of my smile, the person sitting next to me felt more comforting to start a conversation with me, than waste his time looking out of the window and waiting for other vehicles to move. At the end, he was smiling too. Because of his smile, the next person felt happy too. Soon the whole bus felt peace and people started choosing to be happy over the option of being sad…

But there was one person in front of me. He constantly kept on cursing different people. Even when we had left that traffic behind and we’re enjoying the cool breeze of summer night, he was still irritated for being there. His face was the worst and he would probably feel better only after two to three days! Now would you choose to be so…?

You may be thinking that this is another be satisfied, love your life, love others kinda bullshit! But no! It is not… I’m no where saying you to be satisfied in life. I’m not asking you to accept the ‘bad’. We should fight against it and ask for our rights. But, is it required to give away our smile in the process?

We have become materialistic. We love our ipods more than our little siblings. We spend time infront of the screen trying to add it up to our friends list. Instead why not hangout with our friends, real ones! But try to find happiness in such temporary events… even the smallest bumper on the road is enough to screw our journey and soon we would be off-tracked!

In the topsy-turvyness of this world, we are faking our identify by being the person we are not. We eat, drink and wear what we think would impress others. And get depressed when we fail in it. In our lives, we fall, we crawl, we break but we take what we get… cuz life’s like this!


Two Faces

So people let’s not fake it. Remember,  there’s always a choice and the choice is ours to make… Choose to be happy 😉


Smile Please...


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