A visit to a school


Everything was normal that day. The sun was up from the east, the sky was all blue, wind bowing at normal speed… I woke up rubbing my eyes like a small kid who wanted to sleep five more minutes 😉 When I came out of my house, my mind didn’t even have a slightest guess that what was going to happen today. I thought it to be a normal day as we have everyday…

I was walking on the road to my workplace, thinking about something I don’t remember now… The road took a sharp turn to left. I walked forward, when all of a sudden a girl of an age around 12 came running from a building on my right. She was running as if she was running away from something, or from someone. While running she slipped and fall on her back…

I ran towards her, helped her up, and asked her if she was hurt. She looked at me and I felt a weird sensation in my belly, as if something was moving inside me. Ignoring that, I asked her again while she kept looking at me. Finally she replied a no by shaking her head left-right.

I glanced at the building from where she was running. It was a school. I asked her “Why were you running away from the school?”

She replied “I’m afraid…”

“Of what?” I asked back.

“Of the people there…” She said with her head down.

I was confused. I myself hated the people at my school who loved to spoil my childhood with exams and rules. But I never ran from them, instead I gave them a challenge to teach me. 😉

I held out a hand for her, which she took. We walked back to school. Then she abruptly stopped and looked at me. She was frightened, literally! I consoled her by saying “Don’t worry! I’m there with you. I won’t let you get hurt. You trust me?”

She nodded and after a while said “So you are my friend?”

I smiled and said “Yes.”

When we entered the school, she held my hand very tight. I wondered what scared her so much…

The school was good. I mean the infrastructure. There was a huge round water-pumping artificial tree. On my left there was parking lot and on my right there was a security office. The entrance was glorified with architectural design and the name of the school highlighted on the wall. There was a pole with our national flag hoisted on it (For a second I looked at it with pride)…

The school was so silent that even our footsteps could be heard clearly. I asked her about her class. She was in 6th class. I looked around, trying to find her room. I was feeling totally nostalgic being there. Those friends, those pranks, teasing the teachers, punishments, walking out of the class as if we had won a battle! 😀 Bunking the theory classes, sleeping on the last seat, watching out of the window, those quick glances at our crush…

“I don’t want to go there! Let’s go to the play room. You play with me… Please!” She said in her most persuading manner. I smiled and then agreed. (I myself wanted to go back to that time) We played games for some time, even other students there joined us. Then all of a sudden there was a long trrriiinng, indicating that it was recess time. From everywhere around me, kids dressed in similar uniform but dissimilar shapes and sizes came running. Some with their food and others with glaring expression of happiness to have successfully completed that one hour torture. 😛

She pulled my hand and took me to meet her friends. She introduced me to everyone of her friends saying that I am her new best friend and that I helped her life. (By helping her get up on the road 😀 Kids are so innocent…!)

I had few chocolates in my bag which I distributed amongst them. They fought like soldiers to get a grab on those, which made me laugh so much. I told them stories, they told me theirs; one girl asked me whether I had any girl friend, upon which another girl squawked at her that she got no chance. Already I was occupied with my little friends. 😀 I wondered how these little angels learn all this!

Playing games is the most interesting part in recess. They played all kinds of classical, modern and self-made games. While few played I don’t know which game by different sized balls. 😀 They argued with each other about the rules, which were changed everyday as per convenience! And then one over powering boy would announce rule of the day. But then few rebels opposed him. I wondered how these skills vanish as these kids grow up, that they have to take up classes for improving their skills.

The break was over. It was again time for so called studies… But people around me didn’t go to their classes. Instead I heard a big thump somewhere and everyone around me started running towards the ground. I looked with confusion on my face towards my little friend. She was looking at me, already…

“Don’t worry! Nothing will happen to you. No one has come here for ages! People seemed to have ignored us totally. But today you brought happiness in this school. For years we had waited that someone would come and play with us. Someone would feel for us, someone would offer us friendship. But no one came. Today you have brought peace to these people. Even I would be at peace now that all of my friends are finally happy and not scared…”

I was looking at her dumbstruck. What was she talking about! I had lost her completely…

She smiled at me and started walking reverse from me, as if teasing me to catch her. I went towards her and she started running. I followed her. She took a turn at one of the doors and when I reached there, I was horrified at the view! There was nothing there. The room, where there were a few dozen kids, was completely empty. The furniture was totally damaged, as if it was burned or blasted. I turned around to look at the main hall and couldn’t walk any further. I fell there on the floor with my mouth full open.

The school had turned into a ravaged building. There was nothing there. All the trees and plants that I had seen there before were no more. The walls which were of light blue color were now painted with black ash, with red blots all over it.

Fear crept in me. I shouted with all my might for help. Where was I? How a school building turned into a desolated and despoiled structure! Where were all the kids? Was I dreaming? I slapped me on my face and nothing happened.

I ran here and there. I called for my little friend. I came to the main entrance of the school and was shocked to see that the gate through which I had entered was no more there. It had fallen on the ground. I turned around and cried in shock. My little friend was standing in front of me. There was a big bulge on her head. Blood was flowing from that…

“What happened to you? … How did you get hurt? … Tell me! Why are you not speaking anything!”

She raised her hand and said “Come with me. I’ll show you what happened here.”

She took my hand and pulled me inside the school again. I chocked to see there were bodies of hundreds of kids all around me. But they were not dead (Maybe). They were looking right at me! All with the same expression-less faces… I looked at my little friend for some explanation.

She told me to close my eyes. I followed her instructions. I saw the school back to its original form. I heard a gun shot behind me. There were 7 gun men with masks on their faces. They shot the security at the gate and ran inside. The hall was filled with kids. It was probably the recess time. They came and took control over the school. They were probably fugitives. They were beating the kids, even shooting those who tried to escape out of the school. I looked at them flabbergasted…

One of them came running towards my little friend. She ran towards the stairs. I followed them. We soon reached the terrace. My little friend was standing on the edge of the terrace wall. When the fugitive tried to get her, she jumped from the wall. I shouted in pain and ran towards the edge. I looked over it and saw her lying on the floor, dead, blood flowing out of her head…

There was a huge explosion and the building started burning. I came back to the ground floor and saw there were several small human figures burning in fire. I sat there crying…

“Why God? Why let these kids die like this!? I can’t do anything to save them. God! Why?”

A hand patted me on my shoulder. I looked around and there was my little friend. She was crying too. Then she hugged me. I hugged her back… All the kids came to us too.

“For a moment, I thought you people as my family. I… I’m sorry guys. I… I just… I…” I was chocking with grief.

My little friend said “Don’t worry! You have given us your friendship. We always wanted a friend who would come and play with us.” She was smiling at me. And so were all other kids. “We will now rest in peace. Good bye bhaiya, you’re a good person.”

With that they all disappeared. I came out of the school building. I turned to look back at them. And saw my little friend waving at me. I waved back to her. She gestured me to smile. I tried to give her my best smile…

While walking towards my workplace, all I was thinking about was those kids, that school and those fugitives… What “mission” did they achieve by killing those young lives…!?




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