It’s her birthday today!

I was waiting for the clock to strike 12. The second hand was ticking at a pace of one second per second. The minute hand was moving very slowly, maybe tired of moving for all these years. And the hour hand was just stuck at ’11’. The lids of my eyes were closing upon, even after trying so hard to stop them and I was almost dizzy, when the phone rang…

It was my mum. We talked about random things from during the day. I finished the conversation feeling relieved in my mind; as talking to my mum for some time makes me forget everything else. Again, I started gazing at the clock and those hands which were moving at a pace; completely in contrast to what they move while in our exams. The minute hand moved to ‘5’ on the clock. It was still 35 minutes from now that I was gonna make that call to her. It was her 21st birthday and my first in next few minutes…

I tried to pass my time by using social media, but was bored of it in a few minutes. It was still 30 minutes away… So I recalled the first time I met her. It was just one month back when my best friend invited both of us to her place for dinner. Even though we met and talked for the first time just a month back, but I already knew her since one year.

I recalled the first time I heard her name. It was my best friend who told me about her – that she is the most sincere and hardworking girl in their girls’ gang. That didn’t impress me, b’cuz I hated being sincere! I liked those kinds who could achieve goals without being sincere about it. But soon she described her nature and personality which changed my perspective about her. She was good at writing and public speaking. That impressed me a lot! (All those things which I was bad at impressed me like anything!) Aah! And her wit was good too (which is the most important thing for me to befriend anyone). So we talked about her (actually she did) and she even told me about her writings. I looked up on the internet and found her write-ups and from that day started reading them…

The phone rang once again. It was my best friend now. There was nothing to talk about, so we started with our usual stuff (like describing the whole day to each other…). Our conversation soon transformed into laugh riot and then it ended with night-wishing… I looked at the clock again –  it was still 20 minutes far…

Reading her write-ups was very inspiring to me. It made me restart my pending write-up which I had started long back in past. I took learning from her way of describing and connecting things, and tried implementing it in my work. And I wouldn’t back away from admitting that her write-ups were totally entertaining, that I couldn’t & wouldn’t miss any of them! She had the talent to change anyone’s mood by just her words…

There was one more common friend between her and me, and was also one of my best friends. Even she once talked about her write-ups and her overall persona. I told her that I already was reading her write-ups and she was like “How did you find out!?” I had replied “I have my sources…” 😉

The clock had almost stopped (I felt like that). How could it be still 15 minutes to midnight! I was thinking all these since more than an hour! I guess…! I took my music player out and played a song on random. And to my surprise, it played just the song which suited the moment at that time 😉

My life started with music and would probably end with music. All my hobbies, all my likes and dislikes are somehow somewhere connected or related to music. And she dislikes music! That didn’t really sink inside my mind, b’cuz we generally have prejudice that ‘how can someone not like things which we love!’ I didn’t know anyone else who disliked listening to songs or humming something whenever they felt like that! But then, I thought about it… There would be several things in me that people won’t digest. But still I may be continuing with that because I want to. Similarly, people would have their own choices and preferences. Who am I to decide whether they are right or wrong! With that I accepted that there could be someone who is not interested in music. (But still some part of me thinks that I can make her interested in music if I get a chance to listen to music with her… A difficult task, for sure, and a difficult chance even!)

My first meeting with her was when our common best friend invited both of us for dinner at her place. I was scared about what would I do there at the first place. But it all went naturally, and I guess, I’ve found a new best friend… We talked about several topics, shared several stories, recalled several moments and discussed several issues! Half of my time went laughing at their stories and half of the time laughing at my stories! In short, we couldn’t stop laughing all the time! I was happy that night to have got such memorable memories in my life, which would always bring a smile on my face, when I dive into those memory-oceans…
The clock was to strike 12 in just 2 minutes. I gathered myself up from the pieces scattered over my bed. I held the phone in one hand and the watch in the other (Now I think that why was I holding watch in one hand, when my mobile shows the time!! Anyways, to err is human ;).  I dialed her number. The pulse in the phone converted to a pause and then a ring; and there was a voice talking…

I was on the verge to shout the Birthday wish when the voice said “The number you are trying to reach is busy on another call. Please hold the line or try after some time.” And there was me, sitting with my mouth half open. You would be laughing right now and so was I after some time! My second by second gazing at the clock and what was the use! 😀

So I decided to call after some time. I put the phone down and recalled her face. I tried to visualise how she would be reacting right now to all her friends’ wishes. How she’d be smiling! She would be so happy today… 🙂

All of a sudden, my eyes opened. (Yes, this means that they were closed earlier) Fear crept into my mind, I turned around and picked up my phone. With all my hopes I pressed the unlock button and a lightning struck me… The bed below me seemed to have vanished and I felt like falling into a never ending well! I hit myself hard on my head! All the butterflies in my belly were dead now, b’cuz the time showed 5:10 in the morning… 😦

While welcoming the sleep, I was wandering around my garden of thoughts, thinking about the times I had in my life, good and bad, the lessons that I learned and the memories that I earned… (At least it is a better exercise than counting sheep! Duh! 😛 ) After a few ups and downs, and a few turnarounds, I finally felt dizzy again, and soon, was deep asleep…

Our life brings to us many small moments which deserve a place in our memories album. These memories do not just revive us back to that state of mind, they even teach a lot to us about the way of life and people. Memories often bring smile and tears together, which is said to be the rarest combination and the cutest couple!

Cherish your memories, learn and live life to the fullest… Each moment in life offers us something to capture and store in our mind… Hope the disk in your mind is full of such moments that you never have to feel melancholy in your life or even after…

Have a nice day… 🙂

P.s.: I wished during the day time then… 🙂


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