Love vs. xyz

Every year, we celebrate this day as the Valentine’s Day. The day for love, of love and with love. People propose on this day, marry on this day, and do all sorts of crazy things that lovers do on this day, to make this day memorable to them! Even those who don’t have a “partner”, celebrate this day with those whom they love, be it friends or family or others even. So basically, it is ‘love’ we are talking about…

But nowadays, I find this word ‘love’ being talked as if a “bad” thing. People tend to relate this word with physical attraction and sex. (Don’t ‘eeuuu’ like that when I say this word!)

People fall in love so easily nowadays! They see someone good looking and fell in love! Instantly! And then they see someone else and the process is repeated! Is that love?

Love, the same feeling, will be different to all, to a heartbroken, to a lover, to a person void of love experience and to a person who couldn’t get his love!

Let’s not stretch it… All I want you to know is that Love is a primary feeling out of which all other feelings emerge. I want to clear the dirt on the meaning of ‘Love’. As you read along, you’ll find a conversation from meeting of all feelings, agenda being “Electing a Chair-feeling”

Ego: Let’s not waste too much time on election. I accept the position of Chair-feeling.


Other feelings What?! No!! Huh!! Go to hell!


Love: Let’s start with discussing ‘Good’s and ‘Bad’s of all us feelings… So who shall start?


Ego: I’m the only feeling that rules all the other feelings. I’m the best. No one else can overpower me! So I’m the best candidate for Chair-feeling…


Love: Ego you’re not the best, but the worst of all feelings! You are the only reason that other feelings have never come together holding hands. You have kept us apart!


Lust: Then I’m the one! I only coordinate all feelings towards attainment of one goal! I’m the driving power…


Fear: No Lust! You can’t be the leader! You always make us move in wrong direction. What if the thing that you are attracting us to isn’t good for us! There’s so much uncertainty in your actions! Instead we should choose me! I am the driving force that can make others do wonders!


Hope: Not without me! If you are alone, you would probably make the person weak! Hope is always needed to overcome fear! All you do is scare!


Envy: Huh! What Hope does is just waste of precious time! Instead we can select someone better than him!


Shame: Envy you keep quiet! Because of you, I get developed into person’s mind and he starts loathing himself!


Cruelty: (Smirking) That’s good! It is good watch to see someone loath someone, especially himself!


Disgust: Cruelty! You’re so disgusting! And so are your thoughts!


Boredom: Guys! Plz do something interesting! I’m so bored here! Let’s do something else, we’ll elect chair-feeling some other day.


Hope: No! Let’s not lose our hopes just yet! We can if we cling to it!


Pride: Hope and Confidence are the only two feelings I’m proud of! Otherwise each and every feeling is just so diverting!


Friendliness: I think we should keep ourselves to discussing topic and not just beating around the bush!


Love: True! Speak about yourselves and not others!


Enthusiasm: Let me start first! I’m the feeling which inspires the person to start! To concentrate and to avoid boredom and irritation.


Both boredom and irritation twitched.


Hurt: I think we should select a bad feeling as a leader, eg Me. As a broken heart always works cautiously.


Envy: No broken heart may just break everyone’s hearts! A big no to Hurt!


Sympathy: No! I support Hurt! He is right! Broken hearts become good and sympathetic people! They help and work towards attainment of goal! They don’t get attracted to Lust or Cruelty!


Ego: Wrong! Broken hearts are the most likely to go for Lust or Cruelty!


Vengeance: I think I am the most powerful here!


Respect: And the most dangerous even!


Stress: I’m so stressed of all these things!


Anxiety: It is so sad that still after hours of discussion, we have reached no conclusion!


Envy: You are just so negative thinker! Stress should have no place in our lives!


Hope: No! They too play equal part in the film!


Doubt: I think that Love’s idea of pros and cons is itself not satisfying!


Nervousness: I’m not sure who among us will be the best candidate! We should probably skip this issue or keep it pending for next meeting.


Confidence: No! We are avoiding this since ages! Not now! We can do it this time guys!


Hope: I agree with Confidence…


Hate: I think I should be the one! When I come to picture, all other feelings are void!


Love: Hate you come only after I’ve entered!


Anger: I think I should be selected. I can overpower any feeling!


Love: True! You can! But Friendship and me can always calm you down!


Cruelty: Not if I and Anger combines, there’s no one to stop us!


Joy: If you too combine, I’ll get convert to Anxiety!


Pride: And I’ll go away!


Disgust: And people will have me as their feeling for you…


Anticipation: I think I should be the one! People have me always in their lives!


Hurt: And what do they get from you anti? They always get hurt from you!


Hope: Not if anticipation gets fulfilled…


Anxiety: But that’s like one in million times!


Friendliness: And because of that I get damaged! Anticipation should be avoided, just like Stress!


Ego: I already told that!


Envy: Yes! Remove even Disgust. He too is of no use!


Irritation: Yes! Envy is right! And also remove Envy and me! We both are even useless for people!


Envy: You shut up, Irritation!


Love: (Sad) Plz guys! Don’t fight like this!


Hope: Don’t worry Love! We can do it!


Fear: Blind hope is waste, Hope! You must act even!


Joy: I think I should be the one! I bring peace and happiness into person’s life! Select me people!


Hurt: But you don’t stay much till the end! I have to come eventually!


Love: Yes, true Hurt! But that doesn’t mean that he has no role to play! Life is a cycle of happiness and sadness!


Envy: I think Love here is the only person ruling here! Make him the Chair-feeling! Ultimately he’s only dictating here!


Friendliness: Shut up Envy! Love is right! At least he is giving sensible statements!


Ego: So what! Even I was! So I should be the king here!


Pride: It is nor about King or Queen! We only want a Leader!


Envy: Oh yeah! What’s the difference?!


Friendliness: There is! I think I should be selected as leader as I bring all the feelings to life!


Love: And that is only possible if I’m there!

Everyone started fighting over the issue!


Love: Wait! Plz! Guys! Please listen to me!

No one was listening.



And there was silence almost instantly!


Love: Thanks Anger! There’s someone who has not shared his views since the inception of our meeting. Trust? Want to say something?


Trust: No.. I believe in you guys! I know that you will choose no one but the best! I trust you feelings!


Tear crept down from Love’s eyes. Pride looked up to Trust with all the pride. Anger and its team were looking relaxed for the first time. Cruelty and envy were discussing among themselves secretly. Ego just looked away from all others. And other feelings were looking up to Trust and Love for final decision. Trust looked at Love.


Love: Being the senior most member of this committee and being the universal feeling of all feelings, I propose Trust as the Chair-feeling. Votes please…


Everyone except Ego, Cruelty, Envy and Trust voted for. Love and Shock were looking towards Trust. Why was he not voting for


Trust: Why are you proposing my name? It is your position, take it! Everyone will agree that Love is the best and supreme feelings of all. You are universally present in every feeling on the Earth. You’re the one!


Love: (Smiling) Love is not to take! Love is to give…


Trust got emotional and started crying. And so did Love. They both hugged each other.


Love: Trust you know something? I may be the universal feeling, but I’m nothing without you! If you’re not there, I’ll soon be dead! You are the best feeling of all! Not me!


Trust: Love! Only me will make the person vulnerable! There has to be you! Love, you are present in all feelings! Friendship has love, respect has love, brotherhood has love, parent’s love, sibling’s love, teacher’s love, stranger’s love, animal’s love, love for materials, love for nature, love for hobbies, love for work, love for oneself, love for the person who helped you when no one else did, love for the person who never stood by you but you can’t stop loving her, love for the uncertain, love for the desires, love is everywhere in everything between everyone! Even hate has love hidden in it.. So I think Love would be the best choice for Chair-feeling…


Everyone voted for except Cruelty and Envy. (Ego got subsided by Love!)


After a while of discussion and debate, it was a moment of triumph! It was for the first time in history, two feelings, Love and Trust were elected as the Chair-feelings of all the feelings in the world…


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