15 January 2014 [Part 2]

…Continued from Part 1…

Finally my moment of departure had come. I gave my packing final TouchUp. I was tired a lot and wanted to go sleep as soon as I get a chance to sit on my seat in the transportation. I took my parents blessings and left for a journey, not just the 300 km travel, but also the journey of life as nothing now would be the same as before, except for my childishness… 😉

I thought of sleeping as soon as I get seat, but now I came to know that the day was after all, not so much easy for me! After waiting for about an hour I came to know that the buses I had to aboard were cancelled. Now I had to take any local mode for travelling. I choose ‘Chhota Haathi’…

I knew that now the journey won’t be comfortable in first place. The capacity of the van was about 10 persons, and we seated 22 plus a driver. I dunno who was sitting on whom and on whom I was… All I knew was that I had to sit like this for next 2 hours, after which I would change the transportation. While I never imagined what these two hours would be like, but they gave me many points to ponder upon which probably I used to ignore till date.

I was sitting with my head down. People entered the van one by one. It filled gradually to the number I mentioned earlier. Various kind of human beings were around me. I listened to there conversations and found out those phases of life that I was totally unaware of…

There was an uncle with his niece on my left. They were talking about how they had lost 80 bucks by travelling in this private van rather than in government buses. I listened further and found that he worked in those government bus service and so was privileged to use its services as per his convenience, and that too, free! Today as bus got cancelled they had to spend these money and travel in such inconvenience! I wondered how people can be so irresponsible and careless towards their duties and values and not respect their citizenship! How people can be so!

There was a couple behind me with four kids. They were discussing about how would they get enough money to live that month and how would they pay for medicines for the younger child who suffered from some disease. I thought why people ‘produce’ so much in excess if they can’t maintain such ‘stock’ in healthy condition and provide them their basic humanly needs!

There were 3 young girls in my front left side. They were discussing about some serial and about their bosses, none of which concerned or entertained me. All of a sudden, the music player in the van started playing. The songs were weird! I couldn’t understand a word, nor did I enjoy the tune! So I head-downed again…

After a while, the three girls climbed down the van. A new couple entered. They looked poor and had worn torn out clothes. They were totally untidy and for them, bathing was probably a yearly exercise! I looked up in the sky in anguish. The little boy who was totally dirty with hands and mouth full of particles left over after eating something, and even had a running nose…

As the van continued moving, I felt the cool breeze flowing through my insides and it soothed me internally. The music changed to new songs which were at least bearable! And how my mindset changed from disgust to humanly love for those around me amazed me!

Earlier, just before a few minutes, when the boy touched me or bruised my pants with his dirty hands, I shifted my legs and showed the most ugly and disgusted face I could with my resources. The talks of the uncle and his niece were annoying and the concerns of couple behind me were senseless. But as time passed I watched that young boy play in front of me with wind, look and shout at the birds flying with the van. I watched him looking at the road passing fast. I remembered myself in childhood looking at the road and wondering how the road was shifting so fast beneath us! Now I know that it is the car moving, but I saw the same me 10 years back when I saw that boy (excluding the dirtiness…)

I was listening to the music peacefully. And the boy in front of me was asleep now, his head moving to and fro as per the movement of van. Then he woke all of a sudden and then slept in his parent’s lap. I wondered that what mistake did he commit that people look at him in disgust as I was looking at him just a few minutes back! Why don’t they do something instead of just twitching their faces! If we don’t help them, how are they supposed to uplift themselves!

The boy shifted his head from his parent’s lap to my lap. I didn’t find it annoying this time! I just watched him sleeping there peacefully… I wondered would I sleep so peacefully if I had been there at his place!? Probably not!

I’m not saying that “be satisfied”, “Love what you’ve got”, “don’t complain”, “respect others” cuz they have not got what you have and blah blah blah! No! That’s all bullshit! If they have not got, that’s there destiny! Why should we take the blame and disrespect our destiny! Instead we should keep on asking for more and keep on accumulating the riches of the world! There’s no harm in it. There’s harm if you stop running if someone else is not walking! Instead we should keep on running and drag that person even, who is not able to! I’m just saying that do something and not just think about it, wasting your precious time! (For instance, I taught that boy ABCD while on road in the tune of the song that was playing… And he loved it! His parents were thankful and probably desired to send him to school, but couldn’t. There I could do nothing. So that doesn’t mean that I should stop going to school! I did what I could in 2hrs journey. Like that if we all do what we can (and not wht we dream!), imagine the outcome…

I reached the stop from where I’d get a direct bus to my workplace. There when I got into the bus, someone was shouting aloud that his legs weren’t into comfortable position when the person sitting ahead him pushed his seat into sleeping position. They argued too much and all others started to blame the person that this is the way whole bus is sleeping! (Including me…) He argued for a while and switched his seat besides me. Now that he was sitting next to me, I explained him how he would have been comfortable if he had followed just a few steps! He argued back, this time with much lower force and low volume in his tone, that the seat he was sitting on earlier is not the same as this one now! I looked above his shoulders towards the seat and compared with mine. I was shocked to see that the seat was actually having less space and would definitely be uncomfortable. I agreed with that person and he obliged that finally his arguments were accepted by someone. But I started wondering, how come everyone in the bus never even looked at the seat and started arguing against the person! How come no one even bothered to check his position, why was it taken for granted that his arguments were false!

All these questions, that I asked in this post have been asked a million times and no fruitful answer is yet discovered. I’m not asking the same questions here again. Instead I’m questioning those who question these questions…

Why do we do such things when we know we are wrong or when we don’t know that opposite person is wrong!?

This day was, absolutely, big for me! It gave me happiness along with mournful sadness, various lessons and several aspects of life that can be improved upon! It was a new beginning or an awakening…


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