Bedtime Story(s)… [Part-2]


The Fisherman went on “Once upon a time, there lived a Fisherman who was fishing in a river. And then he caught a big fish… The Fisherman was happy… ”

“Boring!” The Jinni started to get up again.

“Wait! It gets better later!” the Fisherman shouted. The Jinni sat again saying “Whatever!”

The Fisherman continued “He removed the struggling fish from the hook and was going to put him into the basket, then the fish spoke…”


The Fisherman was astonished to see a fish speak! “You can talk!”

“Of course I can! And what are you doing to me! Let me go!”

The Fisherman replied “No I can’t. I will give you to my wife who would cook you for our dinner.

“No! You can’t!”

“Of course I can!”

“No, I have something to share to you after which you will let me go.”

The Fisherman was annoyed and said “What?”

“A story… I was not always a Fish! I was a man, a prince! One day, I was going through a forest on my horse. I was hunting. A fox came from bushes and attacked us (me and my horse). My horse kicked him and he went boom on to a tree and fell there on the ground. I went to him with my bow and was about to kill him that he cried-”
“Don’t kill me!”

“You can talk!?”

“Yes, I can.”

The Fisherman interrupted “Wait a second! How can a fox speak!”

The Fish replied “Duh! Like a Fish can speak! Now don’t interrupt in between.”

“But how can a Fish speak!” Jinni shouted

“Wait and you’ll see!” The Fisherman replied.

The Fish continued (and so did the Fisherman)- I was shocked to see a talking fox so I asked him about that.

“I can talk because I am a witch!”

I said “Whatever! I’m gonna kill you!”

“Wait! You cannot kill me!”

“Of course I can! You attacked us, you wanted to kill me and my horse!”

“No I only came warn you!”

“What warning?” Prince was confused.

Fox continued “Once upon a time, there was a wizard. He loved his animals so much. Especially the dear that he had. But one day, two men from near by kingdom came and hunted the dear. They killed the poor dear! The wizard was very angry! He turned both the men into dears! And from that day he is turning anyone who comes into this forest into some or other animal!”

“And you are saying that he turned you too into this fox!?”

“Yes!” Fox said, desperate to prove his point.

“Do I look a fool to you? That I’ll believe your stupid story? I’m gonna kill you and that’s final!”

“No, believe me! I’m saying the truth!”

“Don’t play your cunning tricks on me! You can’t fool me with this!”

While the prince was saying this, a shadow appeared from thin air behind the prince. And out of that shadow, a dark figure crept out. It took form of a man. The wizard had come!

“Yes! I can’t fool you! Now, it’s too late!” and fox pointed towards the back of the prince with his paw.
The prince turned around and was shocked to see the wizard standing in front of him!

Prince blabbered “Umm.. Hi..! I’m just a visitor here. I mean no harm to your forest, really! Now, I’m leaving. So, bye! Have a nice day!” And the prince started to walk away!

With a wave of his wand, the wizard summoned the prince back to him. He waved his wand again and brought out a wagon wheel out of nowhere. There on it were printed images of various kinds of animals.
“Welcome to my forest, Prince” The Wizard said. “I shall turn you into an animal, but you can have your choice!”

He turned the wheel in circle. The Prince shouted “No! Stop!” and the wheel stopped. It was pointing to a fish. The wizard gave a scoffing smile.

The Prince got scared and cried “No! Don’t! Please don’t make me an animal! You will regret it if you turn me into an animal!”

The wizard was laughing loud. “What nonsense! I am going to convert you into a Fish anyway!”

“No I have a story to share to you!”

“What story?”

“It is a story of a prince, a witch and a wizard…”

“Oh a wizard! Ok go on! It must be a good one!” The wizard was keen to listen to a story of a wizard.

The Prince continued- “Once upon a time, there was a Prince. He and his friends did party all night. Due to the noise and commotion, an old lady who lived just across his palace could not have sound sleep. So, one day she shouted from the window of her house towards the palace “Can you cut this crap! People are trying to sleep here!”

The prince replied “Oh really! Very bad!” and went back to his party, teasing the old lady.

The old lady was very annoyed and she decided to teach the prince a lesson. She vowed that she would not allow the prince to sleep at night, at any night of his life. Actually, she was a witch. One night, she sneaked into the palace and put her enchantments on the prince, so that he cannot sleep at night, even if he did anything.

The spell worked well. The prince tried many things but couldn’t sleep. Counting the sheep, keeping wet clothes on eyes, dreaming a dream, various postures of sleeping, sleeping pills and so on.

The witch in fear of the prince’s troops, went to live into the forest. There she met the wizard. The wizard turned the witch into a fox.

The wizard said “The story seems to be a bit familiar!” The fox coughed.

The Prince went on “Then the prince called for a friend who told her stories, so that he could sleep well at night. The girl told her stories at each night and then the prince could sleep at peace. The End.”

“But wait! What happened to that wizard! What about him?” The wizard cried.

“The wizard, oh! But that’s a different story!” the prince replied.

“But how did the fox talked!” the Fisherman cried.

“Oh that! That’s a different story altogether.” the Fish replied.

“But how did the fish talked!?” the Jinni asked.

“Oh the Fish! That’s altogether a different story.” the Fisherman replied.

With this the wizard left the prince, the fisherman left the fish and the Jinni left the fisherman…

And the boy started feeling dizzy… The girl kissed him good night and both went to sleep…

P.S.: This story is not my creation, but I read it somewhere and wanted to share. So I’ve only translated it into English…


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