Bedtime Story(s)… [Part-1]

Once upon a time, there lived a boy. He was very fond of sleeping. But he had one problem. He couldn’t sleep till someone told him a story.

There was a girl, who was very fond of telling stories. But she was sad that nobody was there to listen to her stories.

Both of them in mutual interest became friends and started a long lasting friendship. Their bedrooms windows were connected and many times at night they switched to other person’s room and kept on talking till the time someone would come and stop them. (Usually the girl talked and the boy listened).
On one of such nights-

The boy said “I’m unable to sleep! Please help me my friend!”

The girl replied “Let me tell you a story…”

“Once upon a time, there was a hardworking Fisherman. He worked hard to earn his livings and to nourish his family. One fine day, he was on his usual fishing expedition. He tried several times he caught something heavy. He started to whirl his fishing wheel. He was excited that finally he has caught a big fish which would make him rich.

When he brought his catch out of the water, he was shocked to see the thing he had caught, which was not a fish. It was shiny and heavy, probably made of a metal. It was obviously not a fish.

The Fisherman removed the thing from the hook of his fishing stick. He examined it a little and came to the conclusion the it was a lamp. It was made of some shiny bluish metal with yellow stones on it. The Fisherman was more than shocked. He had never seen such a lamp in his life before.

The lamp was wet. So, he tried to dry it using his shirt. When he rubbed the lamp, it started vibrating. It was vibrating so hard that the fisherman dropped it in his boat. He was scared to take it back. He started praying to God to save him and begged forgiveness for his sins.

The lamp stopped vibrating. A liquid or gel like thing started flowing out of the lamp’s opening. The Fisherman recalled his childhood when his grandma told him the story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. He was excited and had already started planning what three wishes he would ask for if this lamp is ‘that’ magic lamp.

The liquid like thing started flowing upwards towards the sky. It accumulated half a meter above the boat and it formed a shape of a human body. The Fisherman was very sure that it was The Jinni!

The Jinni! Finally his life would no longer be such a misery! He would be able to give his family everything that they have never even dreamt about. They would be rich! They would never have a day of hunger! They would have their own house!

While he was lost in such thoughts, the Jinni cried out “Aaahh! It’s been a thousand years! A lot of time to sleep actually! Who brought me out? WHO BROUGHT ME OUT?” The Jinni was shouting! He seemed angry!

The Fisherman replied timidly “It was me! Here.”

“Oh! It was you! You must have a bad fate that you found me!”

The Fisherman was irritated. He said angrily “What do you mean? Bad fate! Aren’t you going to grant me three wishes!?”

The Jinni started laughing. It was a deadly laughing. The Fisherman was scared again. Something was not right here.

“Actually, it has always been like this for last 10,000 years! Every time the same thing! Someone takes me out, I grant him three wishes, blah-blah-blah! And I go back to this stupid lamp! Why me? Who thought of this? If I am able to find him, I’m gonna kill him! He has no idea how difficult and boring it is to spend all these years in this small stinking lamp!” The Jinni sounded sad and angry.

“That’s why, I vowed to myself that I would not grant the wishes of that person who brought me out of this lamp! So you are not going to get anything today!”

The Fisherman was sad. He was still the same Fisherman. His dreams were still dreams…

“OK. Today is not the day! Then let me go to my work again. I don’t want to keep my kids hungry tonight. And it is not a Bad Fate! It is just not my Good Fate! I haven’t lost anything!”

The Jinni gave a mocking smirk. “Actually you are going to!”

The Fisherman was confused.

“Even after not granting their wishes, people never stopped looking out for me! They just wanted to take a picture of me and them so that they can show off to others that they found me! So people kept on annoying me while I was enjoying my sleep!”

“Excuse me! Didn’t you say just before that you were sick of the lamp?” The Fisherman raised an eyebrow.

“Yes I was! But then I found out that the world outside the lamp is very dark and cruel. People are selfish and they don’t even care of their brothers or family when they come between them and their obsession! So, I kind of developed a feeling for my lamp. At least I was happy, I was pure inside it! So, to stop people from ruining my peacefulness inside the lamp, I vowed to kill anyone who disturbs me from my rest!”

Fear crept through the throat of the Fisherman. Everything seemed to have paused but only he and this Jinni in the world. He wanted to run, he wanted to shout, he wanted to fight; but he knew that nothing would help him in front of this Jinni!

“I don’t wanna die! Please, you should let me go!” the Fisherman said in a trepid voice.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t defy my vow! It’s Jinni’s Code of Conduct!” the Jinni replied.

Jinni then brought out of thin air a wagon wheel like structure and said “So, let’s find out how you gonna die! We don’t know but may it be of your choice!” With that he swirled the wagon wheel. It started moving in circle and there were various methods of killing someone printed on it. And a pin above it. Just like we have in Casino games.

The Fisherman was scared and shouted “Stop!”

The wheel stopped. The pin pointed to ‘Worm Eaten’. The Jinni said “Oh! That’s.. Umm.. Interesting!”

The Fisherman said “You cannot kill me!”

“Of course I can! Huh!” the Jinni sported.

“No you cannot… Because I have got to tell you something, after which you would not want to kill me!” the Fisherman bounced.

The Jinni was confused and asked “What?”

“I have a story to tell you!”

The Jinni replied “Ok! Go on… A story won’t take much time and then I’ll kill you!” and he sat down on the boat.

The Fisherman continued…

(Move to Part-2…)

P.S.: This story is not my creation, but I read it somewhere and wanted to share. So I’ve only translated it into English…


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