It fascinates me!

People are fascinated by varied things! Different people have their own ways or things to fascinate themselves. Be it Sachin’s way of playing Cricket, Bachchan’s way of delivering a Dialogue, Jobs’ Innovation, Google’s Doodles, Riches of the World, Lata’s Voice or Undertaker’s Power! Each one of us have a role model kind of thing, be it a person, a situation or a happening, which can light up a spark in us, no matter in what situation we are or what mood we have!
Similarly, I have my fascinations…

On a morning of the day I don’t remember, I woke up from a “sweet” dream about the girl I love (but can’t get). I had seen that we were together, playing games and teasing each other’s defeat.. We were discussing on silly matters for hours.. On some day she made me my favourite dish, and in return I gave her her favourite kiss.. Those little hugs, those tiny moments of staring into each other’s eyes.. How life turns out to be just the way you wanted when you’re in love! How the fact that your love is just an impossible dream seems to be just an irrelevant fact, ‘cuz the dream world seems more convincing than the real life! How the feeling of love is all you want to boost that person inside you to his full capacity, how just a tickle is all you need to broaden that smile which changes the day for you! How love is all you need, even if it is the only thing you don’t have! It fascinates me!

In the aftereffects of my dream, I completed the usual morning mumble jumble.. When I came out from my balcony to hang damp clothes, I saw that the morning was just perfect! There was just the right amount of humidity that it won’t be hot nor it can be said to be cold.. The first person to wish me good morning is always one of the birds that come flying from the sky, or nearby window, and wish me Good morning in their own manner.. By chirping, doodooing, googooing, gurturgooing.. Tilting their heads continuously in either directions.. Moving their neck in an unusual fashion.. Then standing on a single feet and using other leg as a hand to wave to me, or may be trying to say something, or calling me to fly with them! I share with them my plans for that day and ask for advice, but they just keep on looking at me! As if I’m telling them a story and the end is not liked by them! So I just go on! When I try to wish them Good Day in my humanly manner (by shaking hands), they just fly away from me.. Maybe they don’t like to shake hands or may be they are just scared! Anyway, but they keep on looking at me (and here and there) from the nearby window! Then we bade goodbye and go to our daily jobs.. I watch it go, fly in the sky, zip-zaping its way through the concrete structures made by we, humans. I wonder sometimes that whether they would be angry with us ‘cuz we took away their trees from them! Maybe.. But then too, life goes on and my morning meetings with some or other bird continues.. It fascinates me!

I get ready for the job (the only thing in this world which never fascinates anyone…lol), and go for the family breakfast.. There I wonder, how family works better than a joint stock company! People are of different likes and dislikes. They have different preferences, choices and way of thinking.. Then too, the CEO of the family, Mother, keeps everyone at one place by her tasty food!! No matter where you go, how much you spend, be it 5star or a 100stars, there’s no match for momma’s hands in making us food! How she manages to do that every time, how she accepts rarest of the rare blunders in making food.. How she loves us..! It fascinates me!

I start leaving for the office, when my dad says “Like your job! Then only you will like it!” How I always fail to understand his wise words, and how he tries to guide me at every step of my life, no matter how many times I’ve disobeyed him or let him down! How he manages to do that every time! How he loves and cares! It fascinates me!

I am driving my car.. I reach a traffic signal.. I see people disappointed that they will be late! They will have to wait some more! They will have to waste their time here, at the signal! But in this cumbersome situation, I see a boy and girl in the backseat of a car, maybe in their pre-teen times, playing with each other then fighting again, then say sorry and start playing again! How they just don’t care whether they reach in time or not, they just enjoy the time! How the grownups fail to understand this simple sentence “enjoy the time you are in” but these kids are actually implementing it! It fascinates me!

I move along, I reach another traffic signal.. There I see, a kid in torn clothes, trying to survive in this selfish world! Trying to sell some toys and balloons so that he can get at least one time meal, which in our house, we just throw out due to excess! How my one minute of talking with him makes him happy, that there is at least someone who cares for him in this world! How he looks towards me with those twinkling eyes with hope and enthusiasm, that one day, he will be like me! How my boss never understood what this little boy did! It fascinates me! No no, kidding… ;-D Actually, how that one minute made me happy for the whole day that I made that kid smile! How I felt so much concerned not about my problems but about his! That fascinates me!

I reach my work place.. There’s nothing to serve my fascination here, so let’s move on…

When I was returning back home, I met the same boy.. This time he came to meet me.. He shared his day, I listened.. I gave him a book to learn basics of languages, and he thanked me for that.. He left me with tears when he said that I was like his elder brother.. How that unknown stranger meant something in my life that could make tears fall out from a man’s eye!! It fascinates me!

I reached home.. My friends are waiting for me (actually for my mum’s food).. We gupshup, tease, shout, laugh out loud.. We hangout.. And I wonder, how that little time with friends make us forget our whole day’s stress! How those stupid jokes makes sense, how those non-melodious singing soothes our ears better than the radio.. How we are just what we are in front of our friends, no fake smiles, no lies.. How we can always have fun, irrespective of the place and time.. How once unknown people become a part of our life..! It fascinates me!

When I walk back home after the hangout, I see different animals returning home too.. Birds return from their whole days of food-search program.. Dogs mess around the streets wandering like a vagabond.. Cats returning to their kittens.. Cows and other domestic animals after the day’s work return to their masters to rest in their shelter.. Squirrels get back to their digs to remain safe and sound from their predators! Some animals get ready for their hunting time.. How things are all the same, yet differently portrayed.. How animals, just like us, have their families, friends, jobs, enemies, kids, homes.. How life is so interrelated and beautifully made by those Hands..! It fascinates me..

When I reach home, I play with my younger siblings and listen to what stories they have to tell me! However unrealistic they may be, but we love to listen to such young-innocent-minds.. How that day end is just perfect and how you love your family! And they love you back.. It fascinates me..

When we go to sleep, the whole day’s snapshots start flowing in front of you and shows you your times of glory and even the pieces of evil that you may have spilled on your way! How that evil act of yours never allows you to have a peaceful sleep at night and how those good deeds give you a peaceful and satisfied sleep, even if you are sleeping in a totally uncomfortable situation.. How moments from your past and maybe estimations about the future entwines themselves and makes a mini-movie that is sometimes peaceful to watch, amusing to see or frightening to experience! How imagination helps you do things that you can only imagine! How this dreamworld swipes you off the real world and takes away on a mind-blowing journey of dreams and even nightmares.. And how we enjoy sleeping.. It fascinates me..

Just one day taught me millions of lessons.. Just one day of my life brought me hundreds of memorable moments.. It made me laugh, it made me cry.. I was angry, I was sad.. Then too I lived it, I loved it… How just a day of your life can make you introspect thousands of things.. You reach conclusions.. You get confused.. You develop funny plans.. But this gives your brain an exercise! How this gives food to your thoughts! It fascinates me…

[No matter how well you try, it will always be that you are not able to put everything in one post!! But you keep on pasting.. Oops! Posting…! 😉 It fascinates me.. And my fellow bloggers, I guess..]

Keep on fascinating! Life is a Fascination, if you see…
– By some great man!
[ Writer of this blog 😉 ]


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