The Three wishes

We’ve all heard of the famous story of three wishes and have even heard of its various remakes in our lives.
This is yet another remake of the same story. Hope you enjoy…

Once upon a time, there lived a man, who was honest, truthful and kind. He worked hard for his and his family’s well-being. He had to because they were not very rich and the prices of petrol were springing up. Even his wife was working! But as the prices of food items were too increasing, their combined earnings didn’t really help them to satisfy their needs. They always yearned for more…

One day the man had to go outstation for work. He wished goodbye to his kids, kissed his wife and said he’ll miss her (she said She’ll try her best too…), took blessings from his parents and set on the expedition.

On the way he met many people who shared varied problems with him. For example, he met a man who was handicapped, so he had to do nothing but beg to fulfill his food requirements for at-least once a day.
He met a lady who was being treated like an animal by her own family and husband, just because she (and her family) couldn’t satisfy their dowry demands.

He met a kid who was watching a gang of kids (may be his own friends) playing games. On asking him why wasn’t he playing with them and standing on this side alone, he found that the boy too wanted to play with them but he had asthma and couldn’t run or do physically challenging stuff as his friends could.

Then he met an old man and an old lady who were been removed from their own home for the reason that their daughter-in-law wasn’t ready to do household work for them and they were burdensome for his own son. On inquiring him whether the old man had any savings to live his life on his own, the old man replied that all his earnings were with the government savings accounts (PF, etc.) And the person in-charge was not releasing the money without paying a ‘token’ of gratitude (bribe, that is). So he had no other way but to live in old-age-homes. On suggesting that he could take help of law to get his own deserved money, the old man smiled and answered that by the time his case will be solved, his grandchild would have come to his age!

On going further, he went to a shop for drinking water. Their he saw news channel depicting five breaking news-

1. There was another war between the two nations on the same old issue – religion and area disputes. Thousands of soldiers lost their lives in saving our beloved nation. (Salute those warrior-sons of this motherly country). A secret investigating agency said that the reason for such deaths was outdated and scraped weapons and vehicles provided to the army, which surely pointed to the minister in-charge of their procurement.
2. There was a bomb blast at a temple were about 1000 pilgrims were killed. On investigation, there were several evidences all pointing to the same old country who has been doing this for past half century. But no action was taken on this investigation as there were political links involved.
3. There was another scam observed by the Chief Auditor of the Nation which was about Rs. 1560 billion Crores. All was credited foreign accounts of a few ministers and people in power. But no action was taken on his report because there was no such provision in law.
4. Millions of rapes cases and thefts / loots were reported by aggrieved people to the police, but there were no action being taken, reason unknown.
5. Inspite of several measures been taken by the government in this regard, the prices of food items were soaring high and carious cases were reported of food adultery in various parts of the country.

Only thing that he could say was “God save us”. He went on further with his journey thinking about all the things he saw on his way. He was sad. All these years, he and his family had been yearning to earn more, to get more money, to get more when actually they had enough! He was sorry for this and prayed god to help the people, to bless the good and kill the evil. Bring back peace in this world…

All of a sudden, sky turned green, all things around him stopped moving, as if the time had stopped! He saw his watch and actually the hands weren’t moving. He was scared. He closed his eyes and started praying to god to help him and take care of his family. The breeze became wind, so fast that it was hard withstanding the same. There were thunders in the green sky. There was no sound except the thunders. He was frightened deep to his veins. He was about to lose hope when all of it stopped. There was no sound at all. The wind stopped blowing and nothing moved. There was a white cast in the sky which cast directly in front of him. He saw up and couldn’t realize what he saw. It was God himself (In whatever form you wanna imagine). The man asked for blessings.

God said he was happy with the man. So he granted him three wishes and no more. The man was so pleased at this, but then was confused that what should he ask. He wanted to ask for all the things that he had wished in his dreams for all these years. He wanted to give his family everything they dreamt for. He wanted it all. But then he remembered all the people he had met on his way in this journey. He can’t ask for anything for himself unless these people were helped, he thought. But there were only three wishes and he had to do so much to help all the people. So he started thinking on it. How would he include all the things in just three wishes!

Time in God’s clock was slipping away. God, finally impatient, asked the man to do it quickly. It was time for the show in heaven theatre. The man at first was shocked to hear this, but then he replied—
“OK. Here it goes…

Please note that my wishes are drafted in following style—
1 – Wish no. 1
(1) – sub-wish no. 1
(a) – clause no. 1
(i) – subclause no. 1

And sequence to fulfill dreams shall be chronological, unless otherwise provided.

Here are my wishes—

1. I want all of the following to be fulfilled, and not just one, notwithstanding anything contained in the rules of nature or any other place whatsoever—

(1) in respect of myself—

(a) remove all my inner devils;
(b) make me humble and truthful;
(c) give me the strength to fulfill all my career related goals;
(d) give me a home of my dream;
(e) other wishes as may be prescribed.

(2) in respect of my family members—

(a) fulfill all there wishes;
(b) save them from all natural and man-made perils;
(c) bless us that our family stays together forever with love and friendship;
(d) other wishes as may be prescribed.

(3) in respect of the society—

(a) kill all the bad people who have done bad things and have not got their punishment;
(b) kill all other people who have done bad things and have got punishment but show no remorse;
(c) kill all those who are planning to / influencing others to do bad acts;
(d) make people loving and caring for each other, and those who do not change, kill them;
(e) remove all sorts of social evils;
(f) bless the remaining people with your love;
(g) change the habits of society for wastage and selfishness to sensibility and humbleness;
(h) other wishes as may be prescribed.

(4) in respect of your ‘vidhi’ (law of natural justice)—

(a) donot make any animal who has malafide intentions;
(b) if (a) is not possible, change the system of punishment – instead of accumulating and punishing, keep only one punishment for all sins – death;
(c) other wishes as may be prescribed.

(5) Other residuary matters

(a) save the whole world from natural perils and disasters permanently – I.e. there should be no such event;
(b)  make the resources unlimited provided 1(3)(g) is fulfilled;
(c) other wishes as may be prescribed.

2. All the above matters should be fulfilled as such, whether or not—

(a) you or any other of your associates, like it,
(b) you feel it impossible, or you believe so, or it actually may be,
(c) it hampers your existence.

3. Powers to—

(a) make amendments, additions, deletions, modifications and like in this wish list, which you have to fulfill, notwithstanding anything otherwise;
(b) issue rules, regulations, etc. in proper implementation of this wish list, which shall be binding on all, including you;
(c) decide, based on facts and circumstances of the case, what is necessary, true false, or any other matter whatsoever;
(d) anyother power as may be prescribed from time to time as I deem necessary.

(i) associates includes all the types of gods, goddesses, devas, deities, and all such designated persons prayed before by living things.
(ii) prescribed means as prescribed in rules.”

God had to grant the wishes true. He had no other option!

And the whole world lived happily ever after…



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