Bird-eye view (Life of Peacock)

Hi there! I am Mobo – A Peacock… yes that bird having beautiful feathers and who shouts in and around the time of rain (actually we sing). I’m going to tell you my story..

My story begins from the day I first saw my mum and dad. They were smiling and waving at me. I couldn’t understand what was that but I just smiled at them ‘Cuz I knew that they were going to feed me. I saw around and found that there were two more like me, but one had no feathers like two of us (later I found that she was female).

Days passed, but at last, I had started growing into an adult peacock. I learned all the things that our civilized tribe of peacocks need to learn, which included speaking, eating, flying, dancing, swimming, singing and last but not the least (and my favourite) rain-dance! We peacocks have a special ability to lift all our feathers in our tail up and make a formation which looks like a blue sun with green rays from a distance. We express out feelings of joy and cheer and greet others a New Year by performing rain dance and welcoming Rain by singing rain-song.

All these made us peacocks adorable and every other bird was jealous of our skills. But we peacocks are generous. We don’t compete with others and we believe in peace.

So I, being an adult male in the family, was always entrusted with the responsibility to safeguard our family from other hunter animals. And I loved doing that. All I had to do is shout angrily and they used to run away. Sometimes however I had to fight with the bad guy. That too was easy for me, ‘Cuz nature had made us so that we can easily fly a long distance with one flight and I just used that technique to save me and my family. But I always felt jealous of the Eagle! How high and fast it could fly in the sky, that too without breaks! I always wished to fly like that above the clouds. When I told my mum so, she explained me that we are not made to fly high, that’s why it is not good to long for such a dream which is not attainable! Instead we are given beautiful body that makes us different than any bird on earth. We have the ability to forecast rain way before any one can tell. We could communicate even from the farthest of the far. All these made us special and you should respect what you are! That lesson was something I can never forget in my life.

All was well and we had a happy family living their lives in the forest with other animals and creatures, until that day that changed everything in our world. I can still feel the wrath of that day that separated all of us and killed many of our friends and fellow foresters.

That day was when some animal (they call it Man) came inside our forest boundaries and demolished whatever was in their way. Even the mightiest of the mighty, the Elephants, could not stop there steel machines. The king of the jungle, Lion, could even not stand against their sticks and belts! The king of sky, Eagle, whom I admired the most, didn’t stand a chance against the Man’s bullet firing machine (they called it Gun). That bullet flied even faster than the Eagle and hit it straight into his heart! Oh my! God bless his soul!

They continued cutting more and more trees, day after night, night after day. It forced us to shift ourselves and our home deeper and deeper inside the forest. But it was difficult. No food, no river, how hard those days were, it still makes me scared.

Those ‘Man’ killed many of us animals and took them either cutting their teeth or carving out their skin! God knows what use could that be to those devilish Man! They even attacked and killed a few animals for food! The forest had never seen such atrocity in its history! Never had such devilish creature was being unleashed upon us.

I was separated from my family in this run for life. I travelled land across land in search of some safe land, ‘Cuz I too was not safe from that Man, who desired to put our feathers on their heads and walls and everywhere, by killing us! So I flew day after day, travelling long distances, covering sea, land and forests, lifting my so heavy body – yes, it was very difficult!

Years have passed after that, now the lands are divided by these Men into their territories and have replaced out jungle of trees and rivers with their structures of Wood and Rocks! But I am happy, they have not put restrictions on us from flying anywhere on earth. So we live our lives just like that, or pretend to be living. But how we miss those forests, those rivers, that ambience of peace that was in our times!

When it rained, we sang songs of welcome to wish the rain a new year. We cheered, we hallowed our feelings by performing rain-dance and feeling each drop of water fall on us, cleaning us from all the dirt material that stuck in out features and brought a new era of happiness in out lives. How we danced and enjoyed with our families and friends! Oh so beautiful were those days!

Now, the rain does come, but we don’t feel like dancing, we don’t feel like singing. But we do, in the memories of those good days, in the gratitude of our fellows who fall prey to the Man! That time the dance was to enjoy the rain, now it is to morn the death of our loved ones.

And the rain too has changed. Earlier the rain water was so pure so clean, we could see the image of this world through it. We could feel it cleansing us. We could feel the heaven on earth. But now, the rain water is impure, filled with chemicals and substances, that are created by these Men!

From dancing around the forest, we now have no home! We have to keep travelling from top of the structures of these Men. We have to suffer pain in form of being hit by stones and things by small Man (may be kids of such Man – they will never change). If we argue or protest for our safety, we are been put in a steel cage, where every one is freely allowed to throw things at us and to make fun of us. Even today, there are some Man who kill us for our feathers. But the time has changed. Due to the pollution caused by these Men in the air, our feathers growth has deteriorated and we now less often are able to lift them up for dance, ‘Cuz they break easily now.

They have almost stopped from killing us for their personal benefits, but their acts are still the same, which ultimately kills the poor being, the poor animal, who has no strength to fight against these cruel Men.

We can see our downfall, our verge towards extinction. Not only us, several other animals have either lost the battle against these Men and have surrendered to death, making their last kind on Earth to die in vain, or others are severely fighting for their existence on Earth! Only time can tell who will win this battle of Life…

So we pray every time to God to help us, give us our time back, take away this Man with him and let us live in Peace!

We pray in hope… we live.. we die..
We crave for the old times to come..
Not the dream we fly high in sky…


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