Almost a Love Story…

A boy meets a girl, they fell in love and are assumed to live happily ever after! However, there are love stories that are different – way too different.

Once upon time in Good world, there lived a boy. He was a plain and simple kind of guy, void of any love experience in his life. But he wasn’t desperate to find her girl. He just left it on fate… He thought that whatever happens, happens for good! He was unaware of the future that Mr. Fate had decided for him…
‘He’ was not so handsome, but a better specimen in his species of “Boys”. B’cuz all the other boys usually were characterized by rude behavior, bad habits, girls watch and bad language. All of which were not found in ‘him’. This made ‘him’ confident and calm at a time. “He’ thought that ‘he’ would accept that girl who will accept ‘him’ as ‘he’ is.
That was the first day of his college life. ‘He’ was scared – as ‘he’ knew no one. “Whom would I talk to?“, “I would be left alone…“, “Where would I sit?“, “What will I do?” – were his thoughts.
But then, ‘he’ found two of his classmates from school, who coincidentally, were in the same class. ‘He’ was glad that ‘he’ was spared from finding an appropriate friend for the year… This was his and their first lecture. Excitement was rushing in their veins. And nerves were out-of-control to find such big crowd – that too with so many beautiful girls all around…
But ‘he’ was busy thinking something else – as girls had always let him down – the reason ‘he’ was unaware of… At the corner of the college ground, there was a canteen – “Thank God! Breakfast won’t be a problem” ‘he’ thought. There were many trees and silent corners around the campus – “Bunks won’t be a problem either!” ‘he’ further thought…
Whilst in the middle of his thoughts and groups and herds of boys and girls rushing to find their classes, ‘he’ thought of friends… And that ‘he’ had very few – literally very few. Actually none! All those people whom ‘he’ thought friends were there only for some purpose. And over the years, ‘he’ had developed a sense of belongingness with solitude. ‘He’ thought himself as the only person in the world ‘he’ cared about and was happy with that – at least, no one could hurt him with this attitude!
At last, ‘he’ was at the door of his class – as usual – late! ‘He’ had never been able to reach any educational place on time – may be because ‘he’ never liked to study! That is a different story that ‘he’ scored topmost bounty at school level exams, but all that glory was for others and not for himself! ‘He’ entered the class with his so called friends. The class was almost full – all the good places were taken and those left included either dramatically awkward conditions or very near or very far to the professor – both being the dangerous sites for a normal student. ‘He’ preferred the near one. So did one of his friend.
The lecture started with same old boring session of introducing the professor, college and the subjects. But somehow, ‘he’ had skipped all that. It seemed that ‘he’ was not in this world. ‘He’ was out of this college, watching a beautiful dream and enjoying the bliss of nature! But then it stroke him! “What the F@#%!” ‘He’ had been watching ‘the girl’ for past 15 minutes! “It’s your first day – first lecture, dude! What are you up to..?! Concentrate…” ‘he’ talked to himself.
The last word was very relative. You could concentrate – but on what, now that was something subject to! ‘He’ could not take his eyes off ‘her’! What was happening to him! Why was ‘he’ so dumbstruck! “She’s just a girl! What’s the matter! Stop this NOW…!” ‘he’ shouted to himself (in his mind that is). But all ‘he’ could do was watch the most amazing girl ‘he’ had ever seen in his life! There ‘she’ was… Playing with ‘her’ hair, eyes like of an angel, face like an angel, hairs like an angel, smile like an angel… Oh! ‘She’ was an angel! His angel…! His girl sent from the holy heaven…!
‘He’ was so lost in her thoughts that ‘he’ could never hear the bells or other professors that entered the class or the final bell that called for end of day’s play! All ‘he’ did was just stargaze! (here ‘she’ was the star…)
The girl, so divine, so pure, so beautiful yet so simple – the girl he dreamt about all the time… She was simple yet utterly pretty girl one can ever find. Even the flaws were so sculptured to give a marvelously beautiful piece of art. Her smile – the one thing that even the new-born would die for. Her cheeks – where Humty-dumty would have fallen due to the seamless shape. Her hairs – so clean so plain playing around her face in wind (actually only he felt the breeze to be stormy winds – love was in the air)… She was so carved out by the maker that He himself would have died of happiness on making such a perfect Human Body..! (Cuz we find almost all human body with some or other defect)
He heard a voice from inside him that he should better look away or he would get lost in the beauty of an angel sent right from the heaven (or at least others would know his intentions). But then he saw that thing that he won’t forget ever, even after 100 rebirths in whatever form it may be… (what!?) Her eyes..! She had the eyes of God (he thought) that looking right into it would show you the whole universe! (For him, fallen in love, her eyes were his world). One look in her eyes and you’ll probably would like to stop that moment forever and would want or may be would ‘need’ nothing else. He just wished time to stop there and he’d just keep looking in her eyes, deeper than the Pacific ocean, darker than the sky, shiny like a star, so mesmerizing…
The college had its own benefits – you don’t have rules to follow, line to walk, time to reach the bus waiting to take you back… You could decide exactly on how much time you needed to pack, just the time required to walk, the path to choose for walking, the place to look while walking…
So, ‘he’ used the benefits for himself. Also, ‘he’ had an advantage – ‘She’ was his friend’s friend, so his friend could introduce ‘him’ to ‘her’! For that day – his career didn’t matter much, the deaths of tigers was not important, and who the hell was interested in rising prices, falling growth and creeping recession in the economy! Anything important could only be to make ‘her’ know about the existence of ‘him’. But how? And ‘he’ was the worst showoff, with no topics to talk even with his best-friend! What was to be done!
But then it happened! Luck was so with him… They started introducing each other’s friends to each other. This was it! The golden moment ‘he’ had been waiting for ages (which started just 2 hours ago!)
Finally… ‘Her’ name was… (what’s there in name!) Only if ‘he’ could add to the topics flowing from their mouths, but couldn’t! Obviously, all these years of solitude had taken over all his communication skills. Then too, today’s “Hi…” was the most beautiful moment of all the years ‘he’ had been on earth! Woohoo…!
Again ‘he’ had advantage here – ‘he’ could watch all of them (especially her – actually just her). All was just awesome. Just the way ‘he’ wanted it to be. Slow and simple. Great! And this was the start of one of the greatest love stories of the age!
In the rain of words, comments, laughs, jokes, PJs and others, there were some talks about the personal lives of all. Friends usually get along only as they start sharing  their personal lives with each other… So was happening with this group. Likes, dislikes, hobbies, contact nos., email ids, Facebook ids, etc. etc. In that were also, relationship status – single, committed or complicated!
‘He’ was least concerned in the topics of discussion. As ‘he’ never had seen a girl more intensely than ‘her’. ‘He’ could almost sketch ‘her’ with eyes closed! ‘He’ observed all ‘her’ features and postures. “God is really the best sculpturer of all…!” ‘he’ thought “…to make such a great creation of all times!
But then, turn by turn, people talked about themselves. When it was time for ‘her’ to speak, ‘he’ was found to be concentrating like ‘he’ had not even done in his exams! Many things ‘she’ said were coinciding with ‘his’ nature. ‘She’ was the perfect one for ‘him’. But all this while ‘he’ forgot to think whether ‘he’ was the perfect one for ‘her’? It happens many times that we are too lost in our thoughts that tend to ignore the reality and think our dreams to be the real world! Same was the case was with ‘him’.
She looked happier than before and her face was glowing like sun. She was blushing, hell ya! She was red as if someone had just proposed her and she couldn’t resist herself from saying ‘Yes’! In the dreadful fear of such a thought he became more conscious as to what was being conversed. He found that people were talking about a person not currently present there – but maybe their common friend (he didn’t knew ‘cuz he was new in the group). And they were constantly taunting her about him. He felt scared and he just asked casually (at least tried to) – ‘what’s going on?’ He had the benefit that nobody knew him and he knew nobody so people won’t be suspicious about him (especially her). Then his friend told him that they were talking about someone who is very special for ‘her’. He got it (Mr. Fate had kicked him on his heart) but didn’t want to understand it that way, so he asked again – to make it sure.
When it came to ‘him’, time stopped! He felt like ‘he’ was sentenced to 500 hangs-till-deaths! As if ‘he’ was offered world’s greatest treasure and then denied as key was not available to the chest! ‘He’ kept on repeating the words in his mind – “she is already committed!” ‘He’ had almost cried there on being blown off by the blast! ‘He’ was no longer there – ‘he’ had already left from there – just ‘his’ eyes still couldn’t stop staring ‘her’ – these eyes in which he had found his world, his life, were actually not meant to be for him..
But then he lifted himself back thinking – “It happens.. It would happen again, there would be some other girl”. But no, even the thought that she was out of her reach made him desiring a suicide… He was so in love that given all the happiness, all the monies, all the achievements in this world, he’d choose otherwise… ‘Cuz all he wanted was to love her till the end of his last breath..!
The last sight of her, her eyes – he so wanted that nothing else should happen to him in this life – this should be end of his life with that beautiful moment to die happily… But death won’t entertain him like that! He was to die everyday, every second of his life, in love… Now he realised what was it that people called love to be the greatest feeling in the world – that she had made a place in his heart permanently that nothing would ever heal him for love had taken the price from him – his heart…
But as it was, ‘she’ was for someone else. And ‘he’ knew ‘he’ could be never better than that other person, whoever, he might be! ‘Cuz, ‘he’ was tall but not handsome; he was smart but not smart enough; he had good nature but was extremely boring! With all such qualities, ‘he’ might be a good friend, but ‘he’ surely cannot be a good – you know what! And that thought was killing him!
That night he couldn’t sleep. He kept on rewinding that episode which would start from her eyes and end with his eyes – so full of tears…
Why it is so that you can’t control over your mind! Even after you know they can’t be with you… You just can’t stop thinking about them… Even when you know, it is out of your reach… that it will spoil their life… but you just can’t…! Why is it that you just can’t…?

He asked himself was this his love story that he dreamt about all his life…? Was this his love story – that ended before even it could begin…!


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