The Locked Doors – Part 3/4

Sam frequently finds different doors in his house locked from the inside, without any reason. When the mystery unfolds, will Sam be able to take all that? Read on to find out.

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The planet that he was born in was demolished and rebuilt twice. Aliens, as they called them on the old Earth, Homberls, as they call themselves, have occupied most of the land on Earth. Half of the world is destroyed in the war between the two worlds and the other half is transformed into a new world. We are outsiders on our own planet now. And it all started because of me.

I was being chased by a manhunt squad from the National Security Department. I was responsible for leaking a national secret on the public domain. But I did it for the greater good, at least I thought so.

Making my way through the dense forest, hitting the tall bushes and slipping on the muddy ground, I ran for my life. The rain and the night blurred my vision and it was becoming more difficult to dodge the approaching branches. I hit one, hard, and slipped. Rain drops bombarded upon me and I stayed down, waiting for the squad to find me. Darkness had taken over my vision. And their approaching footsteps appalled me. However, I recovered soon from the temporary trauma, my vision became more clearer and the temporary darkness was lifted. I ran for my life again.

I was able to outrun them for the whole night, but as it dawned and helicopters started chasing me, my odds were very bad. I kept running till I reached the end of the forest, and the end of the mountain. In front of me there was a cliff, and behind me an army of hounds and shepherds, followed by people ready to kill me on command.

I jumped.

I worked at a security firm providing security services, like document handling and anonymous transport, to our clients – they were mainly drug companies, big multi-national organizations and top food brands, having trade secrets, recipes and secret formulae.

One day, a person who didn’t disclose his true identity approached our team for an assignment of a different kind. Our team was provide our expertise to design a plan for movement of items, undisclosed, with several decoy routes and ideas of spreading rumors. The actual transport was outside our scope.

Several weeks later, we came to know about a possible breach in a government security department. The roads were flooded by the black cars and several people were brought under scanner. Our company was trailed too.

During all this confusion, I received a text from an anonymous number one day. “Coffee house near office. The Assignment.” I understood what it meant.

I waited for two hours at the coffee house near my office, but no one came. Confused, I walked out. As I got into my car, I saw a black package lying in the front seat. Someone might have rigged my car’s security and left it for me.

I ignored the package and drove to the end of the city, near the forest. I deliberately took wrong turns and long routes to steal away from any followers I might have on me. Once I was in the quiet, I opened the package. It contained a small disk and a note. The note was totally blank. But it was wrinkled. I opened the disk on my laptop and found it contained copies of several government classified files speaking about extra-terrestrial research programs and unexplained incidents across the world. The reports dated as long as six decades back.

I saw the note again. The creases were not uneven. They were perfectly done and intersected, as if it was folded multiple times. It took me some time to get it, the paper was folded into an origami frog, folded and opened again, leaving no trace of it. Frog was the symbol used by the group opposing alien research in the country. They believed that alien contact will be deadly for us.

I uploaded the whole data to an anonymous shared drive on the public domain, but still I may have left some trail. As the black cars soon came searching for me in the forest. I left everything in the car and ran in the forest.

Several years have passed and I still remember that day, the note and those files. The leaked files were shared across the world, and it soon became impossible to stop its spreading. People led protests and campaigns against government. They demanded freedom of information. The private research companies used the information and technology from the leaked documents to their favor in carrying out private space research programs.

It was just a matter of time that people’s trust on government and democracy was broken across the world. Power and money were the only law prevalent. And corporate giants took control of the world.

Life on other worlds was found and they were contacted, invited on our planet. Private organizations had started to build empires on planets near to Earth and there was an open trade between different worlds now from there. Alien technology was very advanced compared to us. Therefore, we traded our natural resources and water against their technical expertise.

However, as time passed, aliens started building territories on the Mars and on several places on the Earth. Corporate giants couldn’t foresee this in their greed for technology and power. Alien forces started dominating the free trade. Soon the contracts and rules were biased towards them. And we couldn’t oppose their biased diplomacy as it was an invitation to war, which we knew we couldn’t win.

In a few years, alien intrusion was beyond our tolerance and people started opposing it openly. Several organizations were formed across the world aiming to build weaponry and power against alien forces. Alien technology was to be used against them.

Soon the resistance turned into fights, fights into battles and ultimately the Big War happened.

Humans lost. Aliens took over.

I had lived a life of anonymity and was on constant run from the security forces of several countries. I was an undisclosed most wanted person in the world. And my experience in staying hidden in my security company helped me survive.

I witnessed the change in the world. From a cold wars and fights hidden behind a peace motto, our world was transformed into a rapidly advancing world run by businessmen. Soon the government fell and it was all behind me now. But still those old days give me sleepless nights.

I survived the Big War too. But I couldn’t survive their invasion. Aliens led a major biological transformation run across the world and conducted several experimental surgeries on humans. Several people died in their attempts to convert humans into their own alien forms. But they eventually succeeded in doing it. People were tortured and killed who opposed these transformations.

Opting to be like them wasn’t an easy option either. It involved several biological disfigurements through undergoing several surgical and medical operations. And it converted us into a derogated form of aliens, which were easily identifiable on one look.

I was one of them. It took me several months to accept this new form. Timid body strength, lower height, hair-less skin and big green eyes with bad vision. However, due to our small and light form, we were agile in our actions. And this helped aliens as they got a whole force of fast and efficient labors.

I wished to go back in time and change my actions, which led to our downfall. I didn’t know that it was possible…

To be continued… Stay reading.



Staring into the reflection of the past…

… …

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It’s my best friend’s birthday today.
This time I wished her exactly at 12:00, midnight. If you read the related posts above, you’d understand why I’m mentioning this; my previous attempts had failed badly, rather very badly.
But everytime while wishing her, I captured and cherished the smile that stretched across her face. Her eyes would shine brighter than usual on her birthday. She loved celebrating it. She usually would get excited almost a month before the date. And she would give different hints to her closest friends that the countdown has begun.
I read my posts and remembered my previous attempts of making her day. My weirdest plans that made sense only in my head, the excitement, the rush (usually because I had slept over the timeline), and finally her expression when I sing those words. It’s all part of our beautiful friendship.
I laughed, cried and smiled reading my attempts to wish her on a perfect time. I remembered how I had sat for several minutes to hit the ‘Publish’ button on a perfect time, and how things had gone tricky the second time I tried that. πŸ˜€
This year I didn’t sleep through the time. I realised the time a few hours before the midnight and then had easily waited till the countdown went off. My call connected the very first time and she responded without any gap. I wished her on time as I’d wished, finally this time.
I went back to sleep thinking about different incidents from our common memory lane.
Once, I had been to her place to meet her with my other friends. And we had started talking about different stuff and totally forgot about the other two people in the room who sat there, awkward. My other friend, who knew her, was watching us keenly; surprised upon finding that we knew each other well. She was going to introduce us. πŸ˜„
Then I remembered a time we had been out for a lunch party, three of us best friends. The awkward silence after placing the order and before it’s arrival was broken by her abrupt laughter. We didn’t know what she found so amusing, but I joined in with her laughter and that was the longest I laughed without a reason. 😜
Next, I was in her room. She was showing me an episode from a series she liked. We loved sarcasm and one character in it was totally sarcastic. I remembered how due to reasons I didn’t know, she had ran out of the room switching off the lights, leaving me alone in the dark room. πŸ˜„
We loved words and any game that involved using them. So once we decided to play words association. But then spent half an hour discussing the rules of the game. And finally we got distracted. πŸ˜…
One time, she had lost her way back to her home. I couldn’t actually absorb that statement, but tried helping her to find her way back. Eventually, she found it out herself, but we laughed on that for days. I did. 😝
I clicked on the refresh button every few seconds. But every time it loaded a countdown. I was excited for the first time on my birthday, eagerly waiting for her smart surprise. πŸ˜„
She called me in excitement that her speech was a success. She was congratulated by her peers and professors, while admired by many. Her end of the college program was a success and that she was so happy. I listened to all that, trying to keep up. 😝
The same sticker, again.. and yet again. She loved that particular sticker on the chat app. And she sent it almost on all occasions. πŸ˜„ And then she hated another sticker, which I sent to her just to get her irritated. We played the silliest of all games.
We were sitting at some place with her friend. I had just flunked her prank attempt and was laughing about it. But a question of introduction, a statement of “Who is she?” remained a laughing gag for her. πŸ™„
I entered the room, saw them laughing, which stopped abruptly on my appearance. The introduction and the awkward silence for some time. But my best friend was confident that we both will get along. πŸ˜„ And so we did… I still don’t remember what were we laughing so much about on that first day.
I was walking out of my friend’s apartment. And she lived in the next apartment. We bumped into each other on our way out. And she teased me without even saying a word. Her eyes were saying everything. She teased me even after our mutual friend was engaged. She enjoyed that. πŸ™„
A video started playing in my closed eyes. It was about me birthday, another birthday. I was looking at her drawings. And at the end, there was the giraffe. πŸ˜„ Tall like me…
I heard the rain starting to pour outside and I remembered her telling me I’m the morning the other day that she could smell the rain, the wet mud. She has weird, but amazing sense of smell. 🀨 Actually that wasn’t today, but I lose the sense of time and date when I sleep.
And many such amazing times from the memory lane brought a smile on my face. I wished my friend again, in my mind, and let the curtains of my eyes close, slowly, filling up the darkness with the colorful imaginations of night.

The Stalker – It’s a match

The Stalker – It’s a match

An unexpected match gave way to an unusual date, rather quickly. While Rob slowly lets go of his suspicions, but he realizes that he should have not as he learns the truth…

… …

His thumb was numb from the constant swiping. Hundreds of profiles, but he had not found what he was looking for. And even with a few right swipes in the past, he hadn’t been able to sustain any matches.

Another left swipe, and the app stopped working. He tried hitting different buttons on the screen, tried looking and unlocking again, but the phone didn’t response. He restarted the app after clearing the cache memory and it started normally.

The first profile took a little time to load and he was already interested looking at the profile description. She seemed interesting and straight forward. The first profile picture loaded and he was even more interested. He took some time watching her pictures and they told him that she was a travel enthusiast.

He swiped right and again the app went unresponsive. But then the app restarted on its own and he got a notification “You’ve got a new match!”

He got up from his slouched position and instantly opened the chat window. He started typing Hi but stopped immediately after that. The last time he had a match his ‘Hi’ wasn’t responded to for more than a month. He had unmatched her instead.

He wasn’t sure what should he say to break the ice. The app suggested to try a simple hello or to talk about his favorite movie. But that was just lame, he thought. He spent the new few hours thinking and planning different conversation scenarios. But they all ended in awkward goodbyes and an unmatch notification. So he left it there and went for his sleep.

The morning next day, he got up with the incident from previous night completely out of his mind. It was the start of a long weekend and he had nothing else to do but slump whole day.

He completed his morning chores and went to check his phone. The first notification reminded him his little adventure last night. There was a message from previous night’s match.

He opened the notification and the message read “Hey! I don’t know why but I think your little’s pic will be too sexy. Send me one…”

He stared at the message for a full minute and then stashed his phone away under the pillow. He had expectedly her to be straightforward but not to this extent.

After a few uneasy moments, he took out the phone again. He read the message again, half hoping that he might have misread it before. He had not. The message was just an hour back, in the morning. Who asks for such a thing! That too first thing in the morning! Without even fashioning a few introduction conversations for formality!

He thought of unmatching her but then he won’t ever know why she started with this. He replied to her “I’m not sending you any picture. And neither should you ask for such a thing. Do you even know if this is a real profile?” He thought upon his question and found that it applied in her case too.

After a few seconds, a reply popped up “See dude! I don’t believe in formalities and petty chats. I found you cute and wanted to know you better.”

“And… you will get to know me better… through looking at my…” He sent replies in parts, but was interrupted before he could complete.

“Not exactly. But I’ll be sure that it is worth knowing you better.” She said without any emoticons.

It was confusing talking to her. She wasn’t like any other girl. And he was more and more suspicious that hers was a fake profile.

“Anyway I’m not gonna send you any of my pics. I’m not into these stuff.”

“Oh yeah? Don’t you wanna check what I got?”

“Not like this!” He snapped.

“Okay then let’s meet up. Where would you like to go?” She asked frankly.

He felt trapped. This was definitely a fake profile. But he had to find it himself.

“What do you like to do? What’s your favorite place to grab a bite? Let’s go there today evening.” He replied.

“Duh… Today evening? I meant meeting right now!”

“In this heat?” He replied to which she didn’t respond.

“Okay let’s meet at the new ice-cream center opened near the park? You know that place?” He assumed that she would know this place based on her location a few kilometers from his.

“You won’t believe it. I’m at this place right now. πŸ˜„” She replied, this time with emoticons. “Wait…”

A few moments later, she sent her picture standing in the front of that place, with caption “For your suspicious mind… ;)”

Her wink was turned into an actual emoticon wink by the app.

May be the hacker already had this picture of this girl to fool him into trusting this fake profile. Or may be he was a very fast photo editor. In any case, this didn’t convince him at all.

“Ok. I’ll come there in a few minutes. The place is just walking distance from my place.” He replied, but then regretted saying it after her reply.

“Wait! You were right, it’s actually kinda burning outside. I’ll come to your place. Send me your address. You want something from here?” She was getting more friendly than one would in the first meeting.

“Umm… No thanks. You go straight South from there…” And he explained his address to her. But still didn’t give out his exact home number. He had to see what was going on here. So he told her that he would meet her at the end of the Street, which was just outside his place.

When she came, her stride was confident and she carries a package in her hand. She walked straight to him and said “Still suspicious, are you?” And she smiled.

He didn’t want to but couldn’t stop from reverting with a smile. He took the package from her, she had brought him an ice-cream anyway. And by luck, it was his favorite flavor. His suspicion grew, and so did his excitement too.

He let her in the house first. Closing the door behind his back, he watched her admiring his place, going through his pictures on the wall. It was unlikely this was real, yet she was here.

She was wearing a simple t-shirt jeans and didn’t wear any make-up. Yet she looked absolutely amazing. She had a little more right below her nose, slightly on the left side. And her body was of a model, in perfect shape. On the other hand, he was just okay. He had the body of the boy next door. He was taller than her, but she definitely gave him competition and won over all the other girls he had been with.

She turned around and saw him thinking, unfocused.

“Common now! I’m not a freak. Get rid of this suspicious face. I’m just a normal girl, who wanted to have fun, may be some intimacy too. And I don’t believe in all that relationship bullshit. That’s a decision after forth, even fifth date. So don’t worry now…” She said in frustration.

He nodded. He had started to feel better now. May be he was overthinking it. May be it was just a casual meet-up and she was just way cooler than the stereotypes. So he accepted and gave in.

He made drinks and the only dish he knew how to cook. But she was impressed, anyone would have. They talked for a while, and then she gave that devil smile, and raised her eyebrows, suggesting ‘what next?’

“What do you wanna do?” He asked, a little nervously.

“Well, you made a great welcome drink. Now how about a few kisses for starters?” With that she made a move. And they both kissed.

Within seconds, she broke and said “Wow! Forget everything, but this kiss itself would have impressed me to the core!” They both smiled and kissed even deeply.

She got up from the couch on her knees and turned to sit on his lap. Her legs rolled around him. He lifted her from the waist and took her to his room, their eyes closed all the while.

When he put her on bed, her eyes were watery and unfocused, as if she was high on drugs. He smiled at her and kissed her forehead and her eyes. She pulled him towards her and whispered in his ears- “Thanks for making my first time this great!” And he was shocked to hear that. Slowly they undressed each other and lost themselves in each other’s bodies.

They stayed looking at each other after several iterations of the act. No one talked and not one of them tried to cuddle. It was amazing. It was perfect.

They got up after a while and he proposed to play a game. They had equal amount of fun racing against each other as they had just a while back.

After the game, he asked her this question which he wanted to ask her since she had stepped in the house.

“Why did you swipe right? The real reason?” He asked pausing the game.

She didn’t look at him for a while, then smiled and turned to look at him.

“I’ve been stalking you for a while now. I’ve followed you on all your social accounts. And I have even followed you to your place since last week. I know your whole schedule and I’m obsessed about you. And today I was gonna jump in from your window at night but you swiped right, so…” She shrugged.

He looked at her in disbelief. The story was scary, but he wasn’t convinced. Actually, it was totally bizarre, absurd.

“What… How… What are you… Are you out of your mind!? What are you saying?” He stammered angrily.

She started laughing. And he looked at her in bewilderment.

“Is it really necessary that there has to be a back story to every action, every person? Can’t it be a simple story?” She explained calmly. “I just saw your profile, was intrigued by your eyes and wanted to see you. And with that kiss of yours, I wanted many more things that I hadn’t planned earlier. Simple!”

She smiled. He finally believed and smiled again. They both got back to their game. She was still smiling. She lied.

… …

To be continued… 😝

The Locked Doors – Part 2/4

Sam frequently finds different doors in his house locked from the inside, without any reason. When the mystery unfolds, will Sam be able to take all that? Read on to find out.

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He was running through the forest, veering and dodging the dense branches and trunks on his way. It was moonlit midnight. He looked back and saw the lights getting closer behind him. He must run faster, he must not get caught, they will come for him… he thought.

He got hit by an approaching branch and he lay flat on the ground, hearing the footsteps getting closer. Darkness slowly covered his vision.

A distant screech disturbed him and he opened his eyes. He stood up and jumped a few steps back in terror. He was standing on the edge of a mountain cliff. A step ahead and he would’ve fallen into a steep gorge. ‘How did I get here!’ he thought. He felt dizzy due to all this confusion.

He turned around and found himself falling towards the ground. The clouds were quickly rushing past him. He shouted for help and it all turned into darkness. He was flying into nothingness. He moved and felt nothing. He extended his arms, but reached on to nothing. Suddenly, a hand pulled him, a very warm and tight grip…

He woke up, panting and sweating. His head was pounding as if he was hit with something heavy, yet when he examined his head, there was no sign of any head injury or concussion. He dragged himself out of his bed and looked at the clock. It was Monday morning, December 18th.

He stressed his memory and could only remember his last day at work, Friday it was, a hard day, he had failed in a presentation, and Jenny had rejected… Wait! Slept for straight two days!

He walked, stumbled towards his bathroom. He grabbed the lock, and a sudden pain started to torture his head. He shouted and the pain disappeared. May be he fell sick or something, he thought, and went in for a hot shower.

He closed his eyes and took deep breaths to relax. A series of images flashed before him. His birthday party, his family, his dad’s retirement party, an evening when his mother was caressing his head while he was sleeping in her lap, his girlfriend, their first kiss, her body, their breakup, a weird set of eyes… He opened his eyes. Those eyes, those green big Bright eyes, were haunting.

A week had passed since his last two days straight nap. And he still couldn’t remember anything that would explain his stretched slumber.

On the weekend, his house broker visited him. A locksmith accompanied him and he inquired about broken locks in the house. A sudden burst of memories filled his head. Ache after ache, his pounding head started filling the gaps in his memory. He now remembered his last week and his struggle with the locks in the house. He remembered how things got out of his hands and he was forced to put hindrances all around the house to stop the doors from locking themselves. He remembered the Friday night, and the next morning, the mess spread in the house and those set of eyes. Those quirky, big, bright green eyes, staring right into his eyes, before he had been knocked out.

The internet flooded him with information, pages after pages, about hallucinations, schizophrenia, occipital, split personalities and all weird sorts of brain damage he might have. After the locks were cleared by locksmith’s examination and there was nothing that explained his recent experiences and those broken memories, those green eyes; the only sane explanation was that something was wrong with him. Probably he was taking too much tension of his work, his life; probably he was drinking too much, or may be he should stop taking those sleeping pills with his dinner as a dessert.

There were many explanations for his frenzy but not one that was convincing. He felt mad from inside but not at his fault. His mind wasn’t accepting this theory and constantly pointed towards some external angle, some external force who messed up with his head.

He pushed the front door of his house from outside, but didn’t go inside. He stayed out for a while, expecting something to happen. Nothing did. He walked in and locked the door, while slowly scanning the darkness inside the house. He stretched his hand to switch on the light but hesitated for what he might see.


The lights filled the room and darkness vanished into the light, rather slowly than he could scientifically expect. He walked towards his room. The door was closed. He saw the knob, will it be locked, he thought. What might be waiting for him inside the room. What if that thing attacks him? He felt the cold knob in his hands for a while, took a deep breath and pressed the knob. It didn’t bulge. It was locked from the inside.

His heart beats were raised alarmingly. He was frightened deep down his nerves and sweat dripping from his forehead was blurring his vision. But he didn’t run away. He has to fight his fear. He knew none of this was true. It was all his imagination. The door wasn’t locked actually and he knew it. This will all go away if he fights against his mind’s tricks. He knew this because he had discussed this with his doctor. He just has to try again, press that knob again. This time it will open, he is sure.


The door unlocked easily as if it wasn’t locked at all. Relief drained out of his body in the form of sweat and he went directly to his bed. Just a few more days now. His strong fight against his imagination and the medication will surely give positive results. He went to sleep almost instantly. The drugs started their work, whatever it was.

Just besides his bedside table, the curtains were swayed back and forth by the wind coming from the open window. Nothing was visible outside the window or inside the room. The opposite apartment’s lights went on and a dark shadow appeared behind the curtains. It was half the height of Sam, and a little wider. The curtains took yet another flight and Sam could have seen the Green, round eyes if he had been awake.

The lights went off in the opposite apartment and the windows of Sam’s room closed themselves with a thud. The hatch locked itself and the green eyes disappeared behind the curtains, while the darkness took over in the room. The eyes were happy that Sam was slowly forgetting his memory of the Saturday morning. Soon they will be irretrievable. And soon this mess will be fixed. Just a little more wait…

… …

To be continued…

Good Night

A story of a man staying as a paying guest with one family and the series of unfortunate events that turn out to be direful.


bus came rushing towards the withered bus stand and stopped with a jerk. After years, someone was climbing down at the station Bholgadh, a place one can not even find on any map. Mehaar climbed down the bus with his two big trunks. There were no seats at the bus stand, just a wall with cracks spread all over it like a wallpaper, and a shade over it, which no longer gave any shade due to its broken shape.

Mehaar was broke and had finally accepted his friend’s offer of staying at his place for some time till he gets back on track. So, he waited at that desolated place, away from the city, for his friend to come pick him up.

A rusty car came rushing out of the woods, and came to a halt, making a thud by slightly hitting the road sign-board. Mehaar greeted his friend, Kiaan, and got in to the car. The car moved along the narrow dirt track while wobbling along the bumps and potholes on the road, which kept Mehaar holding on to the dashboard. Mehaar looked sideways with dubiety on his face, to which Kiaan replied with a laughter. The bumpy ride gave them enough time to recall their past memories and laugh at them.

Kiaan’s house was a century old mansion, two-storeyed, damaged, but with a grand appearance. The front yard was filled with mud and dirt due to last night’s rain. There was no other building nearby the house. It was surrounded by tall trees, which had grown in a slipshod fashion. One could not extend the gaze past a few meters as the trees blocked the sight.

The car slipped a few meters in the mud before coming to a halt. Kiaan got down energetically, while Mehaar was cautious about his shoes and the mud. Kiaan got Mehaar’s luggage out of the car and welcomed him to see his family.

Kiaan’s mother greeted them as they entered the house. She was an old lady, who loved to read all day while sitting in her rocking chair. Kiaan’s wife, Sana, came out of her room and was disturbed to see Mehaar in her house. But she didn’t show her agitation and welcomed Mehaar to their house nonetheless. But she must talk about this with Kiaan afterwards, she thought.

Mehaar entered the house, looking in every direction, as if searching for someone. The house was as grand on the inside as was from the ourside. The entrance hall was huge and led way to the staircase going to the top floor, lined with several bedrooms and guest rooms. From the hall, separate corners led to the kitchen, the dining area and the backyard. Only dining area was within one’s visibility from the stairs.

Kiaan showed Mehaar to his room and left Mehaar to take some rest. All the while, Mehaar was thinking about whether it was a right decision to come to his friend’s house; after what had happened the last time he was here…

Sana was worried about Mehaar staying with them as she always found Mehaar eerie. She placed her clothes in the wrong direction while arranging her drawer, and should have gotten very upset about it. She had places and directions for all of her things and wanted them to be exactly the same. But this time, there were more pressing issues in her mind.

Kiaan lifted her from the behind and gave her his kind of romantic spin. She screamed in shock, which gave him a self-assuring pleasure. Kiaan threw her on bed and started unbuttoning her shirt, while slowly kissing her. Sana tried to take control of the situation, but Kiaan’s love was deluging her. Kiaan had just reached under her bra, when she got up with a serious face.

Sana shared her fears to Kiaan, who was listening to her quite keenly after being dropped from the action. Kiaan explained to her that he wished to help his friend in his difficult times. And he assured Sana that nothing could possibly go wrong.

Kiaan’s assurance was not assuring enough for Sana, as he didn’t know about the last time… They lapsed back to loving each other, but she anyway was not going to catch a wink that night.

The night was shiny; the stars twinkled more compared to the city nights. It reminded Mehaar of something from the past. He jerked his head to let go of those thoughts and started unpacking his trunks.

While Mehaar was busy, the door to his room opened slowly. Mehaar was unaware of this and was lost in his thoughts. Someone came in, closing the door behind. Those arms started making way towards Mehaar, ready to take the better of him. Mehaar, suspicious, turned in instinct, and grabbed those arms. But soon was balled over to find out who it was.

The past that he had moved on from, the memories that he had buried; it all came up again right in front of him.

To be continued…

An Unexpected Call

He approached a dead link, or so did he think; with no expectations in return. And he had almost forgotten about it, till he got that unexpected call…

… …

While swiping through the photos, either left or right, sometimes without even looking at the pics for more than a second, he tried hard to keep his eyes open. His vision was getting blurry due to the tears accumulating in his eyes. He had yawned for almost the same number as many profiles he had visited.

He had almost swiped the profile left, when his half-opened eyes were stretched fully open. His mouth was open and he couldn’t lift off the thumb from the touch screen. He slowly, carefully moved his thumb back to the centre and the profile was almost saved from being rejected.

He skimmed through the pictures in the profile and found them very interesting. It was a profile of a person from outside this country. In the bio, she had mentioned that she was here on a holiday. And except that the profile was ordinary. There wasn’t something exceptional, a beautiful display picture or a clever bio, just a plain simple profile. But he felt some different sort of pull towards her. As if he already knew her. Or maybe something else. But he wanted to talk to her.

She had mentioned profile ID from another social website where one could find her. He promptly opened the app and found her. Quickly, he sent her a message welcoming her to this country and inviting a casual chat.

And as soon as he had pressed the send button, he felt awkward. He shouldn’t have sent the message. She doesn’t even know him. She’s not even from this country. And she’s definitely gonna swipe him left. And the message! Such a loser… It doesn’t even sound right.

He had already imagined several scenes in his mind of her rejecting him, some very insulting. And with that depressing movie in his head, he went to sleep.

Next morning he woke up with the embarrassing incident flushed down his memory. He casually went to work and sank in to the huge pile of unreasonable deadlines and undervalued appreciation. The best he had expected for the day was to find a decent place to sit alone at lunch, beside a pillar so that no one can see him existing in this world.

His colleagues never gave a damn about his presence in the office. He was a shy, weird and truthful person, who didn’t believe in pleasing people or faking expressions. And as a result, he could never befriend anyone. Some even felt pity for him for being this lonely that he used to send instant messenger pings to himself. But then it was easy to make fun of him than to offer him their friendship.

He stretched his arms and legs, while his mail was being sent. His work for the day was done and he still had half a day to pass. Today he wasn’t in the mood of continuing with the online course material. So he opened up the social site for getting a glimpse or two of his friends and crushes.

He skimmed through the notifications, ignoring half of them. But a message from someone caught his eyes. It was from her, the profile that he had checked out last night. She had replied to his message. It has to be a hate reply, like a hate mail or a bad insult; the one that shatters every last bit of self-respect.

He opened it and read the message in one quick look. Then he took a deep breath and read it all again.

“Hey there… Yes, I’m on a holiday here and am traveling to different parts of this country. And I must say, your country is very beautiful. So much more than what I had expected.

Anyway, I’ll be going to some extreme points and might not be available over web after two days. Today, I’m here at <place>. Come meet me if you like.”

It was the first time that his casual comment or approach was taken as a casual talk and was responded with such casualness. Otherwise he had only expected her to block him or to report him as a probable stalker or even an online offender, so much for saying ‘hi’ he always thought. But this time it was different. He had probably made a new friend and he definitely wanted to meet her.

So he took an abrupt sick leave and drove some 100 miles to see her. He found her exactly at the location she had mentioned. They exchanged formal greetings and she invited him over a cup of coffee to a nearby cafΓ©.

Over the cup of coffee, they had already exchanged a few years of history from each other’s lives and he had offered to show unexplored places around, which she won’t find in the tour guide she was carrying. She had cheerfully accepted his proposal.

He mailed a formal leave application to his office from then and there. And they started planning her last few days in the country, shortlisting places she might find interesting.

It was an instant involvement for the two. He hadn’t expected her to even reply to his message and she hadn’t expected this unknown message from a stranger to turn into a travel expedition with him.

The two selected the best places they could cover in the limited time available and left for the first place the very next day.

After they had seen the “must-visit” sites of the place, he suggested something different to make the memories more interesting for her. He suggested to make a story at each of the place they visit and to film it with them being the characters in the film. The story could be anything, comedy, drama, adventure or even romance. But the film that they would shoot will make it all more entertaining then a plain sightseeing experience.

She found his idea weird but thought to give it a try. And then at each place that they visited, they will together make some funny, clumsy story and try film it using the front facing camera. It was difficult than they had anticipated. They were no real actors and had no cinematographic skills. But nevertheless, they tried.

And the first one was so interesting and totally funny, they spent the whole night watching it on repeat, over a bottle of beer.

As soon as they got back to the network covering areas, she started posting their creative videos over social sites, and even tagged him in her posts. Her friends went crazy over her posts. But it was different in his case.

His friends were jealous of him either for his creativity, or for his travel expeditions, or just for the fact of him enjoying with her. Some even taunted him of finding someone out of his league. But he ignored all their reactions. He had already blocked all his friends from giving any comment on her posts.

Days passed quickly and soon it was time for her to return. They both knew this that their time together was limited and probably they were never gonna see each other again. But none of them ever thought about it once. They spent even the last minute they had together with frivolity and feeling of adventurous titillation.

At the airport, when she crossed the security check, she turned back to catch a last glimpse of him. Over the last few days, he had become the most precious part of her life, but a memory nonetheless as they lived in different countries. She couldn’t stop the tears from falling off of her beautiful brown eyes. But she was happy to have met him and have spent a quality time with him.

He watched her go towards the boarding gate, tears in her eyes. But he didn’t let her tears mirror in his eyes. He fought hard to keep his tears away. He acted their favourite Robot part from one of their stories and they smiled remembering the incident. It was probably the last time he was seeing her. But he was happy that this time someone actually saw his pure intentions without blaming him with their prejudiced assumptions.

The flight took off, leaving both of them in tears, and smile at the same time, as after so many years, they both had found selfless friendship in their lives.

The next day, it all went back to normal routine for both of them…

While a beautiful story had ended, rather a little bittersweet end, the story was definitely eating for them. A story, they wanted to write their own versions to.

Bonus: *Not so interesting though*

After a few months of online chats and video calls, she suddenly called him at night. He got up from his sleep and tried hitting the green button to pick up, but instead ended up hitting the red one. She thought that he must have fallen asleep, so she kept the phone down and postponed her plan to propose him. The next day, she quashed the idea altogether.

When she called, he waited for a few minutes, saying “hello” “hello” over the disconnected call, eventually dozing off, not knowing that she was having the same thoughts that he had started to have recently. But he had always ushered those thoughts away, presuming rejection due to their differences.

Later in the next year, he had gathered courage and had planned to propose to her on her birthday. He had a ring ready in the birthday cake he had baked for her. But when he wished her birthday over the video call, her friends never gave him a chance to get her undivided attention.

One night, while both of them were staring at each other’s profile picture, both of them together thought of confessing their love for each other. And they both started typing the the words, in a race to type first before the other person’s ‘typing’ indication changes. And they both ended up proposing each other at the same time.

Small Bites with Family: Balloon Volley

A series of funny and interesting incidents that happen with me and my family.

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It was my birthday the other day. And a balloon or two were spared from the audacity of the ferocious balloon-poppers. And I thanked God for that. You see, I don’t enjoy the usual enjoyments enjoyed by the jolly people of this world. I have my peculiar set of delectation, and they usually do not involve a lot of people.

I was looking at the balloon, and was thinking about how I would bask from this amazing little sport. I threw the balloon up towards the ceiling. The ceiling fan threw it back at me, taking help of Gravitational force, somehow trying to overpower me. I managed to catch it back and threw it again with greater force. This time it reached the ceiling. But this wasn’t fun.

So I sat there, balloon in my hand, quandary in my eyes. Just then my mother comes to my rescue. I don’t know what crossed my mind, but I just threw the balloon at her, to which she countered with an amazing smash. I managed to lift the balloon up with my long legs, and got the game going.

We continued playing balloon volley for almost half-an-hour. And there were moments of ecstasy, moments of walking on the air, while playing with Mom. We laughed, cried out in excitement of our great shot or shock of opponent’s great answer, we enjoyed that silly little game.

What could have been a millisecond worth of thrill by popping the balloon turned out to be a long, happy memory for me.

We got tired and eventually pulled the plug of the game in the middle. There were no scores kept, but only joy. The smile on her face was satisfying.

When life seems dull and dark, try to spread the light by burning the candles of hope… And remember to recycle them πŸ˜‰

P.s.: In the evening, the kid next door came and marked his mark on the balloon. And I couldn’t do anything, but to watch him take away my treasure. Okay, I did annoy him by holding the balloon above his height, but that’s a different story. πŸ˜›